Best Small Dog Carrier For Airplane (2024 Update)

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Traveling with your furry friend can be both exciting and stressful. You want your pup to be comfortable and safe during their journey, and that starts with finding the right dog carrier. When it comes to flying, you’ll need a small dog carrier that meets the requirements of your airline.

If you’re looking for the best small dog carrier for an airplane, there are five key points to consider. First, the carrier should be the right size for your pup. The carrier should be large enough for your pup to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Second, make sure the carrier is made of a strong, durable material that can withstand a bit of wear and tear. Third, the carrier should have a secure locking mechanism and a handle for easy carrying. Fourth, the carrier should have plenty of ventilation so your pup can stay cool and comfortable. Finally, the carrier should be approved by your airline.

When it comes to finding the best small dog carrier for an airplane, these five key points will help you find the perfect fit for your pup. Make sure you measure your pup and check the size requirements of your airline before you purchase a carrier. Choose a carrier that is made of strong, durable material and has plenty of ventilation. Don’t forget to make sure the carrier has a secure locking mechanism and a handle for easy carrying. With the right carrier, your pup will be safe and comfortable during their flight.

10 Best Small Dog Carrier For Airplane

1. Katziela Rolling Pet Carrier: Airline-Approved, Tsa-Approved, Underseat Wheeled Luggage For Small Pets

Katziela's Rolling Pet Carrier is the perfect travel companion for small dogs and cats. This airline approved pet carrier is lightweight and easy to carry, and has plenty of features to make your pet's travels safe and comfortable. It is designed to meet TSA and most airlines standards, so it can be taken on most airplane flights.

The carrier's breathable design includes mesh windows on the sides, front, and entire top section. It also has full zippers for easy, comfortable access. It also features front and back pockets and a safety leash inside for attaching a collar. Inside the carrier is a removable soft, comfy and cozy mini mattress pad for your pet to sit or sleep on comfortably. A removable board underneath keeps it firm, which can be removed for machine washing.

The 4-wheel design of the Rolling Pet Carrier has a double telescopic handle that can be easily maneuvered. The handle remains easily accessible in an upright or 45-degree position, allowing you to move the carrier with ease. The Rolling Pet Carrier is backed by Katziela's satisfaction guarantee.

Traveling with your pet is now easier than ever with the Rolling Pet Carrier. It is lightweight and easy to carry, and ensures your pet's comfort and safety. It is designed to meet most airlines standards, and has plenty of ventilation and features for easy access. The 4-wheel design and double telescopic handle makes maneuvering it simple and easy. The Rolling Pet Carrier is the perfect travel companion for small dogs and cats.

2. Airline-Approved Pet Carrier W/ Wheels – Small/medium Cat/dog.

The Quilted Chariot is a high-end pet carrier that is designed to make travelling with your beloved pet comfortable and stress-free. Approved by the TSA and airline compliant, this cat carrier with wheels or dog airplane carrier is suitable for kittens, puppies, bunnies and even guinea pigs. With two pockets for food, treats, leash and water, travelling with your pet is made easier.

The Quilted Chariot features a super soft, machine washable bed pad, optional sun guard, high-ventilation mesh sides and lockable zippers to keep your pet safe and secure. Additionally, the built-in floor plate and straps on the bottom and one side help to secure the pet carrier to a seatbelt, making rides smoother and safer. The shoulder strap, strong zipper, mesh sided design, safe structure and comfortable top loading make travelling with your pet look exquisite.

To make manoeuvring even easier, this airline approved dog carrier and rolling cat carrier design has 6 wheels and a telescopic handle. The Quilted Chariot pet carrier is ideal for small to medium size cats or dogs, making it the perfect animal friendly luggage for travelling. With its luxury design, the Quilted Chariot is the perfect pet carrier to ensure the safety, comfort and convenience of both you and your pet.

3. Airline-Approved Pet Carrier, Expandable Soft-Sided Dog Carrier, 3 Open Doors, 2 Reflective Tapes.

This Pet Carrier Airline Approved is an expandable and foldable soft-sided carrier designed to ensure safety and convenience for cats and dogs while traveling. It features three open doors and two reflective tapes for extra visibility and safety. The normal size of this pet carrier is 18"Lx 11"Wx 11"H, and it can be expanded to 18" Lx 29.8"W x 11"H by expanding the two mesh windows. It can fit pets up to 18”L*10”W*10”H and can hold up to 15lbs of weight.

