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Dachshund Tales: Then and Now

Hot off the presses from Dr. Marilyn Mosley! Dachshund Tails: Then and Now revisits the original, highly entertaining tale of three dachshunds and their 13,000 mile Alaska adventure in a single-engine plane.

Also included are many new stories about rescue and therapy dogs - there's even a story about a dachshund who has cat detective skills. Included is Rainbow Diamond's miracle story (of Facebook Fame) along with the memoirs of 23 year-old J.R. Each story is told by the dachshunds themselves, and each is based upon true incidents and events.

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Cruz'n to Dixie with Dachshund Tails
Cruz'n To Dixie With Dachshund Tails
This charming book, authored by Dr. Marilyn Mosley, is the true story of four dachshunds traveling by car across the United States to attend two separate dachshund rescue picnics in Tennessee.  While traveling a total of 6,516 miles; Marilyn provides the transportation and the four mischief-makers provide the entertainment.  Along the way, they deliver a fifth dachshund--a longhaired chocolate dapple puppy--to his new home in West Virginia.

Bound in an attractive soft-cover, Cruiz’n to Dixie with Dachshund Tails is the sixth in a series of books about dachshunds “written” by dachshunds.  Their waywardness is unending.  Some of their friends join them to bring you this latest tale.

A map of the route taken is included so you won’t get lost.  In addition, there are 24 black and white photos in the text plus one color photo on the back.  Suellen Ross, a professional artist for 26 years, provided the original artwork, “Partners in Crime,” for the front cover.

Dr. Mosley's books have been bringing readers to (happy) tears for many years.  Aside from being a chronicler of dachshunds, she is a retired school psychologist and a third-generation Oregonian.  She has spent a lot of time in Alaska--thus, her dachshund books about the Yukon.  She and her four dachshunds live on Vashon Island in Washington along with two griffon-pointer mixes and two cats.  She is an avid photographer, has both a pilot's license and scuba diving certificate and enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and gardening.

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Dachshund Puppy Tales
Dachshund Puppy Tails

Kiley Sue, a red sable longhair dachshund, brings you stories of her family in addition to tales of dachshund puppies she has met—both rescue and non-rescue dachsies.  Through their stories, you will meet some wonderful people who have dedicated their lives to these ferocious little dogs.  All of our stories are true with a smidgen of imagination added.  At the end of the book, we have added an appendix with information about the rescue organizations mentioned in the book. 

Bound in an attractive soft-cover, Dachshund Puppy Tails is the seventh book in a series about dachshunds “written” by dachshunds.  There are 19 chapters, 29 black and white photos, plus a color photo in the front.  As an added bonus, there is a special color print (“Ennui”).  Art work for both front and back covers (“Loose Cannon” and “Rise and Shine”) is by artist Suellen Ross.  Personalized autograph is available.   

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Once Upon A Dachshund Tail

Once Upon A Dachshund TailWe are thrilled to be able to offer the fifth in a series of dachshund books by noted writer and educational psychologist Dr. Marilyn Cochran Mosley, authorof Dachshund Tails Rescued, Dachshund Tails Down the Yukon, and Dachshund Tails North.  Her newest book, Once Upon a Dachshund Tail--About Rescued Dachshunds, is a series of rescue stories "written" by once-homeless dachshunds from all over the United States who have found loving homes.  Some dogs were helped by rescue groups, others were just lucky enough to have been found by caring people.

Dr. Mosley's dachshund books are wildly popular and difficult to find -- but you can now order your very own copy, signed by the author, through AHDRS.  

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