10 Best French Bulldog Accesssories (2024 Update)

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When it comes to finding the best French Bulldog accessories, it can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. To make sure you find the perfect accessories for your pup, here are five key points to consider:

1. Comfort: Comfort should always be your number one priority when shopping for French Bulldog accessories. Look for items that are made from soft, breathable materials that won’t irritate your pup’s sensitive skin.

2. Durability: French Bulldogs are active, so it’s important to make sure any accessories you buy are durable and able to stand up to your pup’s rough and tumble lifestyle. Look for items made from sturdy materials that won’t easily tear or break.

3. Style: French Bulldogs are stylish pups, so it’s important to find accessories that match their personality and sense of fashion. Look for items with cute designs and fun colors that you and your pup will love.

4. Functionality: Not all accessories are created equal. When shopping for French Bulldog accessories, make sure to look for items that have a purpose. Look for items that are both stylish and functional, such as a leash with a built-in waste bag holder.

5. Price: Last but not least, consider the price. French Bulldogs can be expensive to care for, so it’s important to find accessories that are reasonably priced. Look for items that offer good value for money and won’t break the bank.

Finding the best accessories for your French Bulldog doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By keeping these five key points in mind, you can easily find the perfect items for your pup. From comfortable and durable items to stylish and functional pieces, you can find the perfect accessories to make your pup look and feel their best.

10 Best French Bulldog Accesssories

1. French Bulldog Car Hanging Ornament

This Puppy Car Hanging Ornament is a unique and fun car accessory to decorate your car with. It is made of silica gel, an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material that won’t release any harmful gases. The small and exquisite design won’t obstruct your driving sight and will even wiggle slightly while driving, helping to reduce the driver's visual fatigue and increase safety.

Installation is simple and easy, taking only a few minutes. Just pass the rope around the rearview mirror and adjust the length of the rope according to your preference. Be sure to not make the main body too long so it won’t hit the glass when braking. An added bonus is that there might be a surprise waiting for you at the bottom of the box!

This Puppy Car Hanging Ornament will be sure to add a unique touch to your car while keeping your driving experience safe and secure. It is the perfect car accessory for anyone looking to add a bit of personality to their vehicle. So get your Puppy Car Hanging Ornament today and start your driving adventure with a stylish and safe car companion!

2. French Bulldog Cheese Board, 12" Natural Bamboo, Charcuterie Board, Serving Tray, Housewarming Gift

Introducing Frenchie the French Bulldog Cheese Board! This artisanal crafted, natural bamboo cheese board and charcuterie platter is the most adorable way to display and serve your favorite snacks. Perfectly sized at 12" inches ear to ear, Frenchie makes the perfect culinary companion for all your entertaining needs.

This unique cheese board is finely carved from thick and solid ultra smooth natural bamboo that will stand the test of time and last you for years to come. The perfect addition to any kitchen or hostess gift, Frenchie is the original French Bulldog inspired cheese board and snack platter guaranteed to be the hit of any dinner party.

Frenchie the French Bulldog Cheese Board is the perfect way to show off cheeses, sausages, olives, salami, crackers, chips and dip, fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, mini burgers, chocolate, truffles, cupcakes and more. Its fun, eye-catching design adds a touch of whimsy to any occasion and is sure to become your go-to piece when hosting.

This unique cheese board is the perfect housewarming gift for any cheese lover or foodie. Its natural bamboo construction is both stylish and practical, perfect for adding a touch of French flair to any home. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply looking to have some snacks on hand, Frenchie the French Bulldog Cheese Board will add charm and fun to any occasion.

3. French Bulldog Ice Cube Tray And Treat Mold

Kasian House presents their French Bulldog Ice Cube Tray and Treat Mold, specially designed for French Bulldog lovers. This food grade BPA free silicone mold is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and heat resistant. It measures 8.7 inches by 6.3 inches by 0.6 inches, and each tray contains 9 dog shaped cavities.

This versatile ice cube tray is perfect for making fun ice cubes, chocolates, dog treats, and DIY doggy biscuits. Whether it's for a special occasion or just for fun, this unique mold can help you create delicious treats that your furry friends will love.

The French Bulldog Ice Cube Tray and Treat Mold is a great gift for French Bulldog lovers. It’s perfect for adding a touch of fun and whimsy to parties, as well as helping to create special treats for your pup. With its food grade BPA free silicone construction, it’s both safe and durable.

Kasian House is committed to providing quality products that are easy to use and enjoyable for everyone. This French Bulldog Ice Cube Tray and Treat Mold is a great way to show your love for your four-legged friend, while creating delicious treats. So, go ahead and let your pup enjoy the fun and delicious treats made with this unique mold.

4. French Bulldog Cosmetic Bag: Makeup Storage & Travel Wallet

This AFPANQZ Green French Bulldog Printed Women Girls Trapezoid Cosmetic Make Up Storage Bag Traveling Outdoor Shopping Coins Wallet Organizer is the perfect size for traveling and shopping. Crafted from soft PU leather and Polyester, this lightweight bag (weighing only 70g) is waterproof and durable. With a removable wrist handle, it's easy to take with you on the go.

This bag is multifunctional—not only can it store makeup, but it can also be used as a clutch handbag, pencil case, or to store phones, money, keys and more. Plus, with its stylish design featuring a green French Bulldog print, it's sure to make a statement wherever you go.

Whether you're going out for the day or on a business trip, this bag has you covered. It's the perfect size for stashing all your essentials. And if there's something special you'd like to print on it, AFPANQZ offers customization options. Just contact us to get started.

The AFPANQZ Green French Bulldog Printed Women Girls Trapezoid Cosmetic Make Up Storage Bag Traveling Outdoor Shopping Coins Wallet Organizer is a must-have for all your travels and adventures. With its sturdy construction, stylish design, and multifunctional capabilities, it's the perfect companion for all your outings.

5. French Bulldog Beer Pint Glass, 16 Oz.

This French Bulldog-themed Pint Glass is the perfect gift for anyone that loves their French Bulldog. Crafted with a heavy weighted bottom and etched design, this 16 oz glass is sure to please. It is a premium quality glass, suitable for any kind of beer – from an IPA to a refreshing Pilsner.

The design of the glass is not printed – it is etched by hand in Colorado, ensuring that the design will never wear off. It is also individually gift boxed and designed to ensure safe delivery. Additionally, it is dishwasher safe and perfect for daily use.

This Pint Glass is an ideal gift for any French Bulldog lover. It's the perfect way to appreciate their pup and show them how much you care. With its unique design and premium quality, it's sure to be a hit. Plus, with its safe delivery and dishwasher safe design, it's sure to last for years to come.

6. Silver Sitting French Bulldog Statue Home Decor Accent (5.7"x2.8"x6.7")

This GRABADO French Bulldog Gifts Figurines Home DéCor Resin Dog Statue DéCor Bulldog Statues Shelf Decor Accents Silver Sitting Dog DéCor Statues for Home DéCor Modern Unique Statues(5.7"X2.8"X6.7") is the perfect item for dog lovers, and makes a great addition to any home décor. This delightful figurine is made of high quality resin and is accurately scaled to the likeness of a French bulldog. It has been crafted with a diamond sticking process and silver plating technology, giving it a sleek and polished look. Its hollow interior and reflective surface adds an eye-catching accent to any living space.

This unique statue is suitable for any home or office decoration. Place it in reception areas, living rooms, bathrooms, bookshelves, TV cabinets, bedside tables, bedrooms, desks or mantels to add a modern flair to any room. As a thoughtful gift, this decorative object is sure to bring joy and smiles to a friend, family member or special someone.

If you ever receive a damaged item, GRABADO provides a lifetime service, allowing you to return it for a refund or replacement. With its modern design and high quality construction, this charming French bulldog statue is a perfect way to show your appreciation for man's best friend.

7. Pink Usb Led Puppy Neon Sign (French Bulldog) – Wall Decor, Party, Pet Shop.

This French Bulldog Neon Sign is the perfect wall decor for any dog lover. The design features an iconic French bulldog with its head tilted, beautifully illuminated by a gorgeous pink glow. This light is handmade with a high quality acrylic backing, making it a great gift for your friends, boys, and girls.

This sign is also perfect for pet shops and doghouses. The size of the sign is 13.7×10.6 inches, with a 78.7 inch USB cord that can be used in many settings. The LED neon light is connected by USB 5V, making it convenient to take anywhere and hang on the wall.

The craftsmanship of this neon sign is exceptional. Even during the day, when the light is off, it is eye-catching and beautiful. It is a must-have for French bulldog lovers.

At GGK, we stand behind our products and offer a 90 day free replacement or refund for any defects or product failures. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible. This French Bulldog Neon Sign is sure to bring much fun to your room, and let it accompany you into sweet dreams.

8. The Blissful Dog Fresh Flat Face Wash – Cleans Facial Folds And Wrinkles, 4-Ounce, French Bulldog

The Blissful Dog Fresh Flat Face Wash is specially designed for the unique needs of flat-faced dogs. This non-drying formulation is free from alcohol and irritation, so it is safe for use on dogs and cats over the age of six weeks. This face wash is perfect for senior pets as it refreshes their face without needing to be bathed as often. Clean faces are the first step in conquering tear stains, so it is ideal for those who need a little extra help. It is easy to use and highly effective, making it the perfect solution for keeping your furry friend's face clean and healthy.

9. Pet Water Bottle, 15oz, Leak-Proof & Bpa Free, Food-Grade Material.

Sofunii Dog Water Bottle is the perfect companion for a fun and mess-free outdoor experience. The innovative, one-handed design allows you to provide your pup with fresh, clean water in a matter of seconds. Crafted from food-grade materials, the bottle is BPA free and leak-proof for your peace of mind.

