Best Dog Crates For Escape Artists (2024 Update)

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Finding the best dog crate for an escape artist can be a daunting task. After all, these dogs are known for their ability to break out of traditional crates. To make sure you get the right crate for your four-legged friend, here are five key points to consider when shopping for the best dog crate for escape artists.

First, look for a crate made of strong, durable materials that your dog won’t be able to easily chew through or bend. A good quality steel crate with a reinforced door is the best option. Ensure that it has a secure door latch and strong locking mechanism.

Second, look for a crate that is large enough for your dog to move around and stand up in. This will help to keep them from feeling confined and reduce the chances of them trying to escape. Pay attention to the crate dimensions and make sure it’s big enough for your pup.

Third, make sure the crate has plenty of ventilation. Good airflow is important for your dog’s comfort and will help to keep them from getting too hot. Look for crates that have multiple vents and are made of breathable material.

Fourth, look for a crate that is easy to clean. Dogs can be messy, so having a crate that you can easily wipe down is essential. Look for a crate with removable tray or mats that can be taken out and washed.

Finally, make sure the crate is comfortable and inviting. Dogs can be less likely to try to escape if they’re in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Look for a crate with padded walls and a soft bed or mat.

By keeping these five key points in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect crate for your escape artist. With the right crate, you’ll be able to keep your pup safe and secure.

10 Best Dog Crates For Escape Artists

1. 38" Heavy-Duty Dog Crate | Lockable Wheels & Removable Tray | For Small-Large Dogs

This 38 inch Heavy Duty Dog Crate is the perfect kennel for your small, medium or large doggy. This strong metal cage is escape-proof and features a removable tray and lockable wheels for easy movement. It is both sturdy and non-toxic, with 20×20*0.7cm tubes welded together and a zinc coating that protects against rust and corrosion.

The crate is designed to be reassuring and comfortable for your pet, with a 4-inch spacing between each pipe of the side fence for ventilation and lighting. Cleaning is also made easy, with a fence design at the bottom that collects urine, excrement and food scraps.

Assembly is also a breeze, with most components pre-assembled and only 8 screws needing to be tightened and the 4 universal wheels installed. Disassembly is just as easy for when you need to move or store the crate. The 4 wheels make it easy to move the cage indoors and outdoors, and you can lock them in place when you arrive at your destination.

Finally, the crate is suitable for small, medium and large doggies of different ages, with a weight capacity of 660 lbs (300kg). Please measure two sizes of the doggy as we listed in the photos before you place the order. With this Heavy Duty Dog Crate, you can give your pet a reassuring and comfortable space for them to enjoy.

2. 38" Heavy Duty Dog Crate With Wheels, Y Shape, Dark Silver

The SMONTER 38" Heavy Duty Dog Crate is designed to keep your dog securely enclosed, no matter how active they are. Its Y-pattern design creates a bite-proof shape to prevent your dog from sticking their mouth out, while the two upgraded plug locks keep the door in place and your pet safely inside. Constructed with a strong steel frame, the heavy duty dog crate is non-toxic, ensuring your pet’s health and safety.

The SMONTER 38" Heavy Duty Dog Crate is designed for easy installation and cleaning. The kennel is shipped partially assembled and can be quickly put together with the provided screws. The removable plastic tray allows for easy wiping and cleaning, and the 360-degree rotating wheels make it easy to move the kennel outside. The wheels also include locking casters for better stability.

This crate measures 38"L X 26"W X 32"H and is suitable for most large dogs. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and is sure to provide your pet with a comfortable and reliable environment. If you are not satisfied with the quality of this product, SMONTER offers a 3 year warranty, so please contact us for the most satisfactory solution.

3. Large Dog Crate Cage 48" Kennel W/ Plastic Tray, Double Doors & Locks.

This Dog Crate Cage is specifically designed for large dogs. It's a heavy duty kennel that is 48 inches in size and is perfect for pet training both indoors and outdoors. It is easy to assemble and requires no tools. The crate is made from rust and corrosion-resistant steel, making it strong and durable. It also has a nontoxic finished surface to keep your dog healthy. The top and front door design makes it easier to access or feed your pet. It also has two locks with safety buckles to ensure your dog won't be able to open the door and escape. The bottom of the crate is removable for easy cleaning. Additionally, there are four rolling casters, two of which have locks, so you can easily move the crate from room to room while keeping it securely in place. This dog crate cage is perfect for larger dogs and will surely be a great addition to your home.

