10 Best Vacuum To Pick Up Cat Litter On Hardwood Floors (2024 Update)

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When it comes to cleaning up cat litter on hardwood floors, finding the best vacuum cleaner is essential. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right vacuum, including power, size, noise, and filter type. Here are five key points to keep in mind when looking for the best vacuum to pick up cat litter on hardwood floors:

1. Power: Consider a vacuum with a powerful suction to effectively pick up cat litter from hardwood floors.

2. Size: Choose a vacuum that is small enough to maneuver easily around furniture, but large enough to collect a good amount of litter.

3. Noise: Look for a vacuum that operates quietly, so as not to disturb your cat or other family members.

4. Filter type: Make sure the vacuum has a HEPA filter to trap dust particles and allergens.

5. Ease of use: Look for a vacuum with intuitive controls and a lightweight design that is easy to maneuver.

When selecting the best vacuum to pick up cat litter on hardwood floors, it is important to consider all of these factors. Take your time to research and compare models to find the one that best suits your needs. With the right vacuum, you can keep your hardwood floors looking and smelling clean and fresh.

10 Best Vacuum To Pick Up Cat Litter On Hardwood Floors

1. Eureka Lightweight Powerful Upright Vacuum Cleaner For Carpet And Hard Floor, Powerspeed, New Model

The Eureka PowerSpeed Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful, yet lightweight cleaning tool perfect for any home. This new model is equipped with an upgraded cyclone system, designed to handle larger debris, smaller dirt, and even microscopic dust particles. Its powerful suction penetrates deep into carpets and rugs to extract embedded dirt, dust, and debris.

The PowerSpeed is lightweight and easy to maneuver, so you can do the work without wearing yourself out. It features five height settings, making it suitable for carpets, shag rugs, and hard floors. Its wheels run smoothly on hardwood floors to prevent scratches and gouges.

You'll also get a range of accessories with the PowerSpeed. A quick-release handle is connected to the stretch hose for above-floor cleaning, and a 7-inch long crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool help clean hard-to-reach areas. Use the crevice tool to extract dirt and pet hair from carpets and curtains, or the dusting brush to freshen up your car, ceilings, or door frames. All the accessories are conveniently stored on board for your convenience.

To ensure your PowerSpeed runs smoothly, we recommend cleaning the roller brush and the belt every two weeks. If the roller and belt are neglected for too long, they may become clogged with hairs and dirt, and in some serious cases, this may cause the risk of smoke and belt breakage.

2. Eyevac Home Professional Vacuum – White.

The EyeVac Home is the perfect vacuum cleaner for busy households. It is designed to be both powerful and convenient. The 1000 watt vacuum is incredibly powerful, easily removing 100% of dust, hair, and debris in a single pass. It is always on and ready to go, so you can quickly clean up messes on any hard floor.

The EyeVac is ideal for pet owners and parents, with its powerful motor picking up pet food, pet hair, kitty litter, and dirt with ease. It also has two high efficiency filters, which capture the dust, dirt, and debris and return clean air to the environment.

The EyeVac is designed with convenience in mind, featuring touchless activation through infrared sensors that detect the sweeping motion and automatically turn on the vacuum. This makes the EyeVac a breeze to use, so you can quickly and easily clean up messes without having to fiddle with buttons or switches.

The EyeVac Home is the perfect choice for busy households, providing a powerful and convenient way to keep floors clean. With its 1000 watt vacuum and two high efficiency filters, it quickly and efficiently removes dust, hair, dirt, and debris with ease. And the touchless activation makes it simple to use, so you can clean quickly and easily.

3. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 26kpa 350w, 50 Min Battery, 6-In-1 For Pet Hair, Carpet, Hardwood Floors – S10

The INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful and lightweight cleaning device that offers up to 26KPA of suction power and a 350W/140AW brushless motor that can suck up to 6 Ibs of items. This cordless vacuum cleaner also features a detachable battery design with up to 50 minutes of runtime on standard mode, allowing for uninterrupted cleaning and two charging ways.

