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So much love to our dear friend Sandi on the loss of your beloved Teva. Teva brought so much joy and happiness to everyone who met her with her quirky antics and her love for chasing squirrels, and even more her love for chasing food! You we be dearly missed Teva. We love you.

"...what we enjoyed, we can never lose...all that we love deeply becomes a part of us"
- Helen Keller

Tracy + Chris +Chumley


Ruby Tuesday
 10/17/2001 - 6/25/15

With the assistance of Almost Home, I was blessed to find my Ruby Tuesday (aka Duckie.) She came to us from a situation which was not good for her...five small children, a busy and bustling home, lots of noise. She had just turned two when we got her as a companion for our other dachshund, Lacey. I was nervous at first. The minute she laid those gorgeous brown eyes on me, she nipped the cuff of my blouse. For good measure, she ran past my then husband, and nipped at his pants leg. Her meeting with our Lacey went splendidly however, so we decided to take a chance. When we got her home, I fell totally and hopelessly in love. Our quiet house was the perfect situation for her and she blossomed. Although she needed a little time with strangers, given that time, she did fine. I feel honored to have had her in my life. She was highly intelligent, had an incredible sense of humor, was all dachshund with her attitude and adorably bossy ways, and she loved and was loved. I'll see you again, my baby.

Steffi Gavin and Michael Gavin


Enzo Shaw
 - 2014

A donation has been made in loving memory of Enzo Shaw. From the moment he came into Michael and Donna's home and hearts, he was a special family member that brought so much love and life into their world. He will be forever missed and his memory will live on in their hearts. Enzo brightened the days of so many that his impact is immeasurable.



Coco McCormick
 - 2014

In memory of Coco. You came into my life when I knew I was going to lose my other little girl, Ginger. You sat by me when I grieved for her loss. Snuggling and nuzzling me and looking at me with those eyes, saying mama it will be ok. You brought me so much joy in the little time we had together. I pray you did not suffer when that nasty person hit you with the car. You are forever in my heart. Cross the Rainbow Bridge to meet up with your sister Ginger. Love you my precious little one.


Gloria McCormick


Patches Taylor
1997 - 2014

I got Patches from Sandy Clabaugh in 1998 when Sandy lived in New Hampshire. He was 1 ½ and already had gone through several homes. My son Sammy was 7 at the time. We grew to adore Patches and treated him like royalty. In 2002 we moved from Massachusetts to Maryland. Unfortunately he had to have a back surgery when he was 10 to undo paralysis brought on suddenly one day when he was chasing a squirrel. The surgery was very successful and he made a complete recovery. Then when he was 14 another disc went bad, this time in his neck. Everyone thought I was crazy to pay $9,000 for a back surgery for a 14 year old dog, but I did it anyway with no regrets. The 2nd surgery was successful and he made another complete recovery which enabled him to have 2 more years with us. Ultimately it was congestive heart failure that took him down. I had known for years that his heart was failing and often gave him cough medicine to clear up the fluid in his lungs. The day before Thanksgiving he started having labored breathing and crying in a way that he never has before. I called the “come to your home” euthanasia vet who came over within two hours. I didn’t want to wait until Patches was gasping for air. I gave him an Acepromazine before the vet got to our house because the labored breathing was making Patches anxious. He feel into a peaceful sleep and my 21 year old son and I sat with him until the vet came. As he was already sleepy, he didn’t really notice the shots that the vet gave him and passed peacefully. He was 16+ years old. One day later….gosh do I miss him. I had spent the last few months of his life taking care of him around the clock. He required much care in the end. He had canine cognitive disorder and his mental abilities went way down. He would get stuck in corners. I had to help him eat. He soiled himself at least 3 times a week and soaking in a warm tub to keep him clean became a routine. He had many accidents due to no fault of his own since canine cognitive disorder brought this on --- so I never scolded him for it. All his habits changed. When he was younger he never used to like to sit on my lap. In the end, he wanted to always be attached to me.

When he was younger he enjoyed chasing squirrels, burying bones, rolling around in dead fish, bringing home road kill, and stealing freshly baked rotisserie chickens. He traveled to many places with us, Maine, New York City, Virginia Beach, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Chicago, and Connecticut. I sometimes took him on business trips with me. Until he was 12 he loved to ride in the car so we always took him everywhere with us. Suddenly, after age 12, he started hating the car. This is when his cognitive abilities started declining. I raised my son as a single Mom and he added so much life to our house. He was most certainly an equal family member in all regards. I spared no expense on all his medical problems. You could buy a new car with what I have paid vets over the years. Oh, I wish I could have 3 more days with him. He will be forever missed and always remembered.


