Best Dog Presents For Christmas (2024 Update)

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Christmas is the perfect time of year to show your pup how much you love them. The best way to do that is to find the perfect present for your pup. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to decide what to get. To help you out, here are five key points to consider when looking for the best dog presents for Christmas:

1. Consider your dog’s personality: Different dogs have different personalities, so you want to make sure the present you get fits your pup’s individual needs. This could mean getting a toy that’s made for an active pup or a new bed for a senior dog.

2. Get something practical: Even if you’re getting your pup a toy, try to get something that’s practical, like a chew toy or a puzzle toy. That way, you can make sure your pup gets the most use out of their present.

3. Think about safety: When looking for gifts, you want to make sure they’re safe for your pup. Be sure to check if any of the materials are toxic or if the toy has any small parts that your pup could choke on.

4. Consider your budget: Christmas presents can get expensive, so it’s important to consider your budget before you start shopping. You don’t want to break the bank on your pup’s present, but you also don’t want to get something that’s low quality.

5. Don’t forget about treats: No matter what present you get your pup, don’t forget to get them some treats. Your pup will love snacking on something special this holiday season.

Finding the perfect present for your pup can be difficult, but with these five key points in mind, you’ll be sure to find the best dog presents for Christmas. Whether you’re looking for a toy, a bed, or treats, there’s something out there that your pup will love. Have fun shopping and have a wonderful holiday season!

10 Best Dog Presents For Christmas

1. Paw Print Christmas Ornament Kit With Bonus Personalization Tool & Display Stands (2). Non-Toxic Clay Air-Dries Soft, Light & Uncrackable. For Dogs, Cats & Pets.

This Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit is the perfect way to memorialize your beloved pet! With this kit, you can make two 4.5" pawprint keepsakes or one larger one. The kit includes 70g of non-toxic white clay, a roller, circle cutter, hole puncher, assorted color ribbons, 2 display stands, and a bonus stencil kit. The stencil kit allows you to customize your keepsake with your pet's name, birthday, current or memorial date, or any other personalization of your choice.

The clay is easy and safe to use, no mixing or baking required. Simply roll out the clay and press your pet's paw impression, then let it air-dry in 48-72 hours. The clay dries into a slightly flexible material that is super durable and won't crack over time. It is also lightweight, perfect for hanging on a Christmas tree.

This kit is a great gift for pet owners and animal lovers, and makes a perfect Christmas, birthday, or holiday present. The kit also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee, so you can buy with confidence! With this kit, you can create a beautiful keepsake that you can cherish for years to come.

2. Christmas Dog Toys: Santa Claus, Snowman, Xmas Tree, Puzzle, Squeaky, Rope, Chew, Fetch, Brain Stimulating

This holiday season, surprise your pup with the Lilfrd Christmas Dog Toys! This 4-pack set includes three colorful squeaky Santa Clauses, and a burrow Christmas tree. Perfect for small and medium dogs, this toy set is sure to keep your pup entertained for hours.

The burrow Christmas tree provides an interactive game of hide-and-seek. Let your pup enjoy digging the squeaky Santa from the tree and unleash the holiday cheers! Not only does this toy provide entertainment, it also helps to stimulate your dog's brain and sniffing skills by hiding treats inside.

Made of soft, durable material, these toys are strong enough to withstand your pup’s chewing and playing. They are also machine and hand washable, making them easy to clean.

The Lilfrd Christmas Dog Toys are great for interactive play, helping to relieve anxiety and boredom. Your pup can enjoy fetching, twirling, throwing and hiding the Santa Clauses. No toy is indestructible, so it is not recommended for aggressive chewers.

Bring home the Lilfrd Christmas Dog Toys this holiday season and give your pup the gift of endless entertainment. With squeaky Santa Clauses, burrow Christmas trees and more, your pup will love this festive toy set and you can enjoy watching your pup play!

3. 5-Pack Dog Chew Toy Set – Indestructible Rope Toys For Puppy, Small/medium Dogs.

This Christmas Dog Toys Set is the perfect gift for your furry friends! It's a great variety of five rope toys in festive Christmas colors, designed specifically for small and medium size dogs. It's made of 100% all-natural, non-toxic, and pet-safe tightly woven cotton, so it's tough enough to withstand heavy chewing and long-lasting enough to keep your puppy happy from this Christmas to the next.

It's also a great way to promote good oral hygiene. The threads in these dog rope toys are perfect for rubbing the tartar off their teeth and gently scrubbing their gums, saving you money on dental visits to their veterinarian.

Not only do these toys provide hours of entertainment for your pup, but they also promote a healthy bond between you and your pet. Playing with these toys can decrease their anxiety, enhance their mood, and build trust, confidence and loyalty.

This Christmas Dog Toys Set is the ideal way to keep your pup happy and healthy while having fun. Your furry friend will love these toys and will thank you for them!

4. Christmas Dog Toys Puzzle & Chew Toys For Xmas Presents

Your pup can have lots of fun and stay entertained with the Yzmewael Christmas Dog Toys. This durable, soft plush toy is specifically designed with your furry friend in mind. The festive Santa shape and crinkle material are sure to capture your pup’s attention, while the three treats pockets help to train their foraging skills.

