Hunni Pott

I love you so much and I miss you every single day. I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to share my life with you, even if it was for only two years. You will always have a place in my heart reserved just for you. I hope that one day we will be together again.


2004 – 2007

My Rudy Doody,

In spite of your disability, you were so very vibrant and so very happy in the world you created and allowed me to share. You gave me only pure joy. A light has left my life.

I love you immensely.

Fratz der Denkerin
1991 - 2007

My Heart...
   My Soul...


Mr. Pickles, AKA Pickleboy
2003 - 2006

We shared something so very special.... I thought that I was rescuing you but soon discovered that you were rescuing me. Thanks for making me smile and laugh when I didn't think I could. I miss you so much but know for sure that we will be together again. Save a place for me!

Love always.
Your Mom

Boxcar Willy
1988 - 2007

I know he's riding that train car to heaven.

Love, Janis, Ms. Sophie Toes, and the Pack

Little Lukie

You have been gone almost two months and I miss you so much. Cuddling with you at night in bed was such a treat! It will never be the same without you around here. Your loving personality was a treasure that will live forever in our hearts and memories. Your brother Ollie misses you terribly. Rest peacefully, sweetie. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Mommy and Daddy


We will always remember your sweet personality and handsome face.

You made us laugh throwing your ball to yourself, being a lifeguard, and thinking that you're a person!

You'll always be in our hearts.

Love from your family

1989 - 2003

Sweetie, you were only with us for three short months, but you gave us a lifetime of memories. You stole our hearts with you complete sweetness. Such a little lady in every way. You are missed, little Sandi Sue.

Love, Mommi Kym, Daddi Bob and your doxie sisters too

1995 - 2007

Cutest wiener ever! With your unique dapple color, iddy-biddiness, and a look that could melt an iceberg. We hope you have all the things you like--a laser light to chase, water running from a hose to bite, and a friend like your brother to lick you incessantly. Miles misses you most. If he could talk, we'd never hear the end.

We love you, little girl.

1995 - 2007

 She was beautiful - from the inside out.

Janis, Sophie Toes and Pack

1990 - 2007

He was my constant companion; never leaving my side when I was home. He was my best bed buddy; always lying right next to me and nearly pushing me out of bed. He was the Cary Grant of the dachshund world and he was a gentleman of the old school.

We love you - Janis, Sophie Toes and Pack

Stormin' Norman
1989 - 2007

Stormin' Norman came into my life 4 1/2 years ago, white "spats" and all. We're not sure how he came to be living at the shelter, but there he was. He had taken up full-time residence in the front office, going about life according to Norman. I was honored by his decision to live with me here at Lakewood Weenie Manor. Norman considered it his job to watch the dogs' chicken while it cooked for the upcoming week. He took the job so seriously that he soon earned the title of Chicken Sheriff, and he never allowed any four-legged creature into the kitchen until the chicken was done!

Norman loved "solar-dogging" in the back yard for hours at a time; he loved being covered with his blanket at bedtime and "Tiny Tot" treats. He liked to tell me to turn up the heat--and what to do, when to do it and how to do it. I will miss his guidance for the rest of my life.

Love to you, Norman!
Janis, Sophie Toes and Pack

1993?- 2006

Bruno was dumped along a highway. I feel blessed that I was the one who caught this scared little guy. He became a free spirit, afraid of nothing. He will be in our hearts and memories til we meet at the Bridge.

Love Always, Dad, Mom, Sammy, & Percy

Gin Gin
1998 - 2006

Our brave, beautiful and brilliant little girl. The disease might have taken your body, but your spirit will remain. You are missed. The love you brought to us will remain forever.

Mommy and Daddy miss you.

2002 - 2006

Jakers, we never imagined we'd have to say goodbye so early. But after being with us only a few short years, you have left us with so many happy memories. We not only lost the best dog we've ever had, but also a best friend. We are happy you are no longer scared or in pain. Now, go chase flashlight beams, then find a warm spot, and sleep in under the sheets for as long as you want, buddy. We will never forget you.

Love, Dan, Amy, and Alex

Gramma Roses

In memory of the sweetest little old doxie lady, with the most precious little spirit, that ever lived. I miss you so much, my precious Gramma Roses.

-- Love, Mommy Kym, Daddy Bob, and all your doxie sisters and foster sisters & brothers at the Dachshund Senior Citizens Center & Sanctuary of Huntington, West Virginia

Ladi Britta

Thank you, little girl, for giving us your trust and stealing our hearts. Who could've been so cruel to you, sweet doxie girl? Know that you are terribly missed, and oh so loved. Enjoy playing at the bridge. I hope you check on us from time to time.

-- Love, Mommy Kym, Daddy Bob, and all your doxie sisters and foster sisters & brothers at the Dachshund Senior Citizens Center & Sanctuary of Huntington, West Virginia


Our very special little boy, with more medical problems than he could survive. We love and miss you so much, little Jakie-Man. Enjoy playing at the bridge, finally pain free! Rest in peace, our little dachsie man.

-- Love, Mommy Kym, Daddy Bob, and all your doxie sisters and foster sisters & brothers at the Dachshund Senior Citizens Center & Sanctuary of Huntington, West Virginia

2000 - 2006

We found each other when we so needed one another and from beginning to end you were beside me with every step. You left me far too soon. I miss you so very much and I will never not remember you, my very precious "long-legged, woolly bear dachshund." You made our pack complete in a way it never will be again. Hold close that piece of my heart you took with you until I see you again.

-- Sandy

Lily Belle McTaggart
? - 2006

My Little Peanut,

I know that I’ll love again…but never as much. Thank you for making life so rich and wonderful. I wish we had had more time, but I hope I gave you a lifetime’s worth of love in the 20 months we were together. My life will never be as full, never as wonderful as it was when you were beside me. Our after-supper naps, snack-time, your dinner dance, the take-charge attitude with the rest of the pack, the way you kissed me out the side of your mouth – I will miss everything about you, every second of every day for the rest of my days. I hope that the life I have left is one that makes you proud. I will see you again, sweetie. I know it.

Daddy, Mommy, Gabe, Gracie and Toby

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