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Full Name:
Street Address:
Home phone (with area code):
Work phone (optional):
Cell phone (optional):
AHDRS rep/Foster name:
Member's E-Mail:
Name of Animal:
How did you hear about AHDRS?
Are you currently working with another rescue at this time?

Preferred Color:
Preferred Coat:
Preferred Size:
Preferred Age Range:
If you indicated preferences, please explain. Are you flexible? Do you have a second choice?
Are you willing to adopt a dachshund mix?
Are you willing to adopt a Dachshund that has been abused and therefore may be anxious or may take a while to warm up to you?
Are you willing to adopt a Dachshund that is not reliable with children?
Are you willing to adopt a Dachshund that has a physical deformity or handicap?
Are you willing to adopt a Dachshund that requires ongoing medication other than heartworm preventive?
Are you willing to adopt a Dachshund that is not completely housebroken?
Are you willing to adopt a pair of dachshunds that cannot be separated?

Your Pets
Do you currently own any other pets?
If yes, please provide name, species, breed and age of each:
If you own dogs, how would you describe their personalities? Dominant, submissive, playful, aloof, etc.:
If you own cats, have they been exposed to dogs? How do they react?
Have ALL of the animals listed above (if any) been spayed or neutered?
If no, what are the circumstances?
If you have previously owned dogs, what happened to those no longer living with you?:

You and Your Family
Please list your age and the name, age and relationship of all people residing with you::
How often, on average, do other people visit your home?
Explain briefly how you will introduce visitors to your dachshund.
How have you taught your children (or how would you teach visiting children) to interact with a dog?
Who will be the primary caregiver for for the dog?
How many hours will the dog be left at home alone during the day? Where will the dog be kept during those hours?
Type of residence:
Own or Rent:
Is your yard completely fenced?
If so, how high is the fence?
If renting, is landlord agreeable to you having a rescued dachshund?
If renting, please provide the name, address and phone number of your landlord:

Living with a Dachshund
What would you say are the best dachshund characteristics? The worst?
What routine medical treatments/preventives do you consider necessary for a dog?
About how much would you expect to spend annually on medical care for a healthy dog?
Please describe what you know or assume about the special needs of rescue dachshunds:
What is your opinion of obedience training? Have you ever done it with one of your dogs?
Where will the dog sleep?
What do you intend to feed your dog? Please be specific, including brand.

References - Veterinarian
Please provide the name, location and telephone number of your veterinarian (required for all applicants who have owned a companion animal).
NOTE: By submitting this application, you give permission to AHDRS to retrieve information from your veterinarian. PLEASE CALL YOUR VET AND TELL THEM TO RELEASE THE INFORMATION WE NEED TO ALMOST HOME WHEN THE REPRESENTATIVE CALLS! We cannot process applications without information from your vet.

Veterinarian's name:
Veterinarian's Full Address (Stree Address/City/StateZip):
Veterinarian's Telephone:

Reference - Personal
Please provide the name, location, and telephone number of someone who knows you well and is not a personal friend, for example an employer, clergy or associate in an organization. You may also provide additional references. Please be sure to include a telephone number for each reference.
Personal Reference Name #1:
Reference #1 Full Address (Stree Address/City/StateZip):
Reference #1 Telephone:
Personal Reference Name #2:
Reference #2 Full Address (Stree Address/City/StateZip):
Reference #2 Telephone:

The information provided in this application (in its entirety) is true to the best of my knowledge as of the date on this application. I agree that submission of this form will constitute a legally signed document.


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