Best Dog Rear Lift Harness (2024 Update)

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When it comes to finding the best dog rear lift harness for your pup, there are a few key points to consider. To ensure your pup has the best fit and the most comfortable experience, it is important to look for certain features. Here are five key points to keep in mind when choosing the best dog rear lift harness for your pup:

1. Comfort: Comfort is key when it comes to finding the right harness for your pup. Look for a harness that is adjustable and made with breathable fabric to ensure your pup stays comfortable.

2. Support: Make sure the harness you choose provides the necessary support for your pup. Look for a harness with wide straps and additional padding for extra comfort and support.

3. Durability: The harness should be able to withstand wear and tear and be able to handle the weight of your pup. Look for a harness made with sturdy materials that will last.

4. Safety: Safety is a priority when it comes to finding the right harness for your pup. Look for a harness with a secure fit and reflective strips for visibility.

5. Price: Price is always a factor when it comes to finding the best dog rear lift harness. Look for a harness that fits your budget but also offers quality features.

By keeping these key points in mind, you can be sure to find the best dog rear lift harness that fits your pup’s needs. With the right harness, your pup can stay comfortable and safe while still enjoying their adventures.

10 Best Dog Rear Lift Harness

1. Petsafe Carelift Rear Support Harness – Medium, Black

The PetSafe CareLift Rear Support Harness is a great solution to help your pet with mobility and ease their discomfort. This harness is designed to provide your dog with the rear support he needs, whether he’s getting older, recovering from surgery or disabled. It features two support handles that allow you to easily lift your dog, plus a lifting leash extender to reduce strain on your back. The harness is also adjustable so you can get the best fit for your dog’s needs – just make sure to check the size chart first.

You can use the rear support harness to help your beloved pet get in and out of the car, take walks or go for potty breaks. For your pup’s comfort, the harness has extra padding to support his body and reduce lifting strain. Male dogs can also benefit from the removable protection shield that minimizes discomfort. The breathable mesh material is also machine washable for easy clean-up.

PetSafe is a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years. Their mission is to help pets and their people live happily together, and the CareLift Rear Support Harness is just one of the many products they offer. You can trust that this harness has been designed with your pet’s wellbeing in mind and is made of high-quality materials.

2. Dog Lift Harness Pet Sling Support – Reflective, Adjustable, Detachable Fleece For Medium-Large Dogs.

This dog lift harness pet sling is the perfect support for elderly, arthritis, post-surgery, and other ailments of dogs. It helps to reduce the risk of injury and restore the normal life of a dog who has lost its ability to walk.

The pet sling is designed to fit most medium and large dogs, with a pad width of 8.5”, a strap length of 38” to 47”, and a chest girth of 28.7” to 31.5”. It is made of a breathable and soft polyester material, making it comfortable enough to be worn all day long. It also has a detachable Berber fleece liner, which keeps your pup warm in cold weather.

The lift harness also features reflective materials in the webbing, making it visible at night and ensuring that your dog is safe. It is easy to equip the fleece inner, fix the harness, and handle it with the hook and loop design. The strap is sewn on the entire support harness for a stronger, long-lasting, and tear-resistant effect.

The sling lift harness is a great tool for ensuring that your pup can stay active and mobile. It fits the natural angle of the canine rear leg, making it easier to lift your dog without making it nervous. With this dog lift harness pet sling, you can help your pup to walk, get in and out of the car, and go up and downstairs with ease.

3. Large Dog Sling Harness For Hind Leg Support, Heavy Duty Lift Aid For Large Breeds.

This 20-150lb Dog Sling for Large Dogs Hind Leg Support is the perfect assistive device for your large breed canine companion. The mobility sling is designed to provide support and comfort to your dog, while helping to prevent injury and hip pain caused by aging. The adjustable sling is 51"x7"/129.5×17.7cm, so it fits 20 to 150 pound dogs. The inner fleece of the slings provides extra comfort for your pet, and it comes with a storage bag for easy portability.

This Dog Lift Harness for Large Dogs is the perfect aid for dogs suffering from degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, ACL tears, or other debilitating ailments. It helps your dog walk, climb, and live a normal life again. It is also a great replacement to traditional dog sling carriers when supporting your dog's back legs, as it helps you stop bending over to lift your dog off the ground.