Zeke James
2/18/2000 – 8/4/2014

For my dear friend Susan, I have made a donation in honor of your little boy. God rest his little soul. We loved and will miss him. Rest in Peace Zeke James.



Donald and I were newlyweds and had our first house together in 2004. I had always intended on getting a dog when were were done with the apartment lifestyle, so less than 6 months after moving in, we decided to start looking for the perfect pet. After thoughtful consideration (of just a few hours) we both agreed that we did not want a puppy. It would be too much work to house-train a puppy. We also agreed that getting two dogs would be a good idea to keep each other company while we were at work. However we disagreed on size: I wanted a small dog and Donald wanted a medium to large size dog. Since I was going to be the primary caretaker (i.e., pooper scooper), I got the final say on dog size...To continue Max & Minnie's story, please click on their picture.

Sage McPhaul
 - February 12, 2014

Sage McPhaul crossed the rainbow bridge and joined her brother Logan “Mr. Man” on February 12th, 2014.  Sage enjoyed Kopp’s Custard, bike rides, and walks with her Mom and Dad. She was also an avid Packer fan.  Sage had a strong will and love for life. She will be sadly missed and never forgotten by her family.


1946 - 2013

Sweet Joyce, your time with us was much too short but Rainbow Bridge was calling for an angel from Earth so we know you had to go. We imagine your lap filled with dachshunds and it gives us some comfort knowing you are there to welcome our fur-babies as they leave us. Your legacy here will continue through all of us and the dachshunds you rescued. We miss you sweet friend!
Muffin Louise Lacy
July 16, 1998- May 15, 2004

Carli Jane Hice

July 2002- January 14, 2013
Mommy and Daddy miss our sweet girls terribly but we know you girls are having so much fun chasing bunnies and kitties! Not to mention showing the big dogs how tough you girls are! Thanks you for allowing us to be your parents! This is not goodbye..just- Can't wait to see you again!

Hugs and Kisses xo,
Gayle and Kyle Hice
Mommy and Daddy
July 2002- January 14, 2013
- 2013

Josie, your 10 years were full of more horror than any dog should have to suffer. A mill survivor turned over to a shelter only to rest in a comfy dog bed and feel the love of a family for 3 short days. It never seems fair to have to let go too early but for you we know you have gone to run the fields of Rainbow Bridge. Know in your final days you were owned and loved – and the decision to take you from suffering was done out of compassion and love.
 - 2013

Our book club meets monthly at the home of one of the members to discuss a noteworthy book and socialize. Over the years we have grown close – with each other, and even with the pets at the homes we visit! Such has always been the case at Selma’s house – hers being a favorite. The warm colors, cozy couches, scented candles and tasty hors d’oeuvres create an inviting ambiance at Selma’s. And her dachshund, Noodle, has always been a tremendous part of the warm welcome! We delight in the doggy stories, the wet nose seeking a scratch behind the ears (or a treat), and bending over to give a love pat to our furfriend. It was only a few days after Noodle passed away that Selma was scheduled to be hostess for our next meeting. It was not easy for any of us to face the loss of Selma’s beloved furbaby. Thus we chose to make a group donation to Almost Home in honor of Selma, and in memory of Noodle.
Be at peace, precious pup, and know that you are loved.

2007 - 2013
memorial photo, Chewbacca the dachshundI recently lost my best friend, Chewbacca, to the most God awful thing...... Myelomalacia. He suffered from IVDD and I had no idea until it was far too late. My poor love lost control of his hind legs, then bladder, then he went into a state of complete paralysis. He was 6 years old. I was there until the end....held him in my arms as he took his last breath. The last words he heard were words of love....the last touch he felt was a comforting hand, and what he gave in return is absolute priceless memories of unconditional love. Mama misses you so much my sweet Chewy! You will never, ever be forgotten....

May 22, 1995 - Jan. 7, 2013

memorial photo, Dizzy the dachshundDizzy, 

Thank you for being my best friend, soulmate, and the love of my life for over 17 wonderful years. You were there for me through so much and always knew how to make me laugh and smile just by being you. A giant piece of my heart went with you and I know you are watching over me.  I love you my Little Girl, my Honey Baby Sweetie Pie!



Sir Oscar
1995 - 2012

J.R."Sir Oscar of Goldsboro II is such a noble name!" the veterinarian said in 1995 as he looked at the 6-week-old miniature dachshund.  He wondered aloud if that little doggie could live up to such a regal title.  Oscar had the last laugh, and I am comforted that he is looking down from doggie-heaven with a wiener smile on his sweet face, because he became nothing short of a Prince.