The length of this interactive dog toy is ideal for playing tug-of-war, twirling, or throwing, and can help clean your pup’s mouth while massaging their gums. The chew-resistant lining and reinforced material make it tough and strong enough to withstand long play sessions. On top of that, the internal squeakers will keep them entertained and relieve anxiety and boredom.

For a mental and emotional stimulation, the Yzmewael Christmas Dog Toys are a great choice. They will enrich your pup’s daily workout, helping to keep them active and healthy. Not only do they stimulate their natural instincts for hunting, fetching, and foraging, but also keep them busy to avoid chewing on furniture, shoes, or paper.

These dog puzzle toys are suitable for small, medium, and large breed dogs, both indoor and outdoor, making them the perfect gift for any occasion, from Christmas to Easter. Although they are strong and durable, they are not recommended for extreme strong bite dogs. Get your pup their own Yzmewael Christmas Dog Toys and watch them have a blast!

5. Holiday Dog Treats: Handmade Christmas Cookies For Dogs

BoxDog is proud to bring you the perfect holiday treat for your furry friends: Christmas Cookies for Dogs! These handmade treats are crafted with love in our USA kitchens and are sure to bring a smile to your pup’s face.

Our dog cookies are made with only five simple and healthy ingredients: flour, honey, vegetable oil, vanilla, and yogurt frosting. They are so delicious that you can even eat them yourself! Don’t be surprised if your pup tries to steal a few from you!

These gourmet and frosted cookies have been tested and approved by thousands of BoxDog members. Our monthly and quarterly subscription boxes feature these handmade treats, and dogs all over the world can’t get enough! Even the pickiest pups can’t resist the delicious smell of these fresh cookies.

Treat your pup to a special holiday gift this season with BoxDog’s Christmas Cookies for Dogs! They’ll love you for it! With our handmade treats, you can feel good knowing that you’re giving your pup a healthy, tasty snack that is sure to become a favorite.

6. Midlee Merry Christmas Dog Tennis Balls (Regular)

This festive set of dog tennis balls is designed to add cheer to your pup's Christmas. Each ball is printed with "Merry Christmas" in bright red and green colors, making them perfect for the holiday season. They are 2.5" in diameter and suitable for medium to large-sized dogs, so your furry friend can enjoy hours of fun and games.

Made with soft, flexible felt, these balls will stand up to wear and tear, so your pup can continue to enjoy them for many Christmases to come. They make a wonderful gift for your pup and fit perfectly in most stockings, making them perfect for gift bags and giveaways too.

The set of 6 tennis balls does not contain squeakers, so you can be sure that your pup won't be disturbed by loud noises while they play. With their festive colors, these balls will be sure to bring joy to your canine companion this Christmas. So give your pup the gift of Christmas cheer with Midlee's Merry Christmas Dog Tennis Balls.

7. Dog Mom Gift Tote Bag – Perfect Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day Gift For Dog Lovers

This Dog Mom Gifts for Women Dog Tote Bag is a great present for any special occasion such as birthdays, Christmas, and Mother's Day for any dog lover or best dog mom. It is a cute, fun, and unique design that is sure to put a smile on the face of any dog mom.

The tote bag is made with sturdy canvas material and is fully lined inside with a cute white and black striped nylon material. It also features a stylish, comfortable 28” handle and a zippered main compartment. It also has a front sleeve pocket that can fit up to an 11” tablet, two side water bottle accessory pockets, a zippered pocket inside, and three organizational compartments inside. The bag has enough room to carry all of the belongings of the dog mom and more.

The custom dog mom design is printed on the front pocket of the bag with the saying “Dog Mom Life is Ruff”. It also features a paw print. This bag is a great conversation piece and sure to make any dog mom feel special, hip, and cool as she carries it around.

This tote bag is perfect for any dog mom, whether she is new or a rescue dog mom. It is a great gift for any dog lover for any occasion such as Christmas, birthday, and Mother's Day. It is a unique gift that will be sure to stand out from the rest and make the dog mom feel special. It is also a great gift for any dog groomer for their grooming bags and totes.

8. Chiwava 3 Pack Small Christmas Dog Toys For Interactive Dogs Latex Squeaky Santa Toy

The CHIWAVA 3 Pack Small Christmas Dog Toys are designed with interactive dogs in mind. Made with non-toxic latex rubber, these toys meet the EU CE EN71 criterion of detection. Soft and squeezable, these toys come with no stuffing and produce a squeaking sound when squeezed. Perfect for fetch play indoors or outdoors, these cute little dogies come with funny faces and bellies.

Each pack contains three toys, all weighing around 39g. These small Christmas toys are suitable for dogs weighing less than 11kg, making them a perfect holiday gift for small dog owners. The toy’s latex rubber material is gentle on teeth and gums, making it safe for dogs to chew on.

