Best Candles For Dog Smell (2024 Update)

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When it comes to removing unpleasant odors from your home, the best candles for dog smell are a must-have. Not only do they make your home smell fresh and inviting, but they also help to reduce stress and anxiety levels in your canine companion. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know which candles are the best for your pup and your home. To help you out, here are five key points to consider when looking for the best candles for dog smell:

1. Scent Strength: The strength of the scent is important when it comes to eliminating pet odors. Make sure to look for candles with a strong, pleasant scent that will be able to overpower any pet odors.

2. Natural Ingredients: When it comes to candles, natural ingredients are always best. Look for candles that are made with essential oils or plant-based ingredients to help keep the air in your home clean and free from chemical fragrances.

3. Non-Toxic Wax: Wax is a key part of any candle, so make sure to look for candles that are made with non-toxic wax. This will help to protect your pup from any potential health risks associated with burning candles.

4. Burn Time: The longer the burn time of the candle, the better. Look for candles with a burn time of at least 8 hours to ensure that you don’t have to keep replacing them all the time.

5. Price: Of course, you also want to make sure that the candles you choose are within your budget. Look for candles that offer a good value for money while still providing a strong scent that will help to eliminate pet odors.

When it comes to finding the best candles for dog smell, these five key points are essential. Make sure to keep them in mind when shopping around so that you can find the perfect candles to keep your home smelling fresh and inviting while also keeping your pup safe.

10 Best Candles For Dog Smell

1. Pet-Friendly Scented Candle, 70-Hour Burn Time, French Vanilla (1 Pack)

Our Pet's Favorite Odor Eliminating Candle is the perfect solution for pet owners who want to enjoy the pleasure of their furry friends without having to worry about unpleasant odors. Our candle has been tested and proven to eliminate over 99% of pet odors, meaning that you can enjoy your pet's presence without being overwhelmed by the smell.

The fragrances in our pet odor candles are clean and non-toxic, and we have a full line of top-selling fragrances to choose from. We are committed to providing safe, quality products, and our candles are paraben, phthalate and dye-free. Plus, our candles are cruelty-free, made with a soy paraffin blend and a 100% cotton wick, and they last up to 70 hours for an unbeatable value.

Our Pet's Favorite Odor Eliminating Candle is also hand-poured in the USA, so you can trust that you are using a product that is of the highest quality. And, if you are not satisfied with the product, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

No matter what type of pet you have, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a pet-friendly scented candle that is safe and effective. With our Pet's Favorite Odor Eliminating Candle, you can enjoy being around your pet without having to worry about the smell.

2. Specialty Pet Products Odor Exterminator Candle, Creamy Vanilla, 13 Ounce Jar (Pack Of 2)

The Specialty Pet Products Odor Exterminator Candle Jar is a professional strength scented candle that effectively combats and covers pet odors. The 13 ounce candle is made with a combination of paraffin and soy wax, as well as powerful enzymes that work to attack malodor caused by cats, dogs, reptiles, and other small animals. It has a long burn time of 70 hours, and features a pleasant Creamy Vanilla scent.

Specialty Pet Products is the most recognized source for odor extermination in veterinary practices, homes, offices, hotel rooms and more. All of their products are formulated with natural odor neutralizing enzymes that destroy odors rather than just masking them. This makes their products stand out from other air fresheners on the market.

The Pet Odor Exterminator Candle Jar is a great way to keep any area smelling fresh and clean. It will not just mask pet odors, but eliminate them completely. The pleasant Creamy Vanilla scent will be sure to please even the pickiest of pets. The package includes (2) 13 oz. Candle Jars.

Specialty Pet Products Odor Exterminator Candle Jar is the perfect solution for getting rid of pet odors. It is long lasting, effective, and features a pleasant scent. Keep your home or work environment smelling fresh and clean with this odor eliminating candle, and order today.

3. Pet Odor Eliminator Candle – Vanilla Scent – 72 Hr Burning Time.

Art & Pets Pet Odor Eliminator Candle offers pet owners a way to enjoy their furry friends without compromising on the cleanliness and freshness of their home. Our soy wax candle is designed to neutralize unpleasant odors and unwanted aromas, leaving your home smelling pleasant and inviting.

Our pet odor eliminator candle is made with natural scented essential oils and soy wax, making it a renewable, eco-friendly product. It also features a 100% cotton wick and a recycled aluminum container, which ensures a clean and safe burn. The candle offers a long-lasting burn time of up to 72 hours and comes in a variety of inviting aromas that will delight all family members.

At Art & Pets, we understand the special bond between pet owners and their furry friends. Therefore, we strive to provide pet owners with the highest quality candles. All our candles are hand-poured with care and are optimized for performance, longevity, and safety. To get the most out of your candle, it is recommended that you burn it for 2-3 hours at a time, allow it to cool before re-lighting, and trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each lighting.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our pet odor eliminator candle, we offer a full money-back satisfaction guarantee. So, you can enjoy your pets without worrying about unpleasant smells in your home. Get your Art & Pets Pet Odor Eliminator Candle today and start enjoying a fresh, clean, and odor-free home.

4. Pet Odor Exterminator Candle, Cinnamon Apple, 13 Oz

This Pet Odor Exterminator Candle has been specially formulated to eliminate odors in the home. Its enzyme-based formula attacks and eliminates odors caused by pets and humans, allowing you to enjoy a fresh-smelling home. With an average burn time of 70 hours, you won’t have to worry about always having to light a new candle. No more smelling the litter box, wet dog or even cigarette smoke.

