At her foster home, Missy was in a profound depression. She didn’t want to eat, she didn’t want to go outside. She allowed herself to be petted but took no pleasure in it. She lay on her cushion and came to life only when someone came to the door of the home. Then she would perk up and waddle toward the sound of people—hoping, no doubt, that her family had come to retrieve her. At her vet visit it was discovered that Missy had a bad disc in her back; she was treated and her foster mom started water therapy with her, which she continued, twice a day, for months.

After a while, Missy fell in love with her foster dad and she began to perk up. Her weight was brought under control, and her back healed. And so did her soul. Missy enjoyed lying in the sun in her back yard, being her dad’s shadow, and being with the other dogs in her foster home, where she remained—a contented, healthy dog—until she died suddenly one day, two years later.

Missy, cruelly abandoned by the only family she had ever known, was a sanctuary dog—a dog who could not be adopted out and was taken in permanently by a rescuer. Missy was old and had back problems, which made her an unlikely candidate for adoption. But her rescuer also knew that moving her again would have broken her heart, so she took on the huge financial responsibilities of getting Missy well again and gave her a loving home.

The cute ones… the playful ones… the young ones and puppies… They come into rescue more often than anyone would guess, and we receive dozens of applications for each of these dogs. But we also rescue dogs that no one wants, and they find sanctuary with our rescuers. These are the old dogs that are dumped in shelters or on the highway. Dogs who develop medical problems—sometimes serious, sometimes not—that the owners don’t want to deal with. Dogs with behavior problems that make it impossible for us to offer them safely for adoption. We take them in and they become our own dogs, because we believe that all creatures deserve a decent life—and if we don’t, they will be killed. The ones that break our hearts the most are the dogs, like Missy, who have devoted their lives to their owners and are then dumped because they aren’t cute any more, or fun any more.

The photos across the top of this page are some of our members’ sanctuary dogs who have left us—some after many years, some after only a short time. We miss them all and are grateful to have had them in our lives.

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