The Old Lady
Came on Noah's Ark - 2004

The Old Lady came to me as a request from the local shelter in December 2003. They asked me to come get her and take her to my home to die peacefully. Little did we know that this gal was not waiting for the Angel of Death to come and take her...she was determined to get well again. And heal she did. She was full of life, raring to go, and she took down the names of anyone who crossed the line! She loved Wilson tennis balls, leaping into her bed, meal time and steer manure but most of all--she loved living to her very last breath....


1990? - 2004

Kohls came into rescue in 2001 as a pitiful old guy--skin and bones. covered in road tar, blind and deaf. The vet said he was in such bad shape, I should just love him and maybe he would live another 4-6 months. I had him for three years. When he was adopted out, he bayed loudly all the time until he was returned to me. After the second placement, I got the message and kept him. Even though he was blind and deaf, he could find his way to me like a speeding bullet. Oh yes--he loved to eat knuckle bones. I miss him.


1998 - 2004

Lucky, you slipped into our lives four years ago and the spirit you brought with you has filled our home and our hearts. Without you, there is such an empty space that reminds us how much we love you. Your bright spirit endured until the end ~ and we are so thankful for the gift of your life.

Alison and David, Clyde, Loki, Gus, Samantha, Rocky and Ginger

1997 - 2004

I guess we never knew how much we'd miss you until you were gone. Our love to you always, Puppy Girl.

Mama, Your Boy, Sissy, and the Very-Scare-You Kitty


The best dog in the world. Ever.




Spankers came into rescue as a downed dachsie and became a part of my life two years ago. Spankers was out to prove the world wrong about his paralysis and through sheer determination and guts, began walking and never again stopped. He battled a severe heart murmur and Cushing's Disease with dignity and pride and taught us all that life can indeed be enjoyed to the fullest in spite of a handicap or two....or three. We shall miss your fighting spirit and your kind heart, dear friend.

Janis and the kids


Forever and a day Beau will be our hearts, our souls and the air we breathe. His love is gentle and kind. Beau is with us always. There are times we feel him sitting next to us as we end our day, letting us know that everything is all right. He never thought of himself, only of us. He romps with his brother Rusty now, happy and free. Ah, for just one more kiss. We will all be together some sunny day. Take care, our friend. With much love,

Andrea, Joe, Heather, and Peter

1992 - 2004

You came into my life from less-than-perfect beginnings, found in a gas station, of all places. The first couple of years were trying, afraid of everything and everyone, frightened from people who had no business having you bless their lives. I love you always and you'll always be in my heart. You will always be my SandieGirl, my sunshine, and my little fuzzy girl. I miss you so much. You'll always be with me. May God bless you with wings so you may run with heavens' other little angel doxies as you were never able to run here on earth. Thank you for blessing our lives with your li'l gappy smile.

Jennie, Bonnie, Bailey, Gracie, & Sean

Jack Jindra

We all miss you so much, Little Man Jack, especially when we are out in the vineyard. You kept us laughing with all of your antics, whether you were trying to bark a bug to death, destroying boxes with your teeth or doing those famous "grins" of yours. Your memory and spirit will be with for always.

Jeanne, Lou, Megan, Erin
Griffin and Tao

1989 - 2004

My Maxie Man, I'm forever thankful to have shared the last of your life with you. You deserved so much more at the end of your many years of loyalty and love than you received. You were hurting so much when you came, and my greatest hope is that you found some peace and comfort in the months we shared. You know you went with my love. I deeply miss my old curmudgeon.



Sadie, you came to two special people when they were in such need of a canine companion. You filled their hearts and lives with love where a void had come to live. No one could have been more faithful or more loved than you. When one of your special people left this earth, you stayed to bring us all through--and now we know you must leave and you will be with him once more! We can only imagine the reunion of best friends, together again. Your smile will be missed here, but we know you will be smiling down on us every day. We love you.

Randi Rene Blake

RandiYou came into my life in the crisp fall air--full of life, puppy love, and mischief! For 17 years you continued to cement your role as dachsie diva, princess of the house, and dachsie-love-of-my life. You slipped peacefully from us on the first day of spring, while I whispered to you of all my love, hoping that's what you'd take with you to the Bridge. Wait for me there, my precious Randi-Dandi-Doodle Dog. When Jesus takes me to Heaven, I'll be so happy to hold you in my arms once again, and watch you romp through the fields, forever young, forever happy, and forever with me again.

Mommi Kym and Daddi Bob, and dachsie sisters Heidi, Bridget, (and new sis's Samantha and Ladi Britta)

1993 - 2004

RoccoRocco was the smartest, sweetest, happiest dog, and a true party animal! He never missed a chance to sing Happy Birthday, then beg for cake. He had a master's degree in begging. No one could resist his soulful eyes or beautiful smile. He never had to endure cruelty or hunger, he was loved and he knew it. We miss him so, but we know he is at the Rainbow Bridge, reunited with his cat Tigger. Thank you for your unconditional love, Rocco!

Love from your family


Dunan and EllenDuncan - Brown Warrior, chaser of squirrels, rabbits and anything that looked interesting. He was my best friend and his beautiful soul is what guides me each day.


1990 - 2003

SchillerWe want to tell everyone how wonderful adopting a senior can be. We got our little boy when he was already 11 years young. He had the energy of a puppy! Schiller was the best ball player ever! He could catch his ball mid-air no matter how far you threw it from. In his last year his cataracts prevented him from catching mid-air, but we know he's back to his young self in heaven, and he'll be waiting for us to play when we cross over. We love you Schilly Bear!

Sarah and Matthew


RustyForever and a day Rusty will be our hearts, our souls and the air we breathe. His love was unconditional, his trust undeniable, his heart open and loving. The tilt of his head, the warm little dachsie kisses and the thumb of his chubby tail live on... Ah, for just one more hug. We will all be together some sunny day. Take care, our friend. With much love,

Andrea, Joe, Heather, Peter and Beau

1994 - 2003

EmersonMy Emmy, who taught me the joys of a special needs dog and who left a hole in my heart and my life that can never be filled. I am blessed to have shared in his life. I miss you, Mister Man.


1988 - 2002

PeachesThe sweetheart. The princess. The beautiful girl. The most dachshund-y dachshund ever. I still miss her sunny disposition, her keen hunting instincts, and her non-stop hilarious antics, which made me smile and laugh out loud for 14 wonderful years.

1986 - 2003

SadieShe came to us when she was advanced in years and abandoned by her owner, and although we shared our lives for only a few short months, she left a lifetime of memories. I will always remember her with her head buried in a bag of Cheetos; she was a true junk food junkie. With love to the Shady Lady.


1988 - 2003

MaxxTruly a Dox O' Nine Lives

You were an example to us all --- a constant, loving, and loyal companion that never let me down. You will never be forgotten or replaced.

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