The CHIWAVA 3 Pack Small Christmas Dog Toys make a great gift for any small dog owner. The cute faces and funny bellies will bring a smile to any pet lover’s face. The toys are easy to clean and store, and the squeaky sound they make when squeezed is sure to entertain any pup. The non-toxic latex rubber material is gentle on teeth and gums, making it safe for dogs to chew on. These toys are perfect for fetch play indoors or outdoors, and bring some festive cheer to any pet household.

9. Women's Animal Print Socks – Puppy Dog Lover Gifts For Women

The DOBIKULU Women's Grils Cute Animal Socks are the perfect gift for any woman in your life. These socks are made of a blend of 80% cotton, 15% acrylic, and 5% spandex for a comfortable and lightweight feel. The patterned socks are stretchy and soft, providing gentle care for your skin.

The socks are available in US size 5-8.5 and US shoe sizes 6-11, making them a great fit for any woman. The design features a unique and fun novelty pattern of adorable animals, perfect for brightening up a chilly morning. The set includes five pairs of socks in a mix of colors to go with any outfit.

These animal socks make a great gift for any woman. Whether you're looking for a present for your mother, sister, friend, or girlfriend, they're sure to love the cute design. The DOBIKULU Women's Grils Cute Animal Socks are the perfect present for any birthday or Christmas.

Your satisfaction is important to us. If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please contact us and we'll do our best to make it right. Buy the DOBIKULU Women's Grils Cute Animal Socks today for a fun and practical gift for any woman in your life!

Best Dog Presents For Christmas FAQs

What do you get a dog that doesn't like toys for Christmas?

If you have a dog that doesn't like toys, there are still plenty of great gifts you can give them for Christmas. A cozy bed or blanket is always a great option. Look for one that is made of a comfortable material and is the right size for your pup. You can also get them a new collar or leash, or a personalized tag with their name and your contact information. If your pup loves to go for walks, a new harness or backpack can be a great gift.

Another great gift idea is a subscription to a pet food delivery service. This way, you can make sure your pup is always getting the best nutrition. You can also get them a subscription to a pet magazine or a pet-related book.

If your pup loves to play, you can get them a puzzle toy or a treat-dispensing toy. These toys can help keep your pup entertained and mentally stimulated. You can also get them a new chew toy or a dental chew toy to help keep their teeth clean.

Finally, you can get your pup a spa day. Many groomers offer special packages that include a bath, nail trim, and brushing. This is a great way to show your pup some extra love and pampering.

No matter what you get your pup for Christmas, make sure it is something that they will enjoy and that will make them feel special.

What do you get a lazy dog for Christmas?

A lazy dog might not be the most enthusiastic recipient of a Christmas gift, but there are still plenty of options to choose from. A comfortable bed or a cozy blanket would be a great way to keep your pup warm and relaxed during the winter months. A new toy or chewable treat can help keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. If your pup loves to play fetch, a new ball or frisbee could be a great way to get them up and moving. If your pup loves to swim, a new pool or float could be a great way to keep them cool during the summer months. Finally, a new collar or leash could be a great way to show your pup how much you care. No matter what you choose, your pup is sure to appreciate the thought and effort you put into their gift.

What is a good Christmas present for a dog?

A good Christmas present for a dog would depend on the individual dog and their needs. If the dog is a chewer, a durable chew toy or a treat-dispensing toy would be a great gift. If the dog loves to play fetch, a new ball or frisbee would be a great choice. If the dog loves to go on walks, a new leash or collar would be a great gift. If the dog loves to snuggle, a cozy blanket or bed would be a great choice. If the dog loves to swim, a new float or pool toy would be a great gift.

For the more adventurous dog, a new hiking pack or a set of booties for cold weather walks would be a great gift. If the dog loves to explore, a new GPS tracker or a set of dog-friendly hiking boots would be a great choice. If the dog loves to play in the water, a new life jacket or a set of water toys would be a great gift.

No matter what type of gift you choose, make sure it is safe and appropriate for your dog. If you are unsure, consult with your veterinarian or a professional dog trainer. A good Christmas present for a dog should be something that will bring joy and enrichment to their life.

What should I gift my dog?

The best gift you can give your dog is your time and attention. Spend quality time with your pup, playing, cuddling, and going for walks. This will help strengthen the bond between you and your pup and make them feel loved and appreciated.

You can also give your pup toys to play with. Choose toys that are safe and appropriate for your pup’s size and age. Make sure to rotate the toys to keep your pup interested.

Another great gift for your pup is a comfortable bed. Choose a bed that is the right size for your pup and is made of comfortable materials. This will give your pup a place to relax and feel safe.

You can also give your pup treats as a special gift. Choose treats that are healthy and appropriate for your pup’s size and age. Make sure to only give treats as a reward for good behavior.

Finally, you can give your pup a grooming session. This will help keep your pup’s coat healthy and looking its best. Make sure to use products that are safe and appropriate for your pup’s size and age.

No matter what gift you choose for your pup, the most important thing is to show them love and attention. This will help your pup feel appreciated and loved, and will strengthen the bond between you and your pup.