If you are searching for the perfect gift for an elderly, injured, or disabled dog, then this Dog Hip Harness Large Breed is the perfect choice. Not only will it provide your pet with the support they need, but it will also help you lift them up and move them around with ease.

The Dog Support Sling is made to provide both strength and durability, and it is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase, we will offer you a full refund or replacement. So, make sure your canine companion stays active and healthy with this Dog Lifter to Help Lift Rear for Senior/Injured/Old Dog.

4. Mighty Paw Dog Lift Harness: Large Dog Sling For Hind Leg Support.

The Mighty Paw Dog Lift Harness is a dog sling for larger canines, making it easier to lift their rear legs. This hip and ACL brace for elderly dogs is perfect for those with weak, paralyzed, or collapsing hind legs due to arthritis, degenerative myelopathy, or spinal stroke. It also provides support during a dog’s recovery from hip or knee surgery.

To use the Dog Lift Harness, simply place the cushioned support pad underneath the dog’s belly, making sure that the fleece-lined interior is against their belly and the nylon webbing on the outside. Adjust the length of the straps to fit, then use the comfort handle to lift them into the car, onto furniture, or up and down stairs.

Designed with ultimate comfort in mind, the interior of the Dog Lift Harness is lined with a super soft fleece material to cushion the dog’s belly. The adjustable straps help reduce stress on the back, while the comfort handle protects the user’s hands.

Cleanup of the Dog Lift Harness is easy. Made with machine-washable materials, simply toss it in the washing machine and it’s ready to go.

Mighty Paw is a Rochester, New York based company dedicated to building high-quality dog products that enable endless adventures for owners and their four-legged family. The Dog Lift Harness is proudly made in the USA and helps pet owners spend quality time with their pup.

5. Dog Lift Harness For Weak Rear Legs, Senior, Injured And Post-Surgery Dogs (Black)

This Dog Lift Support and Rehab Harness is designed to assist elderly, disabled and injured dogs who have difficulty getting up and down the stairs, or are at risk of slipping and falling. It is also a great rehabilitation aid for dogs post-surgery, such as knee, hip replacement, CCL (ACL) and TPLO, who have trouble with their back legs.

The inside of the harness is soft and comfortable, made of synthetic fleece, and the outer cover is made of durable oxford fabric, making it suitable for large dogs. The harness includes padded handles making it easy to carry your pup and two adjustable length straps that are suitable for dogs between 50-100+ lbs, with a length of 49-68 inches. It is also easily washable and comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage when not in use.

This Dog Lift Support and Rehab Harness is the ideal solution for any dog who needs extra support and stability in their daily life. Whether they are elderly, disabled, injured, or recovering from surgery, the harness will help them navigate stairs, get in and out of cars, get up from lying down and stabilize both their gait and spine. Not only will it help to prevent hip pain and injury, but it will also provide peace of mind to any pet parent.

The Dog Lift Support and Rehab Harness is the perfect choice for your pet’s daily needs. It is comfortable, easy to use, and will provide your pup with the support they need.

6. Dog Support Harness For Hind Legs – Arthritis, Joint Injuries, Stability Assistance.

The KRISMYA Dog Support Harness is designed to provide a stable support for dogs suffering from poor stability, joint injuries, and arthritis. This two-in-one harness comes with two orange slings and a handle, as well as a shoulder strap for easy replacement. The durable, soft nylon rope and coral fleece material make it comfortable for the dog to wear.

The dog lift harness is easily adjustable in different lengths to fit the size of your dog. It can be adjusted from 15.7 to 27.5 inches (40 cm to 70 cm) and is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. The padded handle and harness are lightweight yet comfortable to use. The harness lifts the hips of the dog and allows for easy lifting without having to bend over.

This dog support harness can be used in two different modes. The first is a two-in-one mode which is more secure but may require you to bend over. This is suitable for activities such as getting into cars or climbing stairs. The second mode can be used based on the size of the legs and is perfect for walking.

The KRISMYA Dog Support Harness is a great alternative to traditional dog harnesses and provides support and stability to your dog's hind legs. It is unisex and does not affect defecation, while its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to use. With this harness, you can help your dog get through difficult times with ease and have a sunny, good mood every day.