The carrier is made with durable microfiber frame that prevents the top from sagging, keeping it solid and stable even after total expansion. It also has a hard PP pad inside the bottom, which helps hold the load and prevent deformation when carrying the carrier. The pad is made from suede and polyester, making it washable and easy to clean. The mesh cloth increases ventilation and decreases anxiety for the pet during travel.

This pet carrier is compliant with airline standard size and fits under the front cabin seat of most airline carriers. However, it is important to remember that every airline has a specific set of rules and regulations, so you should contact the airline before flying with your pet. Additionally, please measure your pet before purchasing this pet carrier and make sure they do not exceed the maximum weight limit. The new style of this pet carrier bag has blue edges, while the older style has purple edges. The size and function of both styles remain the same, and either style may be shipped randomly.

4. Tsa-Approved Cat Carrier With Ventilation, 5 Mesh Windows, 4 Doors, For Small-Medium Cats/dogs/puppies.

This OKMEE Cat Carrier is a must-have for pet owners on the go. Perfect for small to medium sized cats and dogs, this carrier is TSA approved and designed for air travel. The carrier measures 17.5"L x 11"W x 11"H and can hold pets up to 20 pounds.

The carrier is designed for convenience and comfort. It features four open doors, allowing you to easily place your pet inside. It also has five mesh windows to ensure your pet gets plenty of fresh air and can interact with the outside world. The Oval shape adds extra space for your pet to lie down. The sturdy microfiber frame prevents the top from sagging, while a hard PP pad in the bottom increases load bearing and prevents deformation.

This carrier is lightweight and easy to carry, with an adjustable shoulder strap to keep your hands free. It is perfect for vet visits, car rides, and air travel. Your pet can travel in comfort with this carrier, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is safe and secure.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, the OKMEE Cat Carrier is the ideal choice for your pet’s comfort and safety. With its airline-approved design, four open doors, five mesh windows, sturdy microfiber frame, and adjustable shoulder strap, this carrier is the perfect way to keep your pet safe and comfortable as you travel.

5. Airline-Approved Portable Pet Carrier For Kittens/puppies – Washable, Expandable, Locking Safety Zippers.

The Petsfit Expandable Cat Carrier Dog Carriers is an airline approved soft-sided portable pet travel carrier, perfect for kittens and puppies alike. Its expandable design, measuring 17"Lx 11"Wx 11"H, can be extended to 20"Lx17"Wx11"H to give your pet extra space to sprawl and relax. Weighing only 2.5lbs, this carrier is lightweight and fits pets up to 13lbs.

The carrier is made from durable materials, including a solid wire structure to keep it from collapsing and flexible enough to compress and fit under an airplane seat. The top and two-sided windows are constructed from anti-scratch ventilated mesh, while the actual PP board base helps to keep all pets steady. The base cover is a thick, comfy, washable, and removable plush pad.

For ease of transport, this carrier has multiple ways to carry. Self-lock zippers keep pets from escaping, while the strap on one side can be slid around the extendable handle of rolling luggage. It also has two flexible handles and a detachable strap to hang on your shoulders. A side pocket provides extra storage.

The Petsfit Expandable Cat Carrier Dog Carriers is airline approved and in compliance with most airline size rules. The S and M sizes are easily able to fit under airplane seats, and for the L size, it is best to check the size standard of the corresponding airline. For added convenience, two detachable fiber rods are included at the top of the carrier to help make it fit under the seat.

6. Premium Airline-Approved Pet Carrier For Small-Medium Cats/dogs, Baby Blue (Large)

The PetAmi Premium Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier is the perfect choice for small to medium sized cats, dogs, and pets. The carrier comes in two sizes: Large (19.5×10.2×12 inches) and Small (17×10.2×11.2 inches). The maximum weight capacity is 18 lbs.

This pet carrier is designed to provide the best and most comfortable travel experience to both you and your pet. It has a well-ventilated design, allowing optimal airflow and visibility to check on your pet. The interior is lined with a soft and cozy sherpa bedding, allowing your pet to relax and rest in comfort. It also includes a collapsible bowl to keep your pet hydrated.

Safety is also a priority in the design of this carrier. It comes with safety buckle zippers and a safety strap to prevent escape. For added security, the carrier can be strapped to your car seat or luggage.

The PetAmi Premium Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier is also designed for ease of use. It has an easy-to-identify name tag, two-sided access, a side zipper opening, and a detachable strap for convenience. It is made from durable high grade polyester and is available in multiple colors.

Whether you’re on a plane, in a car, or just out for a walk, the PetAmi Premium Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier is the perfect choice for traveling with your pet. With its comfortable design and safety features, it’s sure to provide a safe and comfortable journey for you and your pet.

7. Deluxe Backpack Pet Carrier W/ Double Wheels – Heather Pink – Airline Approved

The KOPEKS Deluxe Backpack Pet Travel Carrier is the perfect solution for pet owners who want to travel with their furry friends. With dimensions of 13”L x 12”W x 20”H, this pet carrier is suitable for pets up to 10 lbs, and is approved by most airlines. To make traveling even easier, the carrier features two smooth-spinning wheels that make maneuvering through airports, airplane aisles, malls, and supermarkets a breeze.

The KOPEKS Deluxe Backpack Pet Travel Carrier offers three different ways to carry. The telescoping handle, strap handle, and backpack straps provide three easy and convenient carrying solutions for different everyday needs. The backpack is made from a durable 600D Oxford fabric with three ventilation mesh panels to provide a cool environment and easy visibility. The telescoping handle is made from industrial grade aluminum alloy rods and the wheels are made from high-quality polyurethane double wheels for extra stability and durability.

The KOPEKS Deluxe Backpack Pet Travel Carrier has lots of storage with two large pockets, perfect for safely storing all your pet's essentials. It can be used as a backpack, rolling carrier, tote carrier, or car seat carrier, making it incredibly versatile. With a stylish heather pink design, the KOPEKS Deluxe Backpack Pet Travel Carrier is the perfect companion for taking your pet on the go.

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Best Small Dog Carrier For Airplane FAQs

Can you fly with a small dog in a carrier?

Yes, you can fly with a small dog in a carrier. However, it is important to check with the airline you are flying with to ensure that they allow pets on board. Additionally, you should make sure that the carrier you are using meets the airline's requirements for size and type. It is also important to ensure that your pet is comfortable and secure in the carrier, and that it has enough room to move around. Additionally, you should make sure that your pet is up to date on all of its vaccinations and that it has a valid health certificate. Finally, you should also make sure that you have all of the necessary paperwork and identification for your pet. Following these steps will help ensure that your pet has a safe and comfortable flight.

What is the best airline carrier for a Chihuahua?

The best airline carrier for a Chihuahua will depend on the individual needs of the pet and the owner. Generally, the most important factors to consider are the airline's pet policies, the size of the pet, and the length of the flight.

When researching airline carriers, look for those that allow small pets in the cabin, as this will provide the most comfort for your Chihuahua. Additionally, make sure the airline has a good reputation for taking care of pets and that they have a pet-friendly policy in place.

Also, consider the size of your Chihuahua and the length of the flight. If the flight is longer than a few hours, it may be best to look for an airline that offers a pet-friendly cargo option. This will provide more space and comfort for your pet.

Finally, make sure to research the airline's pet policies and fees before booking. This will help ensure that your Chihuahua is safe and comfortable during the flight.

What is the best dog carrier for flying cargo?

The best dog carrier for flying cargo depends on the size and breed of your dog. For small dogs, a soft-sided carrier is usually the best option as it is lightweight and easy to store. For larger dogs, a hard-sided carrier is recommended as it provides more protection and stability during the flight. Additionally, make sure the carrier is airline-approved and has plenty of ventilation, as well as a secure latch to keep your pup safe. Additionally, it is important to check with your airline for any additional requirements they may have for pet carriers. Finally, make sure to provide your pup with plenty of food, water, and a comfortable blanket or toy to keep them comfortable during the flight.

What size pet carrier will fit under an airplane seat?

The size of pet carrier that will fit under an airplane seat will depend on the size of the pet and the airline's regulations. Generally, the maximum size of a pet carrier that can fit under an airplane seat is 18" long x 11" wide x 11" high. However, some airlines may have different size requirements, so it is important to check with the airline before purchasing a pet carrier. Additionally, some airlines may require that the pet carrier be stowed in the overhead bin, so it is important to check with the airline for their specific requirements.