4. Xl Pet Cage – Heavy-Duty Dog Crate, Anti-Escape,42.1×27.6×29.5 Inches, Double Door, Easy Cleaning.

The FEANDREA Heavy-Duty Dog Crate is perfect for large and medium dogs, providing an anti-escape, safe and secure home for your furry friend. Built with a heavy-duty frame and five L-shaped locks, this pet cage is designed to be sturdy and rust-resistant, with a smooth and safe surface.

The crate measures 42.1” x 27.6” x 29.5”, making it ideal for dogs weighing between 71-93lbs. Recommended breeds include Border Collie, American Bulldog, and Husky. The two doors provide convenience, the large door allowing your dog to easily get in and out, and the small door making it easy to feed and interact with your dog. Furthermore, the barely-there threshold is friendly to short-legged dogs and won’t hurt your dog’s knees.

The FEANDREA Heavy-Duty Dog Crate is also easily customizable. You can remove the door to make your dog feel less restricted, or remove the top lid to turn the crate into a playpen, providing a safe and cozy haven for your dog. The pull-out tray allows for easy cleaning, helping you to keep the crate and your fur friend’s place clean.

Overall, the FEANDREA Heavy-Duty Dog Crate is perfect for large and medium dogs, providing a safe and secure home for your furry friend. With its customizable features and easy cleaning, this crate is the perfect choice for your pet.

5. Pet Dog Cage Heavy Duty Strong Metal Crate Kennel Playpen W/lockable 4 Wheels&tray (42, Grey)

This Pet Dog Cage is the perfect solution for pet owners looking for a heavy-duty, secure kennel for their beloved canine companions. It features a strong steel frame that's durable and reliable, as well as four rolling casters for easy mobility around the home. The two sturdy slide latches are positioned out of reach of your pup’s paws, so he can't let himself out of the kennel.

The door is easy to open and close, while the grated floor with a slide-out catch tray is perfect for catching food, water, or waste, making clean-up a breeze. This kennel is available in three sizes, so it's important to measure your pup from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail to ensure the perfect fit. Plus, the stylish hammer-tone finish looks great and helps resist rust, scuffs, and scratches.

This Pet Dog Cage is perfect for those looking for a secure, heavy-duty kennel for their furry friend. The strong steel frame is durable and reliable, and the four rolling casters make it easy to move around the home. The secure dual latches and easy-to-open door make it very user-friendly. The grated floor and slide-out tray make clean-up a breeze, while the stylish hammer-tone finish helps resist rust, scuffs, and scratches. With three sizes available, it's the perfect solution for any pet owner looking for the perfect kennel for their pup.

6. Proselect Empire Cages – Medium

The ProSelect Empire Cages are designed for medium-sized dogs, weighing between 26 and 40 lbs. This cage is extremely strong, made with reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes and 20-gauge steel. It features dimensions of 33.75" H x 37" W x 25.13" L and bar spacing of 2.25''. Inside dimensions are 35¾ L x 23½ W x 24½ H inches.

This ProSelect dog cage offers convenience and stability, with removable casters that allow the cage to be easily rolled to other locations. It also features a grated floor with tray, making cleanup easy. The cage stands up to the toughest abuse from the largest dogs with strong latches and thick steel construction.

The ProSelect Empire Cage is a great choice for owners looking for a durable, secure, and easy to clean cage for their medium-sized dog. It is designed to last, and its portability and convenience make it a great choice for any pet owner. The cage is designed to keep your pet safe and secure, while providing ample space for them to move around and play.

7. Heavy Duty Dog Crate, Ultra-High Hardness Steel, 2 Lock System, Large Cage, 4 Wheels, Upgraded.

The KELIXU 38" Heavy Duty Dog Crate is the perfect solution for those looking for a secure and comfortable environment for their pet. This ultra-high hardness enhanced steel pet kennel playpen is designed to withstand the most aggressive canines and prevent them from escaping. It is also an upgraded version, providing an extra layer of security with its thicker tubes, making it harder for dogs to bite through.