The 6-stage filtration system and 12 conical structures' centrifugal force helps to further separate extremely fine dust with an overall filtration rate of up to 99.97%, and it can capture common airborne pollutants. The lightweight vacuum cleaner is easy to use with a memory function that remembers the settings from the last time you used it and offers versatile attachments for different cleaning scenarios.

The 1.2L dust bin has an easy-to-crack integrated material that is thicker and longer lasting, and you don't need to touch the dirt as you can simply press the release button. The LED motorized cleaning head and wall-hanging storage make it easy to charge and store, and the 150° wide angle and 90°vertical angle head brush make it easy to reach tight spaces.

The INSE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an ideal solution for all your daily cleaning needs and is perfect for cleaning pet hair, debris from hardwood floor, low/mid pile carpet, rugs, stair, ceiling, sofa, bed, desk, cars, windowsills, curtain, and kitchen. It's lightweight and portable design makes it easy to take anywhere for quick and efficient cleaning.

4. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Vacuum, Lightweight, Tangle-Free Brush Roll, Pet Hair Pick-Up, Allergen System, Pet Tools, Easy Empty

The BISSELL 24613 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Vacuum is the perfect solution for pet owners looking for a powerful, agile vacuum that effectively removes pet hair. It features a tangle-free brush roll that eliminates hair wrap and offers powerful edge-to-edge suction on low to high pile carpets, area rugs and hard surfaces. With a fingertip suction control and brush roll on/off feature, the Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Vacuum is highly maneuverable and offers superior cleaning power.

In addition, the vacuum is equipped with a Smart Seal Allergen System and optional Febreze filter that traps dust and allergens while eliminating odors to freshen your home as you clean. The Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System makes it easy to empty the dirt cup without having to touch the debris, while the LED Crevice Tool, Pet Turbo Eraser Tool and 2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush offer extended reach and a more thorough clean.

The Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Vacuum also features swivel steering and LED headlights for easy navigation around furniture, and a quick release extension wand for hard-to-reach areas. Plus, every purchase helps save pets, as Bissell proudly supports Bissell Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets. With the BISSELL 24613 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Vacuum, pet owners can enjoy powerful pet hair pick up in a lightweight and agile design.

5. Bissell Natural Sweep Sweeper W/dual Rotating System & 2 Edge Brushes, 92n0a.

The Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper is the perfect tool for quickly and quietly cleaning up everyday messes like crumbs, pet hair, cereal, dirt, and more. Its dual rotating brush rolls pick up both large and small debris on forward and return passes, making it an effective and safe multi-surface cleaner for carpets, rugs, and hard floors.

This compact, lightweight sweeper is easy to use and store, and requires no electricity or wasteful disposable cleaning products. Plus, it’s made of 100% recycled plastic, making it an eco-friendly option.

The Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper has two corner edge brushes to help get into those tight corners and crevices that are often missed. Its intuitive design makes it a breeze to use, and its modern silver finish looks great in any home.

And, when you purchase a Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper, you’re also helping to save pets. Bissell proudly supports the Bissell Pet Foundation, which works to help homeless pets.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and eco-friendly way to clean up everyday messes, the Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper is the perfect choice. With its dual rotating brush rolls, two corner edge brushes, and lightweight design, you’ll have a quick and easy way to keep your carpets and floors looking clean and new.

6. Drymate Cat Litter Mat, 29"x36" (Light Grey) – Absorbent/waterproof/machine Washable.

The Drymate Original Cat Litter Mat is the perfect solution for keeping your floors clean and dry. This mat is designed to contain litter and mess that gets kicked out of the litter box and stuck to your cat’s paws. It’s constructed with a patented Drymate material that absorbs and contains liquids and wicks away moisture, preventing any urine or other liquids from soaking through and damaging or staining the surface below.

The slip-resistant backing helps to keep the mat securely in place, keeping the mess on the mat and not on your floors. It also makes it easier to vacuum the mat since it won’t slide around. Cleaning the mat is easy too; simply vacuum or roll the mat up and pour excess litter back into the box, or machine wash or scrub it with soap and hang dry. Do not bleach.

