Hi, my name is Lily. I am a bright and bouncing 6 month old that found myself in foster care at Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society. When I first came into foster care I was very unsure and frightened, but I soon realized that my foster mom Vicki was a safe and kind and loving soul that took great care of me. I owe her and all the people at the rescue a debt of gratitude because with their help I was adopted and now live in Illinois.

I have a home to call my own complete with a brother dachshund named Vito who needs my help because he is sight impaired, a large home to run laps around in, a big warm bed to sleep in, wonderful food and treats, a welcoming lap to snuggle in and so much more.

I am learning to become a good canine citizen practicing good manners and how to go for daily walks on a leash. I am told I am a smart little girl with a sparkling personality -- and cute. too!

My days are filled with playing with Vito, learning new things, exploring on walks, relaxing with my human, and just enjoying the life of a dachshund. I am happy and safe and in good hands except I overheard that I have an appointment to meet my new vet next week…..I hope I like her….I know she will like me.

Thank you Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society for all the hard work and dedication. If it weren’t for the work you do I don’t know where I would have found myself. Remember everyone if you are looking for one of us…ADOPT and support your rescue associations.

Hello! My name is Roxie (the Doxie) and let me tell you my story. I was found wandering in Durham, NC but some nice ladies found me and helped get me to AHDR in Greensboro. That was the beginning of a beautiful story and a new life for me. My foster Mom was the best--and she took good care of me until she found the perfect home for me. In June of 2012, I joined my forever family on Topsail Island. Yep--I now live on an island and get to run and play on the beach. As if that’s not great enough, I joined a family of three other doxies (Rudy, Murphy and Bayleigh). Murphy, Rudy and I are best buds and have so much fun together. Bayleigh tolerates us (at least that’s what mom says).  
I used to be really skinny--but I am quite the beauty now. My wild boar markings have matured and my fur is beautiful and soft as silk. Everyone tells me how gorgeous I am--but I try not to let it go to my head. Mom and Dad say I’m the most beautiful doxie girl in the world and of course, I give them lots of kisses for that.

I have several nicknames (in addition to Roxie
the Doxie). Mom calls me “wiggle wiggle” because my whole body wags and wiggles when my humans come home. Dad calls me “piggly wiggly” or “Roxsicle” because I am so sweet and happy all the time. Every night I get to sleep in the big bed--and let me tell you, it’s crowded with four doxies, but I do like to snuggle! Mom works from home, so she put a dog bed in her office and I get to snuggle under my blanket and watch her work. When I want attention, I just prance over and she picks me up and we snuggle for a few minutes. 
Mom take breaks and we go for walks on the beach or through our neighborhood every day (except when it’s raining). When Dad gets home, we go for another walk--how cool is that? Running on the beach is one of my favorite things--especially in the edge of the water. Notice the sand on my nose in one of my pictures? I just love digging in the sand!
We also play fetch in the yard (but I don’t always take the ball back because it’s more fun to run around the yard with it). At night, Murphy and I sometimes have weiner derby in the house. That really makes Mom & Dad laugh. We chase each other round and round the kitchen table and through the house. Mom keeps saying she should videotape us and send it to AFV. Wish she would because I could then be a TV Star!
I used to stay in my crate when mom left the house, but now I get to snuggle with my buds on the dog bed since I don’t chew things I’m not supposed to chew anymore. Plus, I have the potty training thing down completely. Mom & Dad say I’m the fastest learner ever but it was really easy let me tell you. I mean, they give me treats and all I have to do is ring a little bell or bark and let them know that I need to go outside and do my business. What’s so hard about that? The treats are yummy and I even get one when I sit on command. So, I guess you’d say I have beauty and brains, right?
Well, it’s snuggle time and then off to see my Yorkie friend Tiki for some play time, so gotta go. I am a very social girl after all. Thank you AHDR for saving my life--and for getting me to my forever home. 
Roxie the Doxie
Who would have thought that one little creature could add so much joy to our lives? From the moment we saw her soulful eyes and read her story on the AHDR website, we were smitten. She is the sweetest, most affectionate little thing, and so very smart! We know she likes to brag, but did she tell you she can tell time? Yep--it’s true. If we’re busy and lose track of time, she immediately finds us and barks until we realize it is dinner time. The other three sit by watching and then all four race to the bowls and wait patiently. Okay, not so patiently. Plus, imagine what a sight we are when we take our four doxies for a stroll through the neighborhood or on the beach. They indeed have “happy tails” and please rest assured they are best buds and inseparable most of the time. 
Roxie was the perfect addition to our family and we cannot imagine life without her (or any of our little doxies). Roxie makes us laugh and we truly just adore her. Thank you Alison and all the volunteers at AHDR for the wonderful work you do and for bringing Ms. Roxie into our lives.

