November 2000

My little angel baby. It's been six years since you've passed on over the Rainbow Bridge. Not a day goes by that you're not on my mind. When you left, you took my heart with you. If I could just hold you once more and kiss you once more and look into those beautiful chocolate brown eyes, I would give anything. You were my best friend and I believe I loved you more than anyone else in the entire world. You will never be forgotten. You will never be replaced. You keep my heart with you, my angel baby. I'll get it back when we meet again. I love you.

--All my love, Chris

1991 - 2006

The Chihuahua with the Dachshund attitude!

--Janis, Ms. Sophie Toes & Pack

1992 - 2006

A little kindness brought a great deal of love in return.

--Love, Janis, Sophie Toes, and Pack

1993 - 2006

I loved Emma so much and I loved lying with her in her doggie bed. I will miss her forever.

--Trevor (age 5)

August 2006

Amber, Joy, Gary, and family:

I loved all of your dachshunds, but Binx grabbed my heartstrings like a rope-toy and tugged. He will be missed dearly. I will never forget his wiggly body and smile as he greeted me every time I came over. I am terribly sorry for your loss. Binx will always be in my heart.


2002? - 2006

My dear Hoopty Hound, you traveled such a long way to be with us and your stay was too short. You were a wonderful dog -- I miss the way you made friends with everyone you met (except the Akita...), the thump of your huge tail on the fridge door at dinnertime, and your "triple howls" (Roo Roo ROOOOOoooo!) when you wanted something. Poco misses his pillow and his best friend. There will never be another like you. Rest in peace, sweet boy.


1995?- 2006

My sweet "Big Mama," you will be terribly missed around here. The house is already so quiet without your kind soul and playfulness. We know how horrible your life was before you came to us and we are so grateful we had the chance to show you love for three years. You will always have a special place in my heart.

--Dawn, John and your doggie & human siblings


You stole our hearts, you made us smile. No one can ever replace your spot in the big bed! We miss you, Rude-Row!!

--Papa Frank, Mama Mel and Sissy Sara, and your four-legged siblings, Ranger, Ralph, and Peanut

Oscar Dale
1996 - 2006

Our sweet, mischievous Oscar, we love you and miss you so much already. Thank you for showing us how to love wholeheartedly and introducing us to the wonderful world of dachshunds! You hold such a special place in our hearts. You will not be forgotten.

Ramon, Carol, Tommy, & Cody

1998 - 2006

Oscar was with us two short months, and as we were getting him ready for a new forever home, we lost him to cancer. He loved life and he adored his tennis ball. Now he can play forever with all those who went before him. He was the sweetest little old man we have ever had and he will be missed.

-- Fred and Vicki

Rosie Posie
2004 - 2006

I loved you with all my heart, Posie. When you were abandoned because of your quirks, Mama scooped you right up. You were only 10 months old when you joined us and not even two years old when I had to let you go. You fought a good battle; that is all I could have asked. I wish I could have found a cure for the hydrocephalus that stole your life. But Rosie, you had many great moments of pure brilliance that I will never forget. Go play and do all the things that you couldn't do toward the end. One day, I will find you again and scoop you right up, this time for keeps.

-- Your Mama

1990 - 2003

When I got my beloved Lilly at age five, she was afraid of everyone, including me. I took her everywhere with me, so she could meet as many people as possible, and she became a different dog. My shy caterpillar became a social butterfly! She loved children and loved going to the ocean, where she would run up and down the beach as fast as she could. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully on February 26, 2003, after suffering a brain aneurysm. There will never be another Lilly.

Joanne Brownson

2001 - 2006

In loving memory

Kathryn Crowder

1992? - 2006

In loving memory of our beloved Sofi. We may have rescued you, but we think you rescued all of us with your unconditional love. You will remain in all of our hearts forever. Sava misses her best buddy. Til we meet again at Heaven's rainbow bridge...

Eva, Blase, Leslie, Jayme, and Kaitlen

1991? - 2006

I rescued Ginger from the county shelter five years ago, on the day her time would have run out. She was approximately 10 years old then. She wasn't in the best of health and had apparently been used for breeding. She had a lot of issues and wasn't the easiest dog to love, but she honored me with her trust and I became her beloved person. Today I had to let her go, as her time had finally run out, and it was my great privilege to hold her in my loving arms as the vet helped to ease her passing. No more pain, no more fear, sweet little one.

Love always,
Claire, Cameron, Tuppence and Penny

? -2005

Sam was a stray we found three years ago. He overcame epilepsy and abuse and lived a happy life for his final three years. Our family fell in love with him, including our others dogs. His love was hard won but totally worth it and he gave us so much more than we ever expected. He came to us sick, angry, and shaking - he became happy, snuggly, and silly. He died unexpectedly one morning after surgery, but we know when he passed away he was a content dog.

-- Michelle, Jeff, and Hayley

April 2005 - December 2005

Go and play! And just sometimes, in the middle of your antics, think of me and remember how terribly much I love you.

-- Sandy

? - 2005

Maxwell was a dear little senior dachshund who was dumped at a shelter after his owners divorced. He lost the only home he had ever known and died in his sleep not long after. He was taken in by a rescue group and was well loved and knew nothing but kindness and love in his final days. Max was wrapped in a blanket and held all night long by his foster mom until he left for the Rainbow Bridge. He is being honored by Diane Dicesare.

Frodo Baggins
1988 - 2005

We were among the luckiest of humans to share our lives for almost 17 years with an angel. Frodo Baggins, you were the heart of our household and you made it home, and we miss you so much. Your best buddy Jack and I just celebrated your 17th birthday on November 6, and remembered how much you loved your angel food cake and unwrapping your presents. When we see you at the Bridge, we'll bring you a big bowl of ice cream and a brand new squeaky toy! We love you.

-- Laura Young

Paddy (AKA Benny)
1990? - 2005

Three years ago, dear old Paddy toddled out of the woods where he was lost or dumped, to find us, his second family, to share and enrich our lives, on his way to his final destination in heaven . . . Keep the bed warm for us; we'll be there later, Paddywack.

Love Always & Forever, Ronnie, Frazier, Bronson, Nadine, Dharma, Fonzi & Midas

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