Our special four-legged friends (and the people that love them) touch our hearts and lives so deeply. Our dogs are often our soulmates, offering us unconditional love for as long as we are blessed to have them in our lives. Anyone who has ever shared a dog's life has faced the emptiness our beloved dogs leave in our hearts when they make their journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

We grieve for them and miss them terribly when they are gone. The empty food bowl, squeaky toy, collar, sweaters -- all of the belongings left behind remind us of our loss until we have put our grief away, and we are finally able to pack up their belongings or let a new friend use them.


The Little Round Bed Memorial Fund was named in honor of Emerson, the little dachshund shown in the photo at right, relaxing in his bed. He was rescued by former AH member Sandy Clabaugh. Emerson died in 2003. This is his story and the story of his little round bed.

EmersonEmerson was a special little boy rescued from a neglectful and possibly abusive home when he was four years old. With discipline and love, he moved beyond the behavior problems of his past. He learned to love and to be loved. The short little legs of this nine-pound bundle of joy fairly skipped when he joined us in hiking the New Hampshire woods. But in far too short a time, he began exhibiting neurological problems that caused rage, coordination problems, incontinence and a condition similar to autism.

At this time, Emerson laid claim to one of the little round cat beds in his home, reeling to it and settling in for naps. Another little round bed was soon added to the human bed, allowing Emerson to rest in a comfortable and familiar place at night and still be in the big bed. Yet another was added to the family car, giving Emerson security on family trips. When Emerson was diagnosed with adult-onset hydrocephalus, he underwent surgery for the placement of a shunt to remove the fluid buildup in his brain and his little round bed accompanied him to the hospital.

Unfortunately, much of the damage to his little brain was irreversible. Still, with the easing of pain, his rage disappeared and he once again became aware of his surroundings and made a valiant effort to participate in life. In spite of continuing coordination problems, Emerson laid claim to his familiar territory, tottering about between yard and house, his tail never ceasing to wag, and always with his little round bed awaiting him.

At Almost Home, we frequently receive contributions with a note from the donor saying that the donation is in memory of Peanut or Snitzel or Lady -- a beloved dachshund that has passed away. We would like to offer a way to memorialize the dogs that have touched our lives on our web site, as well as the people who have loved them. When you make a donation to Almost Home, you can light a Memorial Candle in memory of your pet or a loved one who loved pets. And when you pay tribute to those special companions and friends, you help Almost Home help needy dachshunds get a second chance at life.

For a donation of any amount, the Memorial Candle will be lit on the Dachshund Memorial Page for one year. You can send us a photo of your pet or the individual, the dates of your their life, and a brief statement about him/her, and we will place this information on the page.

Please email Alison Schwartz with your Memorial information.

You can make your tax-deductible donation with a credit card by using the PayPal link below or the link to our secure payment processing site. You may also send a check to:
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