Steve & Marti Brooks


While searching for a companion for our dachshund, Heidi, my husband (John) and I were told about a young pair of AHDRS dachshunds (Hildy and Greta) that were recently rescued from a home with about 20 other dachshunds. The tiny pair needed to go together to the same forever home—our home. Thus began the story of Hildy.

On adoption day, Greta was immediately playful and longed to snuggle in our arms, but Hildy pushed away from us and didn’t want to be held. We took them home, determined to win Hildy’s love.

The first several days were difficult. Hildy was timid and sought solace in hiding under our bed and porch. She shunned our affection and nipped at me when I tried to give her medicine. Slowly, though, her beautiful personality started shining through her fear, and she began to love and trust us.

A month later, Greta and Hildy darted outside when my daughter opened the front door to greet visitors. Greta, our social butterfly, was easily caught, but timid Hildy stubbornly refused to come home. We chased her to a farm almost a mile away, but she escaped into the darkness of a nearby barn and disappeared. We searched for sweet Hildy with flashlights late into the night and awoke early the next morning to continue looking. In desperation, we reported her missing, posted flyers and placed an ad in the newspaper. For weeks, calls came in from concerned neighbors who had sighted her. Stories unfolded about her late-night trips to the local Pig-In-A-Poke BBQ restaurant and a close-call encounter when she found her way into a school cafeteria but, each time, Hildy escaped.

With high hopes, we set a live animal trap at Pig-In-A-Poke BBQ and checked it daily in hopes of bringing her home. The food from the trap was always missing, but the trap remained empty. With the weather turning cold, the promise of snow was looming in the near future, and our desperation to find Hildy consumed us. Close to giving up, we tried a new trap the morning before Thanksgiving. As we checked the trap one last time that night, we saw a silhouette of an animal inside. To our amazement, there sat Miss Hildy, and we finally brought her home. We found new meaning in Thanksgiving the next day as we shared it with all of our loved ones—both two-legged and four-legged.

Today, Hildy is doing well and is my shadow. She still doesn’t get too close or give me kisses like Greta does, but she thankfully no longer stands by the door waiting for another chance to escape. We like to think it’s because she realizes she is finally home.

Nancy and John Schoon
Belleville, IL


Hi! My name is Penelope. That's me on the left with my big sister, Maggie. Am I cute or what? I use my big eyes to melt everyone's heart! I wanted to tell everyone my story in hopes that other people would adopt those of us that need loving homes so desperately.

Mom and Dad got me from great Almost Home dachshund rescuers in North Carolina on January 2, 2007. You could say I'm a New Years baby since that was the day I was re-born. No one knows my "official" birth date but they think I'm about three. I was scared to death when I came into rescue.

My new family had been looking for another longhair mini dachshund for about a year. They have had Maggie since she was a puppy (she is eight years old) and knew that their next dachsie would definitely be a rescue, which was good news for me since I was looking for a good home. The day they picked me up, I got right in the car and never looked back. I was on my way to my new life.

That first night I had a new bed of my own but I decided I wanted to be in the big bed. Hey, Maggie was there under the covers, so why not? I just made myself at home and LOVED having a sister! Maggie is kind of quiet and shy so she let me be the new "baby" in the family. I knew right away that this was going to be a new beginning. I had some new toys and these things called "bully bones" that are to die for, as well as a huge fenced-in backyard and doggie door.