This USA-made mat is crafted with durable and long-lasting polyester fabric, made from over 50% recycled fiber, and is free from Phthalate and BPA. Plus, the soft paw-friendly material gently loosens litter from cat’s paws for further mess reduction. With the Drymate Original Cat Litter Mat, you can keep your floors mess and stain-free, and your cat feeling happy and comfortable.

7. 17kpa E600 Vacuum Cleaner – Bagless Stick, Powerful Handheld Suction For Hardwood & Tile.

The ELEZON E600 Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect tool for cleaning hardwood floors and tiles. Featuring a powerful 17KPa suction and a 500W motor, this vacuum cleaner provides continuous 17,000Pa suction to easily clean any surface. Its 23 foot cord allows for easy reach and movement in any room, but it is not recommended for carpets as the suction makes it difficult to move.

The lightweight design and multi-purpose features make it easy to clean curtains and ceilings, as the extension tube can stretch from 17-28 inches. Plus, the advanced cyclone HEPA filtration allows for the capture of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. This is perfect for families with pets and children, as it protects the motor from overheating.

Emptying and cleaning are also simple with the ELEZON E600 Vacuum Cleaner. Users can easily empty the dustbin with just a click, while it is more energy-efficient to clean honeycomb and HEPA filters with water. Additionally, it is recommended to replace HEPA filters every two to three years in order to maintain effective vacuuming.

When finished cleaning, the ELEZON E600 Vacuum Cleaner can be easily mounted on the wall for storage. Additionally, customers can contact ELEZON for any questions or concerns and have peace of mind knowing that the vacuum cleaner comes with a one-year warranty.

The ELEZON E600 Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect tool for cleaning hardwood floors and tiles, providing powerful suction, advanced HEPA filtration and simple cleaning and storage. With its one-year warranty, customers can be sure that their vacuum cleaner will last for years to come.

8. Shark Vmp30 Vacmop Disposable Vacuum & Mop Pads, 30 Ct. (1 Pack)

The Shark VMP30 VACMOP Disposable Hard Floor Vacuum and Mop Pad Refills White, 30 Count (pack of 1) (Packaging May Vary) provide an all-in-one solution to cleaning your floors. The innovative built-in dirt chamber locks away debris that is vacuumed up, while the multi-layered pads stand up to tough messes. The pads are designed to be used on all sealed floors including stone, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tile, marble, and linoleum. With the no-touch disposal, you never have to touch a dirty pad again.

The Shark VACMOP Pad is designed to provide a complete clean, with absorbent mopping layers that clean stuck-on grime and leave your floors looking shiny and clean. It is also designed to vacuum up what other pads push around. The pads are specifically formulated to work with the Shark VACMOP Cordless Vacuum Mop for optimal performance.

The Shark VMP30 VACMOP Disposable Hard Floor Vacuum and Mop Pad Refills White, 30 Count (pack of 1) (Packaging May Vary) provide a convenient and efficient solution to cleaning your floors. With the built-in dirt chamber, absorbent mopping layers, and no-touch disposal, you can enjoy a complete clean without the hassle of a traditional mop and bucket. It is the perfect choice for keeping your floors looking their best.

9. 26kpa Cordless Stick Vacuum, 6-In-1, Brushless Motor, 45mins Runtime, Led Touch Display, Lightweight, Hard Floor/carpet/pet Hair, Prettycare P1

The PRETTYCARE P1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is designed for whole-house cleaning, with a powerful 26Kpa Brushless Digital Motor that provides 30% more power than equivalent vacuum cleaners. It also has adjustable two-speed suction, allowing you to easily pick up dirt and dust from hardwood floors and carpets. With a quiet operating noise of 65db and a long runtime of up to 45 minutes, this lightweight vacuum cleaner is ideal for full house cleaning (2000 square feet).

The vacuum cleaner also features an LED touch screen on the top that displays the real-time remaining battery life, which can be easily switched between two power modes. It can efficiently pick up pet hair, dirt, debris, and messes through different surfaces in a short time, including hardwood floor, pile carpet, tile, and marble.

