Here are some links to sites that will help you learn a lot about dachshunds, talk a lot about dachshunds, or just look at lots of pictures of adorable dachshunds!
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Dachshund Links
AKC Breed Standard This page from the American Kennel Club website describes the characteristics that are desirable in a show dachshund. Our favorite part is the description of the desired temperament: “lively and courageous to the point of rashness.” Sounds like most dachsies we know! (DORG) is an on-line dachshund magazine with enough features to keep you reading late into the night. You can learn how to curb your dachshund’s barking, find out what should be in your doggy first aid kit, check out the daily cartoon, buy dachsie products, search for lost or stolen dogs, and read dachshund news from around the world. The “magazine” is updated frequently. A terrific site!

Dachshund Club of America If you are new to dachshunds and want to learn all you can about them, this is the page for you! The venerable Dachshund Club of America has been conducting shows, doing rescue, and educating the public for decades. Their informative website begins with a picture and brief description of a badger, the animal dachshunds were originally bred to hunt.

The Dachshund Memorial Garden A peaceful place, where dachshunds who have left this world are remembered by those they left behind with photos, stories, poems, and sometimes just simple expressions of grief. If you have lost your best friend, you can memorialize him or her here. There are special pages for rescue dogs and for dogs rescued too late.

Dachshund Orthopedic Disc Group Email Resource This website is devoted to the prevention, diagnosis, and appropriate treatment of degenerative disc disease, as well as support for those who have dachshunds with back problems. Started by Linda Stowe, founder and coordinator of the famous Midwest DachsieFest, the site includes links to comprehensive websites related to disc disease, contact information for anyone who needs to talk with someone about this topic, and information for vets, to help them avoid the all-too-common mistake of euthanizing dogs with disc disease unnecessarily.

Dachshunds on the World Wide Web Check out this website for links to dachshund sites all over the world. Dachshund-lovers worldwide have posted photos of their dachsies here too.

For the Love of Dachsies This comprehensive dachshund site includes numerous links, tons of information, and what many of us consider the best dachshund bulletin board on the web, Dachsie’s Bulletin Board.

National Miniature Dachshund Club If you love minis, this is the site for you! The NMDC is an organization that seeks to improve miniature dachshunds through adherence to breed standards in both conformation and temperament. Their site has tons of info on the littlest dachsies!

What Color Is My Dachshund? Need to know the difference between a black-and-tan dapple, silver dapple, and black-and-tan double dapple? This is the site for you! Here you will find extensive definitions of the many variations in dachshund coat color.

Dachshund News All the news you can use about rescue, training, health, grooming, wiener racing, puppies and, of course, famous dachshunds.

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