7. Veterinarian-Approved K9 Support Harness For Old Dogs With Joint Issues.

The ROZKITCH Pet Dog Support Harness is a veterinarian approved product designed to help with poor stability, joint injuries, elderly, and arthritis ACL rehabilitation rehab. This product offers effective assistance for dogs suffering from degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, ACL tears and other debilitating ailments. It provides strength and durability to handle your canine companion with comfortable padding for easy and comfortable use. The soft fleece lining is gentle on your pet's midsection.

This product is designed to end back pain by providing an alternative to traditional dog sling carriers. It allows you to give your pet a lift without bending over. Using the harness is easy and takes only a few seconds to put your pet's rear legs in the harness and buckle the adjustable size. The padded handle makes it comfortable and easy to carry.

The ROZKITCH Pet Dog Support Harness Rear Lifting Harness comes in four sizes, so please make sure to measure your dog's rear legs before purchase. It is not intended for puppies or small size dogs. This product is a great solution to help your pet walk, climb, and live a normal life again after suffering from a debilitating condition. With its strong and durable construction, comfortable padding, and adjustable size, it's the perfect choice for any pet parent.

8. Xlpeixin Dog Lift Harness For Back Legs Support, Arthritis/joint Injury Relief (Orange)

This XLpeixin Dog Lift Harness is designed to help dogs with arthritis, weakness, joint injuries, and older age. It is easy to adjust and use, with an adjustable size of 15-28 inches that is suitable for dogs under 30 lbs. This harness has two different usage modes: two-in-one, which is more secure and suitable for getting into cars or climbing stairs; and the size of the legs, which is suitable for walking.

Designed with safety in mind, this harness raises the hips and lifts them with a handle and traction cord. It is unisex, does not affect defecation, and is portable. The sling is made of nylon rope and coral fleece, making it both durable and soft. The coral fleece is gentle to the touch.

The Pull up Harness provides strength and durability to handle your dog, and has comfortable padding to protect your hands. It is also breathable for the dog’s comfort.

Using this harness is easy: simply take a few seconds to put your pet’s rear legs in the dog pull up harness after releasing the buckle, then buckle up and adjust the size of the harness. If you need help with the process, please refer to the video or product details page or contact us for assistance.

9. Dog Leg Harness Hip Support, Rear Lift Pad For Assistive Aid (M)

This Dog Sling for Rear Legs is an excellent assistant for your pet. It is designed to provide comfortable assistance for older, injured, or recovering dogs. The unique design of the rear-only harness lifts the hips and abdomen together, instead of placing pressure in only one area.

The Dog Sling is made from high quality polyester material, making it soft and durable. It is adjustable in the waist area, making it more comfortable and secure for your dog. This harness also features a handle with an elastic mat for an effortless grip.

Whether your pet needs help getting in and out of vehicles, onto furniture, or taking a walk, this Dog Sling is the perfect aid. It can also help with climbing stairs and going outside for bathroom breaks.

The Dog Sling comes in five sizes, ranging from S to XXL, making sure that you can find the perfect fit for your pet. The package includes one dog assist harness.

This Dog Sling is the perfect tool for helping your pet with mobility. It is comfortable and secure, easy to use, and adjustable in size. It can help your pet with a wide range of activities, from taking a simple walk to climbing stairs. Treat your pet with this Dog Sling and make their lives easier.

10. Dog Support Harness For Arthritis, Joint Injuries Rehab.

The Walkin' Lift Dog Support Harness is the perfect solution to help your best friend live a happy, healthy life. This lift support harness is designed for dogs with arthritis, injuries, and other ailments, providing them with the lift they need to transition to a less active lifestyle.

The harness features adjustable handles, allowing you to help your dog without having to carry them, risking back injury. It offers support for their hind legs, helping them rise from a prone position, walk up and down stairs and get in and out of vehicles. Plus, with the soft fleece lining, your pet will be comfortable and protected from chafing on the harness.

Putting on the support harness is easy – just pull them up your pet’s legs like a pair of pants. The open design also allows your dog to urinate or defecate even when wearing the sling. The outer material is durable canvas, while the interior is lined with soft fleece for added comfort.

This multi-functional accessory is also compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels rear dog wheelchair, and can be used instead of leg rings. It can also be used as a front harness for dogs with small chests.

The Walkin' Lift Dog Support Harness helps give your best friend the lift they need, while keeping them comfortable and mobile. With this support sling, you can help your pet live a normal life, even after suffering from ailments and injuries that limit their mobility.