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Our sweet boy, Nathan.  We miss your physical presence here with us every day.  We adopted you six years ago, and wished you could’ve stayed with us a bit longer.  There is never enough time when a special boy such as you shared your love and joy with us.  Daddy thinks you were human at some point in your life…from royalty!  Your gentle, unselfish manner made you so special.  Thank you for being the most wonderful boy to us and “brother” to Cocoa.  He misses you every day, too.  We miss the way you pranced with your ears back, while trotting through the house, and how you tucked one of your paws under your chest while waiting patiently for dinner.  We love you, Nathan, and hope you are at peace and happy in Spirit with Fritz and Penny.  Hope to see you in our dreams, and some day at the bridge. 

Forever in our hearts,

Mom, Dad and Cocoa

Sugar Lump
Our funny looking little mamala dog: To know you was to love you. You touched the lives of everyone whose path you crossed. From a meeting with a little girl named Violet at the 2007 Dachshund Spring Fiesta in NYC to the people you visited every Saturday at the assisted living home in Medford, LI, your loving heart was evident. Those who knew you saw your special beauty. You were the sweetest, gentlest, most joyful, happy, loving soul, with a tail that never stopped wagging.

Rest in peace, dog of our heart. We all miss you so. When the time comes that we meet again our hearts will soar.

Forever In Our Hearts,

Mommy Geri, Daddy Mike, Seamus, Manny and Savanah

Pearson, no longer will we see your sweet little face. Missing you hurts very much, but we have many happy memories of you. You were so adorable, fun to play with and ever gentle with our boys. Nothing felt better than holding you close for a cuddle. Please watch over us from the Bridge and play happily forever!

“Sit tibi terra levis .” (“May the earth lie lightly on you.”) – Sir Walter Scott in memory of Maida, his dog.

Our love always,
Mom, Dad, Ryan, Evan, Colton , Mimi Denise & Pop-Pop Don



My Bandit, We loved you dearly  the years we had you in our arms. We will continue to hold and love you in our hearts. We were so blessed to be loved by you. This home and our hearts, are so empty without you. Your Charlie is lost and timid Maggie is looking for you still.

May you rest well sweet boy...
Tracy, Dot, Maggie, Charlie and Jac



Our dear sweet Tommy, we were not ready to say goodbye to you but we are so thankful for the four and a half years we were shared with you. We miss your loving kisses and we miss you in our laps each time we sit down. You were an unexpected blessing, an angel turned away from someone too blind to see the miracle of love that you were. Thank you so much for coming to us and making our lives brighter and sweeter. We will never forget you. Cody hasn’t been quite the same either since you left us. We know he misses you too.

Go in peace with our eternal love,

Daddy Ramon, Mommy Carol, Cody, Joey and Toby


When we adopted “Miss Rosie Toes” as a senior, we only expected to have a year or two at most with her. She had other ideas, however! We are thrilled for the five years we had to treat her like a queen.

What a sweet little lady she was. All of her humans and canine sisters miss her but know she is snuggled up under a fleece blanket in paradise!

Love you Miss Toes!

The Bowlin Family


A good boy, a brave knight, and a loving friend. We will miss you with all of our hearts. But we will see you again, across the bridge, as God has made you whole in all His glory!

Rich, DeEtte Pace

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all!

...William Henry Monk, 1853


Our sweet, gentle boy and Molasses's best buddy. We miss you so much,
but feel lucky we were able to have you with us for so long. 

Mommy and Daddy



My precious gift, Heidi. I miss you and think about you every day. You took a piece of my heart with you. I would give anything in this world to have you for one more day with me. You taught me about unconditional love and loyalty.

I know that you are playing with your favorite hamburger squeaky toy over the Bridge.  I love you and miss you -- ‘til we meet again, I will never ever       forget you.



My most precious Lacy,
We had the good times and the bad, and I cherish every moment of them both. You left me far too soon, but with a parting gift of a lifetime of memories and an awakened realization that I am one of the truly fortunate to have my life graced with my “special” ones, for however long that may be.

I await that day at the Bridge when you jump into my arms, nuzzle my neck and say to Fenway, “Look, our Mommy’s home!”

I miss you. I love you.




My little Gidgie Girl, you were loved more than you know. Our lives will never be the same without you. What I miss most is your little warm body lying beside me and waking up to find you sharing my pillow.

Rest in Peace, my Sweet.

Your loving mom and beloved family!


Simon, you have no idea the love you brought to everyone that met you! I have never met a dog that is able to sneeze with the promise of cheese or be so content sitting on a golf cart the whole day. You were always there to greet us each time we pulled in the driveway or yap your head off at the UPS man. We will miss you every day, but are happy that one day we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge!

Love you Simo, and I hope your wobbie is keeping you warm up in Heaven!

Mommy, Daddy, Erica, Joe, Sara, Matt, Leroy, and Lola


Although we didn't always see "eye to eye", there is no other that can ever take your place in our hearts. You were our "general", always in charge of everything. No one could snuggle into the pillow like you. No one could sit up for as long as you, for no particular reason. You were our "G", our "Old Man River", and we will forever miss you. We wish we could still have you with us.

Forever in our hearts,
Nancy, Tobey, Lexi, Emma, Oscar and Frankie


My Sweet Precious Girl how I love you!! You are my
HEART and taught me to love! I was honored to be your dachshund mom, and blessed by you for 8 years! I have not known a more pure and happy spirit than yours.... I will miss you every day of my life!

With all I am and all I have,
Mom, Cory Blue and Daisy Mae (your baby Corgi)


We're all missing you, little buddy. You had a personality that could melt anyone's heart. A pile of dirty clothes just isn't the same without you
curled up on it. Thank you for 14 years of wonderful companionship and great memories, it passed too quickly.

In loving memory,
the Sauntry family.


Roxy thought she was a person. She certainly preferred human company to that of fellow canines! Her companionship, her loyalty, her enjoyment of travel, and her adorable habits of falling asleep while sitting upright, hiding her furry toys from herself while playing, and waking her Mommy when it was time to get up will be forever missed.



Cami Lou, our baby girl, our “Pikachu.” In six short years you left your paw prints on our hearts and souls. Your special look for Daddy wrapped him around your little paws. Mommy will miss your love and your demand to snuggle. We are so happy you chose us to take you home and just wish we could have been given more time together. We know your pain is over and you are playing in the sun and waiting for us be together again.

         We will love and miss you for the rest of our lives,
         Mommy, Daddy and your Basset brother Otto


We were so lucky to have you nearly 16 years.  You will always be the prettiest girl we'll ever know.  You will forever live in our hearts and memories.  Be happy and free in Spirit with Fritz.

We love you,
Mommy, Daddy, Nathan and Cocoa



Our cuddlebuddy and brave little trouper. . .we miss you every day, but you are forever in our hearts.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Guinness

Jasmine Grace Doerfer

Jasmine, We love you so much. You were our baby girl. You were our social butterfly at parties and you were my sleeping buddy on the couch. You are part of my soul and I know that you are waiting for us in heaven. I am just happy you are no longer in pain. Here's to you baby girl!

Melissa and Will Doerfer

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