Almost Home is committed to providing basic vet care, procedures like spaying/neutering and dental cleanings that the original owners had not bothered to have done, and sometimes expensive treatments and procedures to restore a dog's health after years of neglect or abuse.

We are able to provide financial support for the many dogs who needed expensive medical care thanks to the generous support of the people whose names are listed here. Some contributed hundreds of dollars, some sent five or ten. We are grateful to every one of them for contributing money they could have spent on something for themselves to help our needy dogs. We could not do what we do without their help!

If you wish for your donation to remain anonymous, please let us know at the time of your gift.



December  2012 Contributors

Jennifer Godbold
Merry Christmas Melissa!

Steven Ceplius

Elizabeth Hayt 

Marlene G. Kosnac
To help the dachshunds you have in your care.

Diane Wise & Preston Stockton

In memory of Nero Luffman.
May he rest in peace.

Marianne Hickey

This is in memory of Nathan Hickey...
We love and miss you, sweet Nathan.

Jeremy Chase

Kelsey Falvey
For the litte round bed fund
Leslie Koether
For Snoopy's fund

David Hyatt
Merry Christmas to the SC Hyatt family

Janet Nickle

Betty Black

H. Weston

Amy Verner


November  2012 Contributors

Stephen Domer

Scott Yaniga
For Snoopy's fund

Carolyn Reiss

Yvonne Haus
For Your Snoopy Fund

Martha Johnson
In honor Melanie Herring, my favorite STP!

Mary Hanlon
To help the dachshunds


October 2012 Contributors

Craig and Diane Miller

Christopher Lally
For the Snoopy fund

Elvin and Michelle Shelton

Elizabeth Andrejczak
Hope this helps!

Debra Kulaga
To help Lexi, Ladi, Snoopy & Cutter

Holly Huff 

Pat Richards

Brenda Coderre

Beverly Gough
For the Snoopy Fund

Patricia Waring

Donna Skemp
Toward Snoopy's care

James F. Turnage
For Cutter and Snoopy funds

Mary McHale
For Snoopy & Cutter!

Patricia Richards
for Snoopy's fund

William W. Hall
for Cutter, Snoopy, Lexi & Ladi

Anne Marie Roberts and

Michael Craig

John W. Hewell  III
For Cutter's fund

Damon R. Rause
For Almost Home's Snoopy fund

Scott Yaniga
For Cutter's fund

Martha Bennett
What a wonderful thing your are doing and how caring.....


September 2012 Contributors

Terri Fluhart

Mary Elena Driscal

Old Dock Holdings, Barbara Ramsdell
for Christopher Ramsdell

Amy Nickerson
for Snoopy, Ladi and Lexi

Steven Ceplius

Dale Lewis

Sharon Wilkie
Doxies rule! Bless you.

Daniel Manfield
For Cutter's fund



August 2012 Contributors

Terri Fluhart

Margaret Stewart
From Gertrude and Heidi, to Charley Bear,
Angel, Lady and Lexi.  xoxoxo

Craig and Diane Miller

Beverley and Mike Dojonovic

Mary Ellen Driscoll


Donna Crum

Tracy Karrer
To help Angel, Lexi and Lady

Virginia and William Hoover
In memory of Elizabeth Hoffman

Steven Ceplius

Michael Regan




July 2012 Contributors


June 2012 Contributors

Vitoria Ferraro
For Angel's fund.

Brandi Robillard

Judy Byrnes

Terri Fluhart

Patricia Richards
For Charley Boy, a sweet and needful boy!


May 2012 Contributors

Florence Millar-Bush
I have a dachshund too, and want to help yours.

Anna Shepherd

Sheri Schuck

Terri Fluhart

Helen Smith

Candace Callahan


April 2012 Contributors
Constance Bornheimer
I have 2 dachshunds-one from the shelter and one from
AHDRS. I would like to donate to help Angel in honor of my

Guy C. Denechaud
In memory of Berry and Gino

Craig & Diane Miller

Anne Marie Roberts

Jeannene Flowers
Terri Fluhart

Scott Yaniga

Donna Crum

Doris Drury

Megan Walsh


March 2012 Contributors

Inge Knudson
Thank you for helping these dogs!

Elizabeth Adrejczak
I'm a three doxie Mommy--
they're the best boys in the world!

Constance Bornheimer
I could help the dachshunds even more!

Teresa Gelini

Janet Sailor Tobin
Blessings! Donation for Daphne, Lexi and Ladi!

Steven Ceplius

Victoria Carnahan
Keep up the good works!

Melody Plocharski

Walter Dillman

John Klingel
From Suki, Cricket, and Minni

Lynn PRice

Cynthia Turk

Mary Nelson


February 2012 Contributors
Terri Fluhart

Craig and Diane Miller
Keep up the good work Almost Home!

Candace Callahan
To help Daphne get well
Dante Pasquini
I have a piebald dachshund, and my heart goes out to Bones.

Dolores Basister
To help Daphne, Ladi & Lexi

Scott Yaniga


January 2012 Contributors

Laura Taylor
In Memory of Benjamin

Sheri Shuck

Laura Young

Joyce Cope

Michael Kenny

Dolores Basister
For Bones, Weenie, & Dame Daisi!

Lara Taylor
On behalf of Sharlene Rose-Maners and Ozzie

Angela Dietz
For all your organization does for the dachshunds

Michele Tucker
Bless you all for everything you've done for Daisi.
This is a Christmas gift in honor of my mother, Arlene

Amy Nickerson

Tricia Nickell and Rob Reichman
In Memory of Red

Terri Fluhart

Carol Thompson

Sandra Haines

Craig and Diane Miller

Elvin and Michelle Shelton

Joanne Shimpock

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