Optimal ventilation and visibility are also provided, as the sturdy metal frame and single door allow for easy interaction with your pet while providing them with a well-ventilated and visible area. Furthermore, the removable slide-out plastic tray and 360 degree rotated locking casters allow for easy cleaning and mobility, making it a breeze to move the dog crate around.

This KELIXU dog cage is simple to install, and comes with all necessary hardware and instructions with photos. Not to mention, a three-year warranty is included, ensuring peace of mind for those who purchase it. With overall dimensions of 37.5"L X 25.5"W X 32"H, this heavy duty dog crate is the perfect choice for those looking for a secure and comfortable home for their pet.

8. 42" Heavy Duty Dog Crate With Lockable Wheels & Removable Tray

The COZIWOW 42 inch Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate is the perfect solution for providing your pet with a comfortable and secure space of their own. Built with strong and durable metal, this rust and corrosion resistant cage is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The frame coating will not cause harm to your pet even if they bite or lick it.

The dual entry design of this crate includes an overhead door and side doors, all of which are secured with two sliding bolt latches and one at the top. These latches securely lock the crate door in place, keeping your pup safe and sound. The top door can even be removed for easy access and cleaning.

This heavy duty dog crate also comes with a removable floor tray that will catch any messes or accidents from your pup. The tray is easy to clean, and can be pulled out for daily maintenance if needed. It also has 360-degree swivel casters for excellent mobility. You can easily move it around your home, and two of the casters can be locked to prevent any accidental slipping.

COZIWOW is dedicated to product quality, offering a 1 year quality assurance on all products. If you have any further questions or concerns, our customer service team is always available to help.

Give your pup the perfect spot to relax and unwind with the COZIWOW 42 inch Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate!

9. Xxl Dog Crate With Wheels, Lock & Removable Tray, For Large Dogs.

This large dog crate is designed to keep even the most aggressive canines safe and secure. Made from corrosion-resistant carbon steel, the heavy-duty construction prevents the crate from being damaged and keeps your pet healthy. The double door design makes it easy for your pet to enter and exit, while the top door allows you to interact with your dog.

The crate also features 360 degree rotating metal locking casters, allowing you to move the crate around with ease and keep it in place. In addition, the superior mobility of the crate makes it suitable for most medium and large dogs, such as Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Afghans, Alaskan Malamutes, German Shepherds, Anatolian Shepherds, and Old English Sheepdogs.

For added security, the crate is fitted with reinforced anti-escape locks and a mountaineering buckle lock, which prevents your pet from escaping. The removable plastic tray helps to catch any fallen dog food or excrement, making it easy to clean.

Overall Dimensions: 46"(L) x 30"(W) x 32.7" (H), Door Dimensions: 15.7" (H) x 24.8" (W). This 46 Inch Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate Cage Kennel with Wheels is a perfect solution for keeping your pet safe and secure. Easy to assemble and install, you can rest assured knowing your pet is safe and secure. If you have any quality issues, our customer service team is here to provide you with the most satisfactory solution.

10. Heavy Duty Dog Crate W/ Lockable Wheels, Tray, Bowl & Double Doors

This PawHut Heavy Duty Dog Crate is the perfect solution for keeping your pet safe and secure. With its solid construction, it is an indestructible dog crate that can withstand daily use and keep your pet secure. The steel gauge tubes frame and solid steel net create a stable structure that provides security and safety for your pet.

The crate features two points of access for your pet – a large front door that is secured with a double bolt lock and equipped with a small door, and an easy-open top hatch with a bolt lock to keep your pet secure. In addition, the PawHut Heavy Duty Dog Crate also includes a slide out tray, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

The 4 caster wheels provide easy and effortless movement and the brakes are easy to lock in place to secure the rolling dog crate. This kennel is designed for dogs smaller than American Eskimo, Springer Spaniel, Standard Schnauzer. The overall dimensions of the crate are 36.5" L x 24.5" W x 30.25" H, and the inner height of the dog cage is 21.75". The size of the door is 13.5"W x 19" H.

The PawHut Heavy Duty Dog Crate is a great choice for those looking for a secure and reliable way to keep their pet safe and secure. With its easy mobility, convenient access, solid construction, and easy clean-up features, this is the perfect kennel for your pet.

