6 Pros and 6 Cons Of Owning a Dachshund (2021 Updated)

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The Dachshund dog breed is globally recognizable, due to its long-backed body and low profile. The little legs and incredibly adorable and bold personality has made the Dachshund one of the most adoptable and famous dogs in the country. It is also an exceptional dog for first-time owners, which is why an increasing number of families across the country are looking for either Dachshund puppies or adult dogs at rescue centers for adoption.

But, before one decides to adopt a dog of any kind, it is essential to get informed and educated regarding the dog’s personality, requirements and needs. There are also advantages and disadvantages of owning dogs, especially in the case of families with children or people living in the city.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about getting a Dachshund, you’re at the right place. In the following paragraphs, we’ll go through the pros and cons of owning a Dachshund, as well as the main characteristics defining this wonderful dog breed. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

About Dachshund Dog

Dapple Dachshund Dog
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Dachshund is a breed originating from Germany, where it was first bred approximately 600 years ago. The word ‘dachshund’ means ‘badger dog’ in German, which perfectly describes why this dog was developed. The Dachshund was used to dig into a badger den and remove anything inside, usually smaller animals like rabbits. Because of its size and shape, this dog was and still is, perfect for hunting and subterranean work, according to the American Kennel Club.


Dachshund is small to a mid-sized dog. It can weigh between 16 and 32 pounds. The dog has a recognizable long-backed body and small legs with strong and sharp claws. The dog’s sharp teeth, alongside the claws, make it an exceptional hunting partner. Dachshund is known for its short, smooth coat of brownish/reddish tone. However, selective breeding can make the coat longer, making the dog adaptable to colder climates as well.

  • Height – 8 to 9 inches (standard), 5 to 6 inches (miniature)
  • Weight – 16 to 32 pounds (standard), up to 11 pounds (miniature)


Despite its size, Dachshund is known for having a big personality. It is a highly intelligent dog, perfect for training since it’s pretty eager to please the owner. Dachshunds are pretty playful dogs, open to mingling with everyone. They are loving and affectionate, but because of their natural instincts, Dachshunds can be watchful and protective as well.

Advantages Of Owning a Dachshund

1.  Dachshund Is an Affectionate and Loyal Dog

Dachshund is a perfect dog; it is super loving and affectionate of its owner and will do anything to keep everyone pleased and happy. The dog stays loyal to its family no matter what. It may be interested in strangers and other dogs but it always knows to whom to return and whose orders to follow.

Because of their affectionate nature, Dachshunds have become a symbol of a loving, family dog. Due to their endearing and unique personality and ways of showing love and loyalty, Dachshunds will fill every home with love and happy moments.

2. It Is Also a Brave and Protective Dog

Don’t be fooled by its size and the tiny legs; Dachshund is the kind of dog that will protect its owner and family no matter what. Thanks to its bravery and loyalty, this dog will confront anything, regardless of the size or the situation.

We forgot to mention the barking; Dachshunds will surely keep the enemies away with their loud and persistent barking. Regardless of whether they notice a small squirrel or the postman, you will know someone or something unfamiliar is at your door, or in your backyard. Dachshunds don’t miss the opportunity to show off their courage and barking skills.

It Is Also a Brave and Protective Dog
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3. Dachshund Is Great For City Lifestyle

Because of their size and nature, Dachshunds are great dogs for a city lifestyle. They make excellent co-pets and go along with other animals. Dachshunds make great companions wherever you are. However, they do require the attention and company of their owners and family. Without it, they can develop separation anxiety and frustration. In many cases, separation anxiety can lead to destructive behavior.

So, if you intend to leave the dog inside the whole day, then you probably shouldn’t get a Dachshund. Otherwise, if you do spend time at home and lead an active lifestyle (like going for a run and a walk after work), then you should have no problem with this breed.

4. It Doesn’t Require Frequent Grooming

Unless you opt for a long-haired Dachshund, you should have a very easy time getting your dog groomed. As we mentioned, a typical Dachshund has a smooth and short coat, which doesn’t shed much, or at all.

So, you can take your Dachshund to the groomer once or twice a month for a batch and some brushing or nail clipping. The dog might require ear cleaning as well. During the shedding seasons, you might have to pay more attention to the shedding. Other than that the grooming of a Dachshund is pretty basic.