This candle offers a variety of crisp and fresh scents to choose from, such as the delightful Cinnamon Apple. So, if you’re looking for an effective way to get rid of pet or human odors in the home, this is the perfect solution. Not only will it leave your home smelling great, but it also makes a great decorative item to have around the house.

This candle is made with premium-grade wax and has a lead-free cotton wick to ensure it burns cleanly and evenly. It also has a self-extinguishing lid so you can leave it burning without worry. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and long-lasting pet odor exterminator candle that smells great, this is the perfect choice.

5. Pet Odor Exterminator Scented Candles (2-Pack) + Car Air Freshener

This special odor eliminating bundle from Pet Odor Exterminator features a pack of 2 Creamy Vanilla scented candles and 1 Ballard Products air freshener. Each of the 13oz candles has an estimated burn time of 70 hours, providing enough fragrance to invigorate any sized room and remove cat, dog, smoke and household odors using a special enzyme action.

The air freshener offered in this bundle is perfect for bringing a fresh scent to your car. It includes natural essential oils and works to neutralize odors in the air, making it a great addition to the odor eliminating power of the candle pack.

This bundle is ideal for those who want a powerful way to freshen up their home or car. The long lasting scented candles provide the perfect balance between fragrance and odor removal, while the air freshener works to keep your car smelling great. With this bundle, you can combat any unpleasant odors and leave your home or car smelling like a paradise.

6. Capri Blue Scented Candle – Cotton Wick – Luxury Aromatherapy Candle – 19 Oz – Volcano – White

Introducing the Capri Blue Scented Candle – a luxurious aromatherapy candle made from a high-quality wax blend that will burn up to 85 hours. This chic glass candle with a lid is part of the signature collection, inspired by contemporary fashion trends.

The Capri Blue Volcano candle is sure to drift you away with its iconic notes of tropical fruit and sugared citrus. This luxurious candle is sure to add a touch of sophistication and style to any room.

For those who appreciate beautiful design, the Capri Blue candle is sure to impress. With its classic silhouette, this candle will bring a bit of elegance and class to any room. The high-quality wax blend will ensure that the candle will burn long and bright.

The Capri Blue Scented Candle is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of ambiance to your home or to give someone a special gift, this candle is sure to be a hit.

Capri Blue creates exciting new products for every season, making sure you’re always up to date with the latest trends. With its long-lasting burn time and signature scent, the Capri Blue Scented Candle is the perfect addition to any home.

Best Candles For Dog Smell FAQs

Do candles help with dog smell?

Candles can help to mask the smell of a dog, but they are not a long-term solution. Candles can help to temporarily cover up the smell of a dog, but they will not eliminate the odor. To truly get rid of the smell of a dog, you will need to address the source of the odor. This could include cleaning the area where the dog spends most of its time, washing the dog's bedding, and using an air purifier to remove odors from the air. Additionally, you may need to use a pet odor neutralizer to eliminate the smell from carpets, furniture, and other surfaces. If the smell persists, you may need to consult a professional to determine the cause and find a more permanent solution.

What can you use to get dog smell out of house?

There are several ways to get rid of dog smell in the house. The first step is to identify the source of the smell and clean it up. This could include washing bedding, vacuuming carpets, and cleaning up any messes that the dog has made. Additionally, it is important to regularly bathe your dog and brush their fur to reduce the amount of dander and oils that can cause odors.

Another way to reduce odors is to use air fresheners or deodorizers. These can be sprayed in the air or placed in areas where the smell is strongest. Additionally, using baking soda or charcoal can help absorb odors. Place a bowl of baking soda in the room and leave it overnight to help absorb odors. Charcoal can also be placed in a bowl and left in the room to help absorb odors.

Finally, it is important to regularly open windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the house. This will help to reduce odors and keep the air fresh. Additionally, using fans or air purifiers can help to circulate the air and reduce odors.

By following these steps, you can help to reduce odors and keep your house smelling fresh. Additionally, it is important to regularly clean and maintain your home to help reduce odors and keep your house smelling fresh.

What scents cover pet odor?

There are a variety of scents that can be used to cover pet odors. Some of the most popular scents include citrus, lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Citrus scents are great for masking pet odors because they are naturally strong and refreshing. Lavender is a calming scent that can help to neutralize pet odors. Peppermint is a strong scent that can help to cover up pet odors. Finally, eucalyptus is a strong scent that can help to neutralize pet odors.

In addition to using scents to cover pet odors, there are other methods that can be used. Vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets and furniture can help to remove pet odors. Using baking soda on carpets and furniture can also help to absorb pet odors. Finally, using an air purifier can help to remove pet odors from the air.

When using scents to cover pet odors, it is important to remember that the scent should not be too strong. Strong scents can be overwhelming and can actually make the pet odor worse. It is also important to remember that the scent should be used in moderation. Too much of a scent can be overwhelming and can make the pet odor worse.

Overall, there are a variety of scents that can be used to cover pet odors. Citrus, lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus are all great options. In addition to using scents, vacuuming, steam cleaning, baking soda, and air purifiers can all help to remove pet odors. Finally, it is important to remember to use the scent in moderation and not to use too much of it.