Best Professional Dog Grooming Scissors (2024 Update)

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When it comes to grooming your beloved pup, having the right tools is essential. Finding the best professional dog grooming scissors is key to ensuring that your pup's fur is properly trimmed and styled. Here are five key points to consider when selecting the perfect pair of scissors for your pup:

1. Quality: Make sure that the scissors you choose are made of high quality materials and are designed to last. Look for stainless steel blades and ergonomic handles to ensure the scissors will be comfortable and easy to use.

2. Size: Choose the right size of scissors for the type of coat your pup has. Longer blades are better for thicker coats, while shorter blades are better suited for smaller and thinner coats.

3. Sharpness: Look for scissors that are designed to stay sharp and won't dull quickly. Sharp scissors are less likely to snag or pull at fur and will make grooming faster and easier.

4. Safety: Look for scissors with rounded tips to prevent accidental nicks and cuts. Also, make sure the blades have a non-slip grip so that the scissors won't slip out of your hands while in use.

5. Price: Professional dog grooming scissors can range from fairly inexpensive to quite expensive, depending on the quality of the scissors. Consider your budget and decide which is the best option for you.

With these five key points in mind, you'll be sure to find the perfect pair of professional dog grooming scissors for your pup. Make sure to do your research and read reviews to get an idea of which scissors are the best for your pup's needs. With the right scissors, you'll be able to groom your pup like a professional!

10 Best Professional Dog Grooming Scissors

1. Dog Grooming Scissors 4pcs Set (W/ Comb)

This 7.0 inches Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set is the perfect tool for any professional groomer. The set includes 1 straight scissors, 1 thinning scissors, 1 curved scissors, 1 chunkers and a comb, as well as a case, cleaning cloth and adjusted-key. The edge line of the blade is evenly polished, making the scissors durably sharp and able to cut through any type of hair with ease. The thinning scissors have meticulously crafted clear tips of tooth, making them sharp and able to avoid clipping the hair. The curved scissors have an edge of 25°-30°, making them suitable for most groomers’ needs.

The scissors are made of high-quality 6CR stainless steel, making them durable and strong. The scissors went through forty meticulous processes of polishing and grinding, making them of the highest quality. The ergonomic design of the scissors make them fit your fingers perfectly, allowing for comfortable use.

The manufacturer is confident in the quality of the product, so they offer a 3 month unconditional return policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact the seller for a replacement or refund. With this Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set, you can be sure to groom your dog in the most efficient way possible.

2. Japanese Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors (2 Pairs) For Facial & Body Trimming W/ Round Tip

Introducing the Pet Magasin Japanese Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors, the perfect tool to get your pet looking their best. With two pairs of scissors included, you can easily trim body fur with the longer blade, and then use the smaller pair with micro-serrated blades for close work on your pet's face and paws.

Constructed from the finest quality surgical stainless steel blades, these scissors are pre-sharpened to a fine cutting edge to effortlessly snip through thick fur and tough tangles. The rounded tips ensure safety for your pet when grooming, and the cushioned handles with extra finger rest provide maximum comfort during long grooming sessions.

Trusted by over 300,000 Amazon customers, this grooming set has gained over 2000 5-star reviews and 300+ recommendations from professional groomers. It is the perfect tool for keeping your pet looking their best. Get the Pet Magasin Japanese Stainless Steel Grooming Scissors and you won't be disappointed.

3. Pet Grooming Scissors, 2-Pc Set W/stainless Steel Blades & Rounded Tips, For Dogs & Cats.

The Pets First #1 Pet Grooming Scissors Body & Facial Trimmer are a complete trimmings kit for all pet grooming needs. This set of two scissors features durable stainless steel blades that are strong and built to last. The blades are designed to easily cut through even the most matted furs, making trimming at home a breeze.

The long scissors are perfect for trimming body fur, while the smaller pair can be used for delicate areas such as the face, ears, eyes, nose, and paws. The easy-grip handle is designed to make grooming comfortable and easy. Additionally, the round blunt tips ensure a safe trimming experience that won’t injure or hurt your pet.

These scissors can be used on any type of coat, regardless of whether it is thick, wiry, or curly. Pets First is ready to take-on the competition and provide the best pet scissors for all pet owners. The set of two scissors is lightweight and comfortable, making grooming at home an easy and stress-free experience. Get the Pets First #1 Pet Grooming Scissors Body & Facial Trimmer to ensure a clean cut every time you groom your pet.

4. Dog Grooming Scissors Kit – Curved & Thinning Shears For Goldendoodles

This We Love Doodles Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is the perfect set for any pet owner! It includes a straight dog scissor, a curved dog scissor, a thinning dog scissor, and a dog comb, all crafted from high quality stainless steel. This makes them sharp and long lasting, so they won't need to be replaced frequently. The ergonomic handles are comfortable and easy to hold, so you won't need to worry about your hands getting tired or sore.

This kit is perfect for grooming Goldendoodles as well as other breeds. It can be used to trim and cut fur, as well as for thinning and blending fur. The scissors provide a precise and professional cut, so you can be sure that your pet will look their best. With this kit, you won't need to worry about going to a professional groomer, as you can do the job yourself at home.