Dachshund Dog Doesn't Require Frequent Grooming
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5. Dachshund Will Stay By Your Side For a Long Time

The average life expectancy for a Dachshund is between 12 and 16 years; considering the dog receives proper care and diet. With good health, physical activity, and proper nutrition, Dachshunds live long and happy lives. They do require regular exercise and mental stimulation. However, because of their physique, one should avoid activities where the dog could injure its back or legs.

For example, high jumping should be avoided. On the other hand, they should play a lot with dog toys, do some fetching, and it is recommended to even take Dachshunds for a swim once in a while. However, during swimming, they should be supervised. Because of their small legs, they can tire out quickly. Owners shouldn’t let Dachshunds swim for longer than 10 minutes.

Disadvantages of Owning a Dachshund

1. Dachshund Is a Loud Dog

If you own a Dachshund and you live in an apartment building, every single of your neighbors will know about your dog. Dachshunds are loud barkers and they can be very vocal, especially if they notice something’s off (which is usually a case when they notice a pigeon on the window or something minor like that).

If you want your peace and quiet, and to avoid your neighbors’ disapproving looks when you run into them, then maybe a Dachshund isn’t for you. We do have to mention that these dogs can be trained to reduce their barking to essential situations only. However, without a proper trainer, that can be pretty hard to achieve, especially for first-time owners.

2. It Will Also Dig Out Your Plants Or Garden

Dachshunds are a digger dog breed. They were, as we mentioned, developed to dig after or pursue small animals who hide under the ground. Even though Dachshunds are fully domesticated, they still have this sense of hunting and digging, especially if they feel anxious and frustrated due to separation from the owner.

So, if you do own a backyard, do not let the dog be there unsupervised. In case you have flowers, well, you may want to give up on them, because a Dachshund will dig out every plant in the garden, other than the tree maybe. When it comes to apartments, we don’t recommend having plants, since the Dachshund will probably destroy them.

Dachshund Dog Will Also Dig Out Your Plants Or Garden
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3. Dachshund Is a Stubborn Little Dog

Dachshunds sometimes have a mind of their own. Despite training and loyalty, they do tend to be stubborn, which could create some problems for first-time owners. If you’re someone who easily gives in to their pets, a Dachshund will become your boss at some point. This dog breed is rather intelligent and they sometimes do what they want, despite your orders.

4. It May Not Be Suitable For Families With Small Children

Because of their shape and size, Dachshunds may not be good around small children. Toddlers are known to be a bit tough with smaller dogs, unaware of how the dog may feel and whether they like/don’t like how they’re being treated. Sometimes kids can unintentionally hurt the dog, through a fun game or playtime. That is why small dogs, Like Dachshunds, shouldn’t be around toddlers; these dogs are sensitive and don’t respond well to reckless treatment or punishments.

5. Dachshund Can Experience Health Issues

Dachshunds can experience different health issues due to their shape and size. For example, because these dogs like to eat, a lot, they easily become overweight. As a result, they develop serious spine issues, due to the extra pressure on the back. Around 25% of all Dachshunds experience back issues as a result of Intervertebral Disk Diseases as well. This is a genetic disease that can lead to immobility and may require surgery.

So, by owning a Dachshund, you need to be ready for such expenses, and be able to cover them. Sometimes these health concerns can cost up to several thousands of dollars. So, if you cannot set aside this kind of money for the dog, then this breed might not be the best choice for you.

6. It Is Also Prone To Injuries

Being of a curious nature, your Dachshund will get into some situations that can lead the dog to potential injuries. Due to its short legs, the dog’s belly is constantly exposed and low to the ground. This alone could potentially cause some injuries and issues, but it’s not the main concern.

The biggest problems are caused when owners want to pick up their Dachshund. This way, your hands are pressing onto the dog’s belly and chest, which can result in injuries. It is best to avoid picking up Dachshunds and have them supervised, especially when the dog is out in the backyard, for example, where they can start digging and sniffing around.


Dachshunds are great dogs. If you look past the cons, they make exceptional friends and will keep you company for years to come. However, this dog breed is not a lap dog. Dachshunds are loving and affectionate, but they’re also energetic and require exercise and playtime. To them, this is how they build a bond with the owner and the family. They do require attention and mental stimulation, otherwise could develop separation anxiety and destructive behavior.

So, before you consider a Dachshund as the newest addition to your family, consider both the pros and cons. If even one disadvantage stands out, you should not get a Dachshund. Every dog deserves a family that can meet its needs and requirements.

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