The 15.2-ounce capacity is ideal for larger breeds, and the bottle conveniently fits into standard car cup holders. It also comes with a sturdy lanyard that can be secured around your wrist, belt, or attached to a backpack, making it easy to carry on the go. It’s the perfect choice for any outdoor activity, from walking to hiking to road travel.

At Sofunii, we believe in providing your pup with the freshest and safest water possible. That’s why our water bottle is designed to be filled with water from a trusted source. Studies have shown that public water bowls and puddles may contain substances that are harmful to health. With Sofunii, you can rest assured that your pup is getting the best quality water.

We’ve also improved the design of our bottle, with two springs to ensure that the water does not accidentally come out, does not accidentally drain back into the bottle, and that the bottle has a longer service life.

Sofunii Dog Water Bottle is the ideal solution for an enjoyable and mess-free outdoor experience with your furry friend. Its innovative design, high-quality materials, and leak-proof technology make it the perfect choice for providing your pup with clean and safe water.

Best French Bulldog Accesssories FAQs

How do you mentally stimulate a French Bulldog?

Mentally stimulating a French Bulldog can be done in a variety of ways. One of the most important things to remember is that French Bulldogs are intelligent and need to be challenged.

One way to mentally stimulate a French Bulldog is through interactive play. This can include playing fetch, tug-of-war, or hide-and-seek. These activities will help to keep your pup engaged and entertained. Additionally, you can use puzzle toys to challenge your pup’s problem-solving skills.

Another way to mentally stimulate a French Bulldog is through training. Training can help to keep your pup’s mind active and engaged. You can teach your pup basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. You can also teach your pup more complex behaviors such as rolling over or playing dead.

Finally, you can mentally stimulate your French Bulldog by providing them with plenty of mental stimulation. This can include taking your pup for walks, playing with them in the yard, or taking them to the dog park. Additionally, you can provide your pup with chew toys, bones, and other items to keep them entertained.

Overall, mentally stimulating a French Bulldog is important for their overall health and wellbeing. By providing your pup with interactive play, training, and mental stimulation, you can help to keep your pup happy and healthy.

Is a collar or harness better for a French Bulldog?

The answer to this question depends on the individual needs of the French Bulldog. Generally speaking, a harness is a better option for a French Bulldog than a collar. This is because harnesses provide more control and support for the dog, and can help to prevent neck injuries. Harnesses also provide more control when walking, as they distribute the pressure more evenly across the chest and shoulders. Additionally, harnesses are less likely to slip off, which is important for a breed like the French Bulldog that is known for its strong neck muscles.

On the other hand, collars can be beneficial for French Bulldogs in certain situations. For example, if the dog is only going to be walked on a leash for short periods of time, a collar may be a better option. Collars can also be helpful for identification purposes, as they can be used to attach tags or other forms of identification.

Ultimately, the best option for a French Bulldog will depend on the individual needs of the dog and the owner. If the dog is going to be walked for long periods of time, a harness is likely the best option. However, if the dog is only going to be walked for short periods of time, a collar may be a better option. It is important to consult with a professional to determine the best option for your individual dog.

What is the best companion for a French Bulldog?

The best companion for a French Bulldog is another French Bulldog. French Bulldogs are known for their friendly and affectionate personalities, and they tend to get along well with other French Bulldogs. They are also very social and enjoy the company of other dogs. Having two French Bulldogs can help keep each other entertained and provide companionship. It is important to make sure that the two dogs are compatible and get along well before introducing them.

It is also important to provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation for your French Bulldog. This breed is known for being quite active and loves to play. Taking them for regular walks and providing them with interactive toys can help keep them entertained and help them stay healthy.

It is also important to provide your French Bulldog with plenty of socialization. Introducing them to other people and animals can help them become more comfortable in different environments. This can help them become more confident and better behaved.

Overall, the best companion for a French Bulldog is another French Bulldog. They are known for being very social and loving the company of other dogs. Providing them with plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization can help them stay healthy and happy.

What to buy for a French Bulldog?

When buying items for a French Bulldog, it is important to consider their specific needs. French Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed, meaning they have a short snout and can have difficulty breathing. Therefore, it is important to purchase items that are comfortable and breathable.

A good quality collar and leash are essential for any dog, and French Bulldogs are no exception. Look for a collar that is lightweight and adjustable, and a leash that is strong and comfortable. It is also important to get a harness for your French Bulldog, as this will help to distribute the weight of the leash more evenly and reduce the risk of neck strain.

A bed is also a must-have for any French Bulldog. Look for a bed that is supportive and comfortable, and made from breathable materials. A bed with a removable cover is also a good idea, as it will make it easier to keep clean.

Finally, it is important to get the right toys for your French Bulldog. Look for toys that are durable and safe, and that will help to keep your pup entertained. Chew toys are a great option, as they can help to keep your pup’s teeth clean and healthy.

Overall, when buying items for a French Bulldog, it is important to consider their specific needs. Look for items that are comfortable, breathable, and durable, and that will help to keep your pup entertained and healthy.