The We Love Doodles Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is an excellent choice for any pet owner. It's durable, sharp, and comfortable to use, making it perfect for all your grooming needs. We guarantee your satisfaction with a lifetime warranty and stand behind our product. Get your kit today and see the difference it makes!

5. 4cr Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit, 6-In-1, Heavy Duty Titanium Coated.

The Pogeair 6 in 1 Safety Round Head 4CR Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is the perfect tool for pet owners. It is made of high-quality heavy-duty titanium-plated stainless steel, so you won't need to change tools frequently. The blades are sharp and smooth, and the round head design ensures that no skin-poking will occur while trimming any part of your pet.

The kit also comes with a unique design with silicone pads on the handles to prevent your fingers from being accidentally pinched. These sound-absorbing pads also ensure that your pets will not be scared by the sound of scissors. The scissors also have a tension knob for easy and comfortable use.

The Pogeair 6 in 1 Safety Round Head 4CR Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is the ideal choice for pet owners. It includes all the sizes you need for your pet, including 1 × 6.5-inch thinning shear, 1 ×6.5-inch curved scissors, 1 ×5.5-inch straight scissor, 1 × 4.5-inch straight scissor, 1 × 6.2-inch pet comb, 1 ×cleaning cloth, 1 × black leather bag with zipper.

The Pogeair 6 in 1 Safety Round Head 4CR Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is backed by a worry-free after-sales service. We provide 24-hour customer service and answer your pre-sale questions as soon as possible. Our after-sales guarantee allows for refunds within 90 days if you are not satisfied with the product.

The Pogeair 6 in 1 Safety Round Head 4CR Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit is the perfect choice for pet owners of all skill levels. It is made of top-notch materials, has a unique design, and is backed by a worry-free after-sales service. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, this kit is the perfect choice for your pet grooming needs.

6. Pet Grooming Shears, 7" Curved, Safety Round Tips, Stainless Steel.

The Petsvv 7" Curved Dog Grooming Scissors provide a light weight, professional tool to make pet grooming easier. These shears are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring a sharp and precise cut every time. The 7-inch long blade can cut a lot of hair at once, saving time and energy while providing a natural, beautiful trim.

The safety round head of the scissors lets you trim sensitive areas of your pet, such as their face, ears, eyes, nose, and paws, with peace of mind. The ergonomic design of the scissors provides comfort and light weight to the user, with a rubber ring on the handle to reduce pressure on the wrist, elbow, and hand.

Finally, a black noise reduction pad is placed on the handle of the pet grooming shears to reduce the sound of impact when trimming, so that your pet will not be scared. With the Petsvv 7" Curved Dog Grooming Scissors, you can provide your pet with a professional, beautiful trim with ease.

7. Pet Grooming Scissors With Round Tip, Stainless Steel, 6.7" X 2.6" X 0.43

The Chibuy Professional Pet Grooming Scissors with Round Tip Stainless Steel Dog Eye Cutter is an essential tool for professional pet groomers and hairdressers. It is designed with safety in mind, featuring a round-tip that is ideal for avoiding poking your pets skin or fur, making it great for use on sensitive areas such as the eyes, face, paws, nose, and ears.

The scissors come with an ergonomic TPR handle and extra finger rests for a comfortable grip during long grooming sessions. It is made with high-quality stainless steel blades, making it sharp and easy to cut through thick fur and hard tangles, so your pet will enjoy their haircut.

The adjustable screw design located between the two blades allows for easy adjustment of the blade tightness and looseness to suit the thickness of the pet’s hair. This makes it ideal for use on a variety of pets, from dogs and cats to other animals.

The Chibuy Professional Pet Grooming Scissors is the perfect tool for groomers, hairdressers, and novice pet owners alike. With its round-tip and adjustable screw, it is a safe and easy way to trim body hair for all types of pets. Its ergonomic handle and sharp blades make it comfortable to use and ensures a professional-grade finish. The scissors measure 6.70" x 2.6" x 0.43" and are perfect for use at home or in a professional salon.

8. Dog Grooming Shears, 6.5" Safety Round Tips, Trimming Cutting Scissors For Dog Cat Pet Grooming – Christmas Gift

The Univinlions Downward Curved Dog Grooming Scissors is a specially designed tool for grooming pet hair safely and conveniently. With its curved round tips blade, the scissors is designed to be safe for your pet, with no risk of accidentally poking their skin. Its symmetric handle makes it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed groomers, with a high resilience muffler to reduce noise.

The curved blade is lightweight, easy to handle and has a raised adjustable screw, allowing you to tune the tightness directly with your fingers. The 6.5-inch scissors with 3-inch blades is suitable for pet hospital, pet salon, and family use on dogs, cats, and other animals. Its curved blades are especially suitable for grooming sensitive areas such as eyes, face, ears, paws, and head.

Unvinlions takes pride in their products and is committed to making sure you're satisfied with your purchase. All scissors are coated with lubricating oil and come in a delicate storage case. We also provide a 30-day unconditional return policy and a 12-month warranty against faulty materials or workmanship.

