On this page, you can learn what’s involved in becoming an AHDRS member,
and how you can help our rescue efforts on your own.
If you would like to become a member, please fill out our Online Membership Application Form.



Become an AHDRS Member
As a member of AHDRS, you can do any or all of the following:

Rescue, foster, and place dachshunds

Do home checks

Transport dachshunds

Help with fundraising and educational activities

Help with projects, such as newsletters and mailings, that keep the organization running


Rescue, Foster & Place Dachshunds

AHDRS is somewhat different from many other national rescue organizations in that each member functions as an independent rescuer, within the support framework of the organization. (Read more about the structure of AHDRS by clicking here.) That means that, if you want to rescue and foster, you will be responsible for handling the financial aspects on your own: You will pay for basic veterinary care for any dogs you rescue, and you will also set your own adoption fee for your foster dog, so that you can recoup the money you have spent.

AHDRS maintains a fund to help pay medical expenses for dogs that require more than the basic treatments (exam, shots, heartworm test and preventive, spaying or neutering).

While you operate as an independent rescuer, you are most definitely NOT alone. As an AHDRS member, you have access to our message board, which lets you ask for help, ask questions, and volunteer to help out other members who need a hand. If you choose, you can seek adopters for your foster dogs nationwide, by coordinating with AH members in other parts of the country. We encourage you to post your available dogs on our website for maximum nationwide exposure.



Do Home Checks

All prospective adopters, as well as prospective members who are going to foster, are visited by a volunteer in their homes, to make sure the home is suitable, to answer questions the adopter or member candidate might have, and to provide information about AHDRS, the adoption process, membership issues, and so on. Volunteers are needed all over the country to do these home visits.



Transport Dachshunds

We always need help transporting rescue dogs to and from foster homes, adopters, shelters, and kennels. Sometimes that means a short trip across town, other times it can mean driving to another state.



Help With Fundraising Activities

AHDRS is supported primarily by membership fees, donations, and fundraising, rather than relying on adoption fees alone as a means of supporting the organization and providing medical care to needy dogs. We conduct numerous fundraising events and activities, both locally and nationally via our website. Volunteers can help coordinate and staff such local fundraising activities as garage sales and local pet fairs, and can also help manage major group fundraisers, such as selling holiday cards, obtaining grants, and setting up auction sales. We also need members who can come up with creative ideas for fundraisers.



Help With Educational Activities

Volunteers raise the level of awareness among the general public about rescue in general and AHDRS specifically by setting up and staffing booths at various events.



Help With Newsletters & Mailings

We need volunteers to help write and produce a quarterly newsletter, which has information not only about AHDRS, but about health concerns, dog care, and many other issues related to rescue, dachshunds, and dogs in general. AH also needs volunteers to help prepare and send e-mailings that announce new fundraising projects, introduce dogs who need extra financial help, and otherwise keep those on our member list up to date.



Other Ways To Help
  • Not everyone who wants to help can become a member. There are many other opportunities for you to volunteer with AHRDS that involve as little or as much time as you can afford. We are always pleased when nonmembers volunteer to transport dachshunds. You can also:

  • Visit your local shelters or answer ads in you local newspaper to find dachshunds that can go into rescue

  • Obtain commitments from your local veterinarians to provide discounted services for rescue dogs

  • Donate supplies to your local AHDRS rescue volunteers:

  • Blankets and towels

  • Dog food, toys, and treats; coupons for food

  • Grooming supplies (shampoo, brushes, etc.)

  • Collars and leashes

  • Long-distance calling cards

  • Cleaning products (pet stain and odor removers, bleach)

  • Envelopes and stamps

  • Design AHDRS t-shirts or greeting cards to sell as fundraisers

  • Let an AHDRS volunteer use your color printer or copier

  • Make dachshund-related craft items AHDRS can sell as a fundraiser

  • Run your own fundraiser-garage sale, bake sale, car wash-and donate the money you make to AHDRS

  • Act as a courier; if you travel frequently on airlines, you can let AHDRS know that you would be willing to transport a rescue dog with you on the plane (the adopter pays the fee)

  • Donate a few hours of your professional expertise (lawyer, accountant, veterinarian, photographer, etc.)




If you can help out, as a nonmember, in any of these ways-or in some other way that we haven’t listed-please send us an e-mail.


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