The vacuum also comes with a 4 stage advanced fully sealed filter system that captures 99.99% of dust particles as small as 0.1 microns to avoid secondary pollution. In addition, the cordless stick cleaner has a flexible 180°swivel sideways and 90°up and down, allowing it to easily glide under furniture and cabinets to eliminate dust and debris that is hard to reach.

The PRETTYCARE P1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an efficient and powerful cleaning tool for your home. With its 26Kpa Brushless Digital Motor, adjustable two-speed suction, long runtime, and advanced filtration system, this vacuum cleaner can easily pick up dirt and dust from hardwood floors and carpets, giving you a clean and fresh environment.

10. Dirt Devil Vibe Sd20020 3-In-1 Stick Vacuum

The Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect solution for quick and effortless cleaning from room to room. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to maneuver up and down stairs, giving you complete control over your cleaning. With an easy on/off brushroll, you can transition from carpets to hard floors with just the touch of a button. And when you need to quickly clean up dust, dirt and crumbs on furniture, drapes and upholstery, simply detach the hand vac for spot cleaning.

The Dirt Devil Vibe boasts a 10-inch cleaning path for quick clean-ups on multiple surfaces, and its Scatter Guard Technology helps to prevent dirt and dust from scattering across your hard floors. And when it’s time to empty the dirt cup, the Easy Empty Dirt Cup makes it mess-free. The Dirt Devil Red Vibe 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner includes a 15-ft cord, crevice tool and an easy to use hand vac – all the cleaning tools you need in one convenient package.

The Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice for those who want a lightweight, efficient and powerful vacuum. With its wide cleaning path, easy to use brushroll and hand vac, you’ll be able to clean any surface quickly and easily. Get your Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner today and enjoy effortless cleaning.

Best Vacuum To Pick Up Cat Litter On Hardwood Floors FAQs

Can you use a vacuum to clean up cat litter?

Yes, you can use a vacuum to clean up cat litter. Vacuuming is a great way to quickly and easily remove cat litter from carpets, rugs, and other surfaces. It is important to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to ensure that the dust and allergens from the cat litter are not released back into the air. Additionally, it is important to empty the vacuum bag or canister after each use to prevent the dust and allergens from being recirculated. When vacuuming, it is important to move slowly and methodically to ensure that all of the cat litter is removed. Additionally, it is important to use a vacuum with a brush attachment to help loosen the cat litter from the fibers of the carpet or rug. Finally, it is important to use a vacuum with a high suction power to ensure that all of the cat litter is removed.

How do you clean up cat litter spills on the floor?

To clean up cat litter spills on the floor, start by using a dustpan and brush to scoop up as much of the litter as possible. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any remaining litter. If the spill is on a hard surface, such as tile or linoleum, use a damp cloth to wipe up the remaining litter. If the spill is on a carpet, use a carpet cleaner to remove the litter. Once the litter is removed, use a disinfectant cleaner to clean the area and remove any odors. Finally, use a dry cloth to dry the area. If the spill is large, it may be necessary to repeat the process several times.

What is a good cheap vacuum for cat litter?

A good and affordable vacuum for cat litter is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum. This vacuum is designed specifically for pet hair and is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It has a powerful suction that can easily pick up cat litter and other debris. It also has a special rubber nozzle that is designed to pick up pet hair without clogging. The vacuum also has a crevice tool for getting into tight spaces and a brush attachment for cleaning upholstery and other surfaces. It is also easy to empty and maintain. All in all, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is a great choice for those looking for a cheap and effective vacuum for cat litter.

What vacuum will pick up cat litter?

Any vacuum with a strong suction power should be able to pick up cat litter. Look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter, as this will help to trap the dust and dander from the litter. Additionally, look for a vacuum with a wide nozzle and adjustable suction power, as this will help to ensure that the litter is picked up quickly and efficiently. If you have a large area to cover, consider a canister or upright vacuum with a long cord and a wide cleaning path. Finally, make sure to empty the dustbin regularly to prevent clogging and ensure that the vacuum is working at its best.