The links below can help you learn about what’s really involved in breeding your dog, what to feed your dog, how to keep your dog safe (and help her when she needs first aid), how to teach your kids about appropriate behavior with dogs, how to travel with your dog, and much more. There’s a wealth of information here, so start surfing!



The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement This nonprofit association is a clearinghouse on information to help those suffering the loss of a pet. You can find support groups, chat rooms, counselors, and much more.

Positive Motivation Dog Training Pamela Dennison believes that "if you don't have time to train your dog, get a stuffed animal!" And we would have to agree, since many dogs that end up in shelters are surrendered because they "misbehave" -- i.e., their owners have not bothered to train them. What approach is best? Pamela hosts classes and seminars both online and at her New Jersey facility. All dogs deserve the right to learn to be good citizens! This is an excellent site to help you get started!

Finding a Lost Pet We hope you never have to use this web page, but if your dog or cat is lost, the information here will help you bring your loved one home. It's amazingly comprehensive, and there are ideas you probably haven't thought of.

Health Education Got a question about a health issue? Want to do research on a drug your vet or a friend has recommended? This site, maintained by the Drs. Foster and Smith of catalogue fame, is full of specific medical information for pets of all kinds.

How to Love Your Dog This wonderful site is for kids! It teaches children respect for dogs and provides thought-provoking lessons and stimulating activities for kids and their own dogs.

Medical First Aid & CPR for Pets A great resource for learning first aid & CPR for bets, as well as how to put together your own Pet First Aid Kit

Names for Your Dog This is an interesting and fun Web site, with lots and LOTS of potential names, in many languages, for your new dog.

Nothing in Life Is Free (NILIF) Here is a link to a basic behavior modification program that many of our members absolutely swear by! It's simple, nonconfrontational, and easy to implement, and it gets results!

Pet Guardian Angels of America This site has it all--rescue links (for our feline friends, as well as dogs), health hints, photos, discussions of timely topics (puppy mill legislation, antifreeze dangers), and links to other sites. You can find info here not only on dogs and cats, but also on birds, fish, reptiles, and other pets. This is also the place to go to order those helpful stickers that alert firefighters and police officers to the presence of your pets. A very informative site!

Pets Welcome A terrific resource for those wanting to take their pets with them on their travels! Find accommodations that accept pets and even make reservations on-line via this site! You can even specify the kind of place you want to stay in—a B&B, rental cottage, or hotel!

Take Your Pet A travel club (you have to join) for people who want to travel with their pets. You can find lodgings, read what others who have stayed there have to say, get discounts at pet-friendly establishments, and find groomers, vets, kennels, and other resources to help you enjoy your vacation.

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