Best Waterproof Dog Beds (2024 Update)

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If you’re looking for the best waterproof dog bed for your pup, you’ve come to the right place! Finding the perfect bed for your pup can be a daunting task, but with the right information, you’ll be able to find the best bed for your pup in no time. Here are five key points to consider when shopping for a waterproof dog bed:

1. Comfort: Make sure the bed is comfortable for your pup, with enough cushioning and support. Look for beds with removable covers for easy washing and a waterproof lining to keep your pup dry.

2. Durability: Look for a bed that’s made from sturdy and durable materials that will last for years. Check for reinforced seams and a waterproof lining to prevent any moisture from seeping into the bed.

3. Size: Measure your pup’s size and look for a bed that’s big enough for them to stretch out. If your pup is a chewer, make sure the bed is chew-proof so they won’t be able to destroy it.

4. Design: Look for a bed that matches your home’s décor and is easy to clean. Look for removable covers for easy washing, and choose a bed that’s machine-washable for easy maintenance.

5. Price: Compare prices to find the best deal. Look for a bed that fits your budget and is made from quality materials.

With these five key points in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect waterproof dog bed for your pup. Look for beds that are comfortable, durable, the right size, aesthetically pleasing, and within your budget. With the right bed, your pup will be able to snuggle up in comfort and stay dry.

10 Best Waterproof Dog Beds

1. Large Dog Bed With Washable Cover, Waterproof Up To 75lbs

The Bedsure Waterproof Dog Bed is designed to provide comfort and protection for your pet. It is made with a full-coverage inner liner to help protect the filling from accidents and is equipped with a removable and machine washable 100% polyester soft and durable plush zippered cover. The bed is filled with plush polyfill stuffing and ultra soft reversible design (fleece top + oxford bottom), providing your pet with warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.

The bed is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It can be used with kennels, crates, and carriers, or as a stand-alone bed, and is portable enough to take anywhere you and your pet go. It is also specially designed for large dogs up to 75lbs, and is not recommended for pets with chewing behavior.

Due to the compress-packed nature of the product, it may take some time for the bed to recover, usually for 72 hours. If necessary, continue to reshape and fluff the bed to achieve the best results.

With the Bedsure Waterproof Dog Bed, your pet will get the comfort, protection and quality they deserve. The bed is designed to last and is sure to be a great addition to your pet’s sleeping environment.

2. 4" Orthopedic Pet Bed W/removable Washable Cover & Memory Foam

This Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed provides the perfect sleeping solution for your furry friend. Featuring a four-inch thick bed with two inches of comfort memory foam and two inches of high-density support foam, this pet bed is designed to provide joint relief and support for your pet. The 99.99% waterproof encasement beneath the fabric cover protects the bed against accidents and fluids. The soft and supportive consistency conforms to the body and weight of your pet, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep.

The pet bed also features a super soft zippered velour cover that resists dirt and hair. This cover is easily removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. Additionally, this pet bed is also designed for long-term use, with a sturdy foam construction that prevents sagging and supports your pet's weight.

With this pet bed, your furry friend will have a comfortable place to rest and sleep. The waterproof encasement and superior foam construction provide long-term durability and comfort. The velour cover is soft and machine washable, making cleaning a breeze. This pet bed is the perfect solution for your pet's sleeping needs, providing superior comfort and joint relief for a restful sleep.

3. Large Orthopedic Dog Bed, Memory Foam, Waterproof, Washable Cover, Non-Skid Bottom

This Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed provides your pet with optimal support and comfort. It features a dual-layer, high-density memory foam design that evenly distributes weight and alleviates pressure on joints. The easy-care removable waterproof cover is durable and stain-resistant, making deep cleaning a breeze. It is also machine washable and tumble dry friendly.

The pet bed is made with CertiPUR-US certified foam and luxurious flannel for a safe and comfortable resting spot. The non-skid bottom helps reduce slips, keeping your pup's joints safe. Available in 4 sizes to meet the needs of all breeds, from Chihuahuas and Corgis to Labradors and Great Danes.

This orthopedic dog bed is not only great for home use, but is also easily portable and movable. It is a great choice for travel, with a minimalist design that will fit seamlessly into any decor. Whether you are taking a road trip, staying in a hotel, or just visiting the park, this bed is perfect for any occasion.

When choosing the size of your pet's bed, it is important to select a size larger than your dog, as this will provide more room for them to move around in. With the Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed, you can rest assured your pup will be comfortable, safe, and supported.

4. Jumbo Orthopedic 7" Memory Foam Pet Bed W/ Pillow & Removable Cover

The KOPEKS Jumbo Orthopedic Dog Bed is an extra large, 7” thick memory foam pet bed that provides superior comfort for big breed dogs. The 50" x 34” bed boasts a 3” thick headrest that supports the dog's head, aiding in optimal comfort and relieving pressure on joints. Its hypoallergenic memory foam material helps regulate temperature and make this bed a healthier choice than non-foam pet beds.

Ideal for senior dogs, the Jumbo Orthopedic Bed has been found efficient in helping reduce joint pain and stiffness among big dogs and makes an ideal choice for dogs that suffer from arthritis or have achy joints and other mobility issues. This extra large dog bed comes with a waterproof inner protector and features a plush suede zippered cover with anti-slip bottom, which can be easily removed and washed, to remain hygienic.

KOPEKS has strictly tested the Jumbo Orthopedic Dog Bed for quality and performance, ensuring it is extra-sturdy, comfortable, and elegant. With its removable and washable cover, hypoallergenic material, and anti-slip bottom, this washable dog bed is the ideal choice for pet owners looking for an XL dog bed that provides superior comfort and reliability. Shop with confidence knowing that this pet bed is backed by KOPEKS, a widely trusted brand of bed accessories.

5. Large Dog Orthopedic Sofa Bed W/ Waterproof Lining & Washable Cover.

The WESTERN HOME Orthopedic Dog Beds are made with your dog's comfort in mind. The bed is designed with a U-shaped structure for optimal support and security for your pup to lie with their heads raised. It features a 3 sided 100% sponge filled 3.5" bolstered side pillow with orthopedic foam, to relieve muscle tension and encourage a restful sleep. The 4" high-density egg crate foam orthopedic dog bed supports and relieves your fur baby's muscles and joints, making it an ideal calming bed for senior dogs and dogs with arthritis who suffer from anxiety.

The sleep surface is made of an ultra-soft insulating fleece cover, providing your dogs plenty of room to sprawl and sleep comfortably. There is also a waterproof layer beneath the plush surface of the dog couch to prevent liquid leakage, while the cover of the washable dog bed can be easily removed for machine washing and low-temperature drying.

The WESTERN HOME Orthopedic Dog Beds come in two sizes to accommodate medium, large dogs up to 55 lbs, and large, extra large dogs up to 85 lbs. The large bed measures 36 x 27" x 6.5" (3.5" bolstered side pillow), while the XL bed measures 42 x 30" x 7.5" (3.5" bolstered side pillow). The non-slip bottom of the bed ensures that it stays in place, bringing more security to your dog.

Whether your pup needs extra support or just a cozy place to rest, the WESTERN HOME Orthopedic Dog Beds provide comfort and security for your beloved pet. The bed is designed for maximum comfort, with a waterproof lining, removable washable cover, and nonskid bottom. Perfect for medium, large and extra large dogs up to 85 lbs, the WESTERN HOME Orthopedic Dog Beds are sure to make any pup feel right at home.

6. Large Dog Bed For Crates, Washable 35"x23", For Small-Xl Dogs & Cats. Waterproof Cover.

This CHAMPETS Washable Dog Bed for Crate is the perfect way to provide comfort and support for your beloved canine companion. Constructed from thousands of individual fluffy plush microfibers, this bed provides a soothing and luxurious sleeping surface while shielding your pet’s body from the cold floor. The thick and high-density padding ensures this bed is durable and will last for years of use.

The cover of this large dog bed is removable, making it easy to clean. Simply zip off the cover and machine wash it for a thorough clean. This dog bed measures approximately 35” x 23” x 3.6”, making it the perfect size for large, medium, and small dogs and cats. It is also the perfect size for a 36” crate pad and can be used on the floor or sofa as a stand-alone pet bed.

The waterproof surface and anti-slip bottom will keep your pet comfortable and secure. The bottom is backed with sticky beads to keep the bed firmly in place and prevent it from shifting or skidding. Furthermore, this bed is machine washable and resists shedding, fading, and staining.

This CHAMPETS Washable Dog Bed for Crate is an ideal choice for providing comfort and support for your beloved pet. With advanced fiber-locking technology and reinforced stitching, this bed is sure to last for many years in your home.

7. Xl Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed W/ Durable Denim Cover & Extra Pet Bed Cover, 47x29x4 Fits 48×30 Crate

This dog bed is perfect for larger size and multiple medium dogs, as it can easily hold up to 150+ pounds. It has a smart design, with 3.2 lbs high density solid memory foam, a waterproof liner, a heavy weight jeans denim cover in navy blue and a bonus MicroSuede brown external cover.

The memory foam promotes deeper sleep and healthy joints for many years, while the waterproof liner helps to combat accidents and keep the bed looking and smelling fresh and clean. The denim cover is also machine washable, making it easy to clean.

This orthopedic memory foam dog bed is made with superior materials, and is better than your average human grade mattress. The memory foam will conform to your dog's figure and improve body alignment, while it also helps to reduce joint pain caused by arthritis.

This bed is an excellent choice for your pet, as it provides comfort, support and excellent value for your money. The bed also fits into an XL 48×30 or 30×48 inches crate. Give your pet the best with this true therapeutic memory foam dog bed – it’s sure to provide many years of comfort and support.

8. Sport Pet Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed, Soft Fleece Pet Blanket, Replacement Covers, Machine Washable

This SPORT PET Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed is made with premium high-density foam, giving your pet a cloud-like experience. It is designed to maintain its springiness and luscious comfort year after year. The ultra-plush fabric is soft to the touch and perfect for pampering your pup.

The waterproof barrier helps to protect the foam center and can be easily wiped clean. It is also machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it looking fresh and clean. The high-density foam is both soft and supportive, making it suitable for all ages of pets. From playful pups to senior dogs, your pet will always have a comfortable spot to call home.

This pet bed offers luxury comfort without the hassle. It is easy to care for and provides a safe and comfortable spot for your pet to relax and let go of the day’s stresses. The ultra-plush fabric and waterproof barrier make this bed perfect for any pet. Whether you have a pup with energy to spare or a senior dog in need of extra T.L.C., this bed will provide the perfect place for them to rest and relax.

9. Waterproof Dog/cat Mattress Bed With Removable Cover – Medium – Green

The BarkBox Outdoor Dog Bed is the perfect solution for your pup’s comfort needs. This medium-sized dog bed measures 29” x 18” x 3" and is suitable for breeds such as Pug, Boston Terrier, Shih Tzu, Corgi, and Dachshund, weighing up to 40lbs.

The bed is designed with therapeutic memory foam gel, which helps to relieve body aches, joint pains, and hip dysplasia. It also features a waterproof cover with a zipper, providing an easy clean-up experience. The bed is also reinforced with stitching to ensure no seeps or leaks.

This platform pet bed is made with durable 600D Oxford Fabric, making it the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor use all year round. Whether it’s a summer camping trip or a rainy fall day, your pup will enjoy the comfort of a quality platform mattress. To preserve the pet bed, please allow 72 hours for full expansion and do not leave it outside for extended periods.

The BarkBox Outdoor Dog Bed provides your pup with orthopedic comfort and high-quality cushioning. It helps relieve body aches and joint pains, and its waterproof cover allows for easy clean-up. It is made with durable 600D Oxford Fabric and reinforced stitching to ensure no seeps or leaks, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use all year round. Get your pup the comfort they deserve with the BarkBox Outdoor Dog Bed!

10. Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed, Large, Pain Relief For Arthritis, Dysplasia, Post Surgery, Lameness.

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is a large 40x25x6” bed that provides comfort and support to your canine companion. The bed consists of a 2” high-density, orthopedic memory foam layer over a 4” base of high stability support foam, encased in a large grey poly-linen cover that is easy to clean.

This bed is a great preventative measure for younger dogs of breeds predisposed to joint conditions. It ensures your dog’s joints remain mobile into their senior years, improving their quality of life and keeping them healthy and active for longer. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic was designed to keep your best friend’s joints young for longer.

The therapeutic bed is designed to provide relief and comfort to tripawds, dogs with joint conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis, patella luxation, osteochondritis, torn cruciate ligaments, and other medical issues. It also helps to prevent elbow calluses and pressure sores due to immobility during illness or post-surgery.

The bed comes with a removable cover that is easy to wash and quick-drying. It also includes a waterproof mattress protector to catch any accidents associated with incontinence. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic is proven to restore the mobility and vitality of dogs, as well as helping them to sleep more soundly.

This dog bed is a great way to keep your best friend’s joints young for longer. It provides relief and comfort to dogs with joint conditions, helps to reduce pressure sores and elbow calluses, and comes with a waterproof mattress protector to catch any messes. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is sure to keep your pup comfortable and happy for years to come.

Best Waterproof Dog Beds FAQs

Are Kong dog beds waterproof?

Kong dog beds are not waterproof. They are made from a durable, water-resistant fabric that is designed to repel moisture and keep your pet dry. However, the fabric is not completely waterproof and can become saturated if exposed to a large amount of water. If your pet's bed gets wet, it is important to dry it off as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew growth. Additionally, Kong dog beds are not designed to be used outdoors, so it is important to keep them indoors and away from rain and other sources of moisture.

How do you clean a dog bed without getting it wet?

The best way to clean a dog bed without getting it wet is to vacuum it. Vacuuming will remove dirt, dust, and pet hair from the bed. You can also use a lint roller to remove pet hair. If the bed is made of fabric, you can use a brush attachment on the vacuum to gently remove dirt and debris. If the bed is made of a synthetic material, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it down. Make sure to use a mild detergent and warm water to avoid damaging the fabric. After cleaning, let the bed air dry before allowing your pet to use it. Additionally, you can use a pet-safe deodorizer to help keep the bed smelling fresh.

How do you make a pee proof dog bed?

The best way to make a pee proof dog bed is to use a waterproof mattress cover. This will help protect the mattress from any accidents that may occur. Additionally, you can use a waterproof sheet or blanket to cover the bed. This will help keep the bed dry and free from any messes. You can also use a washable dog bed cover that is designed to be waterproof and easy to clean. Finally, you can use a pet-safe stain and odor remover to help keep the bed clean and free from any odors. With these steps, you can create a pee proof dog bed that will last for years.

Is there a dog bed that doesn't get wet?

Yes, there are dog beds that don't get wet. Waterproof dog beds are designed to keep your pup dry and comfortable. These beds are made with waterproof materials such as vinyl, nylon, and polyester. They also feature a waterproof base to keep moisture away from the bed. Additionally, some waterproof dog beds come with a removable cover that can be washed and dried for easy cleaning. These beds are perfect for dogs who love to play in the water or for those who live in wet climates. They are also great for keeping your pup warm and dry during the winter months.