Oscar lived and loved and was loved for 17 years.  He was pampered with 7 years of doggie daycare, yet he also suffered through 3 surgeries, an attack from a large dog, and 2 years of cancer which eventually took his life.  He sweetly welcomed 2 female dachshunds into his domain when he was age 11 and up until the disease robbed him of his joy, he kept a spring in his step and loped across the yard like a deer.

He captured my heart and has taken a part of it with him.  Oh, how I miss you, my Prince, Sir Oscar. (1995-2012).

Terri Fluhart


1988 - 2011

J.R.Dear J.R, on 28 November 1998, at the age of 10+ years, you trotted into my life and snorted for service. 

You were very much the loner, who was as sweet as a sour pickle, and prickly as a pear!

You would briefly tolerate a very minimum of the huggy, kissy crap, but you were infinitely entertaining and truly inventive as you were able to “flip me off” in spite of the fact you didn’t have a middle finger! 

You were NUMBER ONE with me, and a major part of my life for over a dozen years, until at the age of 23, your tired little body gave out, and it was time to say goodbye.  I miss you so very much, my “ornery little man,” and those words are said with much love! 

I know this isn’t the normal memorial, but I am sure if J.R could read it, he would say “I am, and I approve this message!”  Hump ‘em high mein Fuhrer!  Dad and I salute you!  You’ll always be in our heart!

               - October 2010

In Memory of BleuWe dedicate our hearts to our precious Bleu, who we lost way too soon.  Bleu was our first rescue dog, and we are so glad we adopted him.  Our first introduction to him was unforgettable.  His foster parents, Jeff and Mary Denton, brought him to the office, and he just bounced his way through with curiosity about everything.  We instantly fell in love!  His sweetness came with his bouncy personality. 

Our dear little hunter, we are almost certain he could smell a squirrel a mile away.  He always tried to climb trees and catch squirrels during our morning and evening walks.  To our amusement, he truly thought he could make his way up, and we always laughed and let him try.  A man of many talents, we lovingly referred to him as Houdini—as he could get out of his crate by using his nose.

Bleu loved getting into everything!  He had good taste in shoes as well, and my favorite pair ultimately became his favorite.  He also really enjoyed a good belly rub.  He would look at us with those baby blue eyes, tilt that sweet face and roll over.  Who could resist him?  Anyone who had the chance of meeting Bleu had the privilege to see what a special dog he was and he was well-known everywhere we went.   

Although Bleu’s past was rough, his last few months were filled with love.  During the 119 days we were blessed with him, his big heart and spunky personality made a lifetime impression.  He was one of the most loving dogs we have ever known, and his sweetness and curiosity were a breath of fresh air.  Bleu will truly be missed and has touched our hearts like nothing ever before.  We not only had the privilege of meeting him—but the honor of his love. 

We would like to thank Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society for this gracious gift from God—allowing us to know this wonderful friend who became our family member. We will always love you Bleu!

Krista and Jennie 

Erma Weinersue Meadows 
My sweet baby girl followed me like a shadow. She was so loving and intuitive and was quite comical as well. If I said, "Cry Baby," which was her birth name, she would cry just like a baby.

When I think about her when she was a puppy, I realize that I had it so easy with her. She was never destructive or mean-tempered and only wanted one thing—my love.

Erma grew up with another dachshund, Max, and loved to curl up next to him and kiss his face. They were constant companions for 15 years until Max passed away on December 18, 2007. A few months later, we brought home a puppy. Although we worried that Erma may not befriend the puppy after sharing such a close bond with Max, she (being the sweatheart that she was) tolerated the puppy’s silly ways and loved him too. She was also gentle and loving with my children even though they didn’t come along until she was 10 years old. Of course, whatever was special to me was special to her too.

Thank you Erma, my sweet baby girl. Thank you for many happy years of unconditional love. The family’s hearts ache for our loss, such a huge loss, but we know you are so excited to see Max again and pray that you two are curled up together and showering each other with kisses once again in heaven. May the angels pet and play with you both every day and may you both be overcome with happiness.

No one could have asked for more than you gave us.

Forever in our hearts with love,

Mommy, Daddy, Emily, Ellie & Cosmo
1995 - 2010

In Memory of EmmaIn loving memory of our sweet Emma.  Our first dog, our first loss.  We will never forget the years we had with you and how you made each of our lives happier.  We miss you and we love you so much.


Mom, Dad, Joel, Christy, Dane and Sophie

Sophie Tucker
In loving memory of our little miss Sophie Tucker. You were with us for such a short time but brought more joy into our lives than we ever thought possible. I will miss seeing your adorable face waiting to greet me when I arrive home from a long work day. Don't forget to watch for me at The Bridge because one day I will come to meet you there.

Mike and Beverly Dojonovic

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