Best Dog Crates For Escape Artists FAQs

Does covering a dog crate help with separation anxiety?

Covering a dog crate can help with separation anxiety in some cases. It can provide a sense of security and comfort for the dog, as it creates a den-like atmosphere. This can help the dog to feel safe and secure, which can reduce their anxiety. Additionally, the darkness of the crate can help to reduce stimulation, which can also help to reduce anxiety. However, it is important to note that covering the crate is not a cure-all for separation anxiety. It is important to also address the underlying causes of the anxiety, such as lack of exercise, lack of mental stimulation, or lack of socialization. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the crate is not too small or too dark, as this can cause further anxiety. If the crate is too small, the dog may feel trapped and unable to move around, which can increase their anxiety. If the crate is too dark, the dog may become disoriented and confused, which can also increase their anxiety. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the crate is the right size and that it is not too dark.

How do I stop my dog from escaping the crate?

The best way to stop your dog from escaping the crate is to make sure that the crate is the right size for your dog. If the crate is too big, your dog may be able to stand up and push the door open. If the crate is too small, your dog may feel cramped and uncomfortable. Make sure the crate is just the right size for your dog.

You should also make sure that the crate is comfortable for your dog. Place a soft blanket or bed inside the crate and make sure that the door is securely closed. If your dog is able to open the door, you may need to use a stronger latch or a lock.

You can also use positive reinforcement to train your dog to stay in the crate. Give your dog treats or praise when they stay in the crate and ignore them when they try to escape. This will help your dog learn that staying in the crate is a good thing.

Finally, make sure that your dog has plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. If your dog is bored or anxious, they may be more likely to try to escape the crate. Take your dog for regular walks and play games with them to help keep them entertained.

By following these tips, you should be able to stop your dog from escaping the crate. With patience and consistency, you can help your dog learn to stay in the crate and enjoy their time there.

What is the toughest dog crate?

The toughest dog crate is one that is made of heavy-duty steel or aluminum. These materials are strong and durable, making them ideal for containing strong and active dogs. Steel and aluminum crates are also rust-resistant, so they can withstand the elements and last for years. Additionally, these crates are often designed with reinforced corners and edges to provide extra strength and security. Steel and aluminum crates are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for pet owners who want a long-lasting and reliable crate.

For extra security, some dog owners opt for a heavy-duty plastic crate. These crates are designed to be lightweight and durable, and they often come with reinforced walls and doors. Plastic crates are also easy to clean and maintain, and they are often designed with ventilation holes to keep your pet cool and comfortable.

Finally, some pet owners choose to use a combination of materials for their dog crate. For example, a combination of steel and plastic can provide a strong and secure crate that is also lightweight and easy to clean.

No matter which type of crate you choose, it is important to make sure that it is the right size for your pet. A crate that is too small can be uncomfortable and unsafe for your pet, while a crate that is too large can be difficult to move and store. Additionally, make sure that the crate is designed with safety features such as reinforced corners and edges, and ventilation holes. With the right crate, you can ensure that your pet is safe and secure.

What type of crate is best for dogs with separation anxiety?

The best type of crate for dogs with separation anxiety is a heavy-duty, metal wire crate. These crates provide a secure and comfortable environment for dogs with separation anxiety, as they are strong and durable and can be easily moved around the house. The metal wire also allows for good air circulation, which can help to reduce stress levels. Additionally, these crates are easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for dogs with separation anxiety.

When selecting a crate for a dog with separation anxiety, it is important to choose one that is the right size. The crate should be large enough for the dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. It should also be tall enough for the dog to be able to sit up and look out the window. Additionally, the crate should have a secure latch to ensure that the dog cannot escape.

When introducing a crate to a dog with separation anxiety, it is important to make the experience as positive as possible. Start by placing the crate in a quiet area of the house and filling it with comfortable bedding and toys. Allow the dog to explore the crate and reward them with treats when they enter it. Gradually increase the amount of time the dog spends in the crate, and provide them with plenty of positive reinforcement. With patience and consistency, the dog will eventually become comfortable with the crate and it can become a safe and secure place for them.