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Maria came to rescue when her elderly owner became unable to incur any more vet bills.

Maria has lost most of her fur. We are working on learning the cause and have ruled out mange.

Maria has an eye injury and needs to see a specialist. She is also heartworm positive.

Maria is a very sweet girl, who gets along with everyone. We would like to get her healthy and will appreciate any donation, none too small.

Maria deserves the best.


If you would like to help with Maria's medical bills, you can make a donation via PayPal. Alternatively, you may mail a check to:

PO Box 9671
Greensboro, NC 27429-9671

Boo is a beautiful Dorgi (a dachshund-corgi mix) and she came from a heartbreaking situation. Her mother is in final stages of Leukemia and could not find anybody who would take her dog in.

Boo came a long way--she was originally from Montana but she was ultimately California bound. A Belgian Malinois Rescue Group paid for her to fly into San Jose, which was the largest airport near her new foster home, about 80 miles away.

Boo needs a lot of love and care, which is expensive. She has a lot of medical issues that will take consistant nursing from her diligant foster mother.

Boo is 10-13 years old and needs an E.P.I. test run (approximately $300), in addition to a senior blood panel (approximately $235) and a serious teeth cleaning (by the looks of it, her dental bill will be $1,000).

Because she is an E.P.I. dog, she has to have enzymes added to her food in order for her body to be able to digest them, which is costly and something she needs with every meal for the rest of her life.
Boo also has a large lump hanging from her stomach, which is currently the size of a medium orange (the photo of Boo is from a year ago, so the lump is much bigger). The lump needs to be looked at to find out what it is. She also has a deformed leg.


If you would like to help with Boo's medical bills, you can make a donation via PayPal. Alternatively, you may mail a check to:

PO Box 9671
Greensboro, NC 27429-9671


Buzz and Woody
Buzz and Woody were brought to the animal shelter after their former owner abandoned them in a vacated apartment. In a picture sent from the shelter — these boys didn’t appear to need anything beyond just basic vetting like vaccinations and neuters. Because we are in the business of dachshund rescue — it can always be assumed that a dachshund at the age of 8 years old likely will need a dental too. Their foster mom was certain each boy would need $500 in vetting but what she was not prepared for was the extent of the dentals each would need. These sweet boys walked into the vet with 84 teeth between them — and left with only 10 (Woody has 4 and Buzz retained 6). Due to their age, bloodwork was performed to make sure they did not have any underlying health issues that might complicate surgery and what was anticipated to be a $1,000 bill for this duo quickly ballooned to $2,378 (which included a $595.52 discount from the vet). The vet did not even charge for the extractions — but in turn just charged for her time spent stitching up the gums — because the majority of the teeth just fell out on their own once they began chipping away the tarter that was holding them in.

It is true that many communities have opportunities for lower priced vetting services for rescues to take advantage of for their fosters. In this instance, the lower cost vetting options either have requirements that their foster home does not meet (must have a minimum of 20 fosters annually in need of vetting to receive rescue discounts) or the option breaks up the neuters and dentals requiring the vetting to be done over the course of a month (and requiring the dogs undergo anesthesia twice in one month). Neither of these are options for their foster home. And truth is — proper medical care for pets is expensive no matter what you do! An extensive dental requires expertise and time — and we do not believe in cutting corners with our foster dogs’ health needs.

It is striking just how loving these boys are having been abandoned by their owner. Obvious that at one point they were very loved — we felt it was very fitting to name them after the castaway toys from Toy Story. A sweeter pair of dachshunds we have rarely seen and we are hoping soon that they will find a forever home together. Woody and Buzz came to a foster home that was not prepared to cover extreme vetting costs as she had just recently paid for another one of her fosters to have a leg amputated (an expense that cost her over $2,000). As foster homes it is hoped that the adoption fee will cover at least half of the necessary vetting so that funds will not get too low — in this case, the adoption fee for the boys will be $300 as they are an older pair that we hope to adopt together. That hardly puts a dent in the funds that their foster home had to pay to get them ready for adoption — so donations towards their care will help her, help others.


If you would like to help with Buzz and Woody's medical bills, you can make a donation via PayPal. Alternatively, you may mail a check to:

Buzz and Woody's
PO Box 9671
Greensboro, NC 27429-9671

Donations received in excess of the costs for a particular dog will be placed in the AHDRS Medical Fund and used to help other dogs in need.

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