The Univinlions Downward Curved Dog Grooming Scissors is the perfect tool to keep your pet looking their best. With its curved round tips blade and symmetric handle, it is safe and easy to use, and is ideal for both professionals and hobbyists. Make sure your pet is looking their best with the Univinlions Downward Curved Dog Grooming Scissors.

9. 3-In-1 Left-Handed Dog Grooming Scissors Set With Offset Handle.

This JASON Left Handed 7" Dog Grooming Scissors Set is the perfect tool for left-handed pet groomers. Each set is designed with three different scissors, including a 7" straight dog grooming scissor, 7" curved dog grooming scissor, and a 7" 50 tooth blending dog grooming scissor. Crafted from 440c Japanese stainless steel, each scissor is ergonomically designed, is extremely lightweight and comfortable for the user, and is set off with a beautiful jewelled tension screw.

The set features an offset handle that is superbly comfortable, perfectly balanced, and lightweight with an permanent rest. This ensures maximum comfort for the left-handed dog groomer while using the scissor. The sharp edge of the top blade is on the left-hand side of the blade, or points to the left, which makes it a true-left handed shear.

The JASON Left Handed Dog Grooming Scissors Set provides a worry-free product after sale service and 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is the perfect tool for left-handed dog groomers to achieve professional results with ease and comfort. The set is lightweight, ergonomically designed and balanced, and crafted from high-quality materials, making it an ideal choice for groomers.

10. Dog Grooming Scissors 3 Pack: Safety Round Tip, Stainless Steel Shears & Comb.

This Pets VV 3 Pack Dog Grooming Scissors set is the perfect kit for trimming, grooming and styling your pet's fur! The scissors are made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures they are sharp and durable enough to handle any dog hair. The curved scissor is great for trimming around the head, ears, eyes, legs and paws, while the thinning shears can be used to adjust lines and refine the modeling for a more natural look. The grooming comb included in the set can remove dirt, tangles and loose hair from your pet's fur before trimming.

For added safety, all the scissors have a round tip design that makes it easier to trim sensitive areas like the face, eyes, nose or paws without hurting your pet. Plus, each scissor has an adjustable screw that allows for tightness and separation for sharpening and cleaning. Additionally, the grip has a black silencer pad to help reduce any noise that may scare your pet.

The scissors are designed to be comfortable and easy to handle and control, with detachable finger rings that can fit larger fingers. This 3 Pack Dog Grooming Scissors set is perfect for anyone looking to groom their pet at home, as it includes all the necessary tools to make sure your pet's fur looks fabulous. It is a must-have for any pet owners who want to keep their pet looking great!

Best Professional Dog Grooming Scissors FAQs

What are the best scissors for trimming around dogs eyes?

The best scissors for trimming around a dog's eyes are small, sharp, and precise. Look for a pair of scissors with a fine, pointed tip that can easily reach into the corners of the eyes. The blades should be made of stainless steel and have a smooth, sharp edge. Additionally, the handles should be comfortable to hold and have a non-slip grip. It's also important to choose a pair of scissors that are specifically designed for pet grooming, as they will be more precise and less likely to cause injury. Finally, make sure to sterilize the scissors before and after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria.

What brand of dog clippers do professionals use?

Professional dog groomers typically use clippers from brands such as Andis, Wahl, and Oster. These brands are known for their high-quality, durable clippers that are designed to last. Andis clippers are known for their powerful motors and adjustable blades, while Wahl clippers are known for their quiet operation and ergonomic design. Oster clippers are known for their long-lasting blades and adjustable speeds. All of these brands offer a variety of clipper models to suit different needs and budgets. Professional groomers often use cordless clippers for convenience and portability, but corded clippers are also available. When choosing a clipper, it is important to consider the size and coat type of the dog, as well as the desired results. Professional groomers may also use other grooming tools such as scissors, combs, and brushes.

What is the best professional dog clipper?

The best professional dog clipper depends on the type of coat and the size of the dog. For small dogs with short coats, a cordless clipper like the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series is a great choice. It is lightweight, powerful, and has a long-lasting battery. For larger dogs with thicker coats, a corded clipper like the Andis Super AGR+ is a great option. It is powerful and has a high-speed motor that can handle thick coats. For dogs with long coats, a clipper like the Oster A5 Turbo is a great choice. It is powerful and has a two-speed motor that can handle long coats. No matter which clipper you choose, make sure it is of good quality and is designed for professional use. Additionally, it is important to use the right blades and attachments for the job.

What kind of shears do professional dog groomers use?

Professional dog groomers typically use thinning shears, curved shears, and straight shears. Thinning shears are used to thin out the fur and create a softer, more natural look. Curved shears are used to create a curved line along the dog's body, such as along the back or tail. Straight shears are used to trim the fur around the face, feet, and other areas. All of these shears should be made of high-quality stainless steel and should be sharpened regularly to ensure a clean cut. Professional groomers also use a variety of other tools, such as clippers, combs, and brushes, to groom the dog.