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Types of Shepherd Dog Breeds

10 Most Popular Types of Shepherd Dog Breeds (2021 Updated)

A shepherd dog, also known as a herding dog or stock dog, is a type of dog that is trained in herding or belongs to the breed developed for herding specifically. Shepherd dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and each type of herding dog is unique and has specific characteristics and traits. This makes … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Egg Whites

Can Dogs Eat Egg Whites: Health Benefits And Risks

If you’re in the kitchen whipping up a recipe which only requires egg yolks, you might find yourself wondering what to do with the leftover egg whites? Naturally, your first thought will be: can I feed them to my dog? Whether or not dogs can eat egg whites is a much asked question in the … Read more

Pros and Cons Of Owning a Dachshund

6 Pros and 6 Cons Of Owning a Dachshund (2021 Updated)

The Dachshund dog breed is globally recognizable, due to its long-backed body and low profile. The little legs and incredibly adorable and bold personality has made the Dachshund one of the most adoptable and famous dogs in the country. It is also an exceptional dog for first-time owners, which is why an increasing number of … Read more

Puppies Calm Down

When Do Puppies Calm Down?

Playing around with your growing pup is an unforgettable experience. As you bond with your dog, you’ll create ties that last a lifetime. But it’s also an important period for training your puppy. A well-trained puppy will become a pleasant, safe, and well-trained adult dog. So, how can you do that when your little bundle … Read more