I'm all settled in and--let me tell you--life is good in South Carolina! We go on walks at least twice a day in the neighborhood or the park in downtown Charleston, where I get to meet lots of new people and dogs. I even go to work with Mom (and Maggie) sometimes. I've been on a big trip to meet my dachsie "cousins" and saw snow for the first time. Boy. I'm glad I live in the south! My next new adventure will be to the beach when it gets a little warmer. Thank you, Almost Home, for rescuing me and giving me a new lease on life!


Although she has been with us for only two months, we can't imagine life without Penelope. She has stolen out hearts! How anyone could have abandoned or given up this precious gift from God is beyond us, but we're the lucky recipients of this angel. She is perfect in every way and every day brings joy to our lives and a smile to our faces. Maggie is her soulmate and loves her new "baby sister." We hope others find it in their hearts to adopt one of these angels and give them a new beginning! You will never regret it! Thank you to the Almost Home rescuers for all you do to make a difference!

--Debbi and Jerry Zimmerman
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina


I'm Mitzi -- that's me on the left in front. I'm the one with the pretty white blaze on my chest and white "anklets" on my feet. I was rescued from the streets of Chicago. The streets and the people who walked them were very scary and did really mean and hurtful things to me. My foster mom cared for me; she healed my wounds on the inside and out, and she showed me that not all humans hurt little doggies like me. When it was time for me to find a forever home, she made sure it was someplace good and safe. She found my forever family in Delaware. And it is here that I now live with my four-legged sister and brother, Destiny and Dylan, along with my forever mom. Destiny is the red dachshund in the background of the photo, and Dylan is my black-and-tan wirehaired brother.

When I first arrived, I was really scared. I didn't want to leave the house! When it was time to go outside, I was so afraid to pass by mommy that she would have to hold the door open from the outside so I wouldn't see her. Once I was outside, I was still a little scared--it was a BIG yard and I thought for sure it was filled with spooky things and mean people. Over time and with the help of my four-legged siblings, I began to understand and realize that I am safe here. I started to walk the yard with them, staying very close to them and always looking back to see where my mommy was. But now, I can be clear on the other side of the yard without my big sis, little brother, or mom and I am not afraid.

In fact, I am not afraid of a lot of things any more. I may never be like Destiny or Dylan, who crawl all over mom and slurp up her face with kisses. And I may not ever greet houseguests gleefully at the door. But my mom tells me that that is OK. She tells me that all I am obliged to do is to be happy and feel safe. And guess what... I am happy and I know I am safe too. So much so that I give mommy Eskimo kisses, which I happen to know are much better than slurpy face kisses. I am not even scared to visit the vet or greet a stranger. I let mom pet me and give me belly rubs and on several occasions lately I have even allowed a few houseguests to pet me, rub my belly and give me treats. Destiny and Dylan snuggle and play with me. I just love them, they are fun! I am so happy that I am always doing what mommy calls the wiggle-waggle dance; it's when I wag my tail so fast that my entire body wiggles! Yup, things are good here and I will soon be celebrating my one-year anniversary here in my forever home.

Thank you to my Chicago foster mom and to AHDRS for saving me from fate unknown and caring for and loving me!

P.S. From Mitzi's Forever Mom
There is no greater joy than to see Mitzi explore the yard with such independence and confidence. She has blossomed from a frail, scared little girl into a sweet, affectionate, playful and loving little pup. When she looks at me with those chestnut eyes, I can't help but melt. I love her dearly and I can't imagine life without her!

-- Mitzi (and mom Marlene)
    Bear, Delaware

Sammy Boy

This is Sammy Boy, formerly known as Rocky. We decided he did not look like a "Rocky," so we changed his name. To tell you the truth, Sammy doesn't care what we call him, as long as we call him all the time--preferably with treats in our hands!

Sammy's story began sadly. He was kicked and thrown downstairs at his old home, and the fall broke his pelvis. Despite the fact that this was a very painful injury, Sammy's owners did not seek any medical attention for him. He could not put any weight on his right rