Best Dog Friendly Breweries (2024 Update)

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When it comes to finding the best dog friendly breweries, there are a few key points to consider. From making sure the brewery is actually dog friendly, to ensuring the environment is safe and enjoyable for both you and your pup, here are the top 5 things you should consider when searching for the perfect spot:

1. Is the Brewery Dog Friendly? – This should be the first question you ask. Before visiting, check with the brewery to make sure they are actually dog friendly and that they allow dogs of all sizes.

2. Is the Environment Safe and Comfortable for Dogs? – Make sure the brewery has plenty of space for your pup to run around and explore. Also, check to make sure that the environment is safe and not too crowded, as this can make your pup uncomfortable.

3. Are There Ample Water Sources? – Ensure that the brewery has plenty of water sources, such as a bowl or a water fountain, so your pup can stay hydrated.

4. Is the Food and Beverage Selection Dog-Friendly? – Many breweries may offer food and beverages that are not dog-friendly. Make sure to ask what food and drinks are available for your pup, or if they offer any special treats.

5. Is There a Dog-Friendly Area? – If the brewery doesn’t have an area specifically designated for dogs, then it’s important to make sure there are plenty of shady spots and comfortable seating areas where you can relax with your pup.

With these 5 key points in mind, you can feel confident that you’ll find the best dog friendly brewery for you and your pup. Whether you’re looking for a fun spot to hang out with friends or a quiet place to relax, these tips will help you find the perfect spot. So grab your pup, and let’s go find the perfect dog friendly brewery!

10 Best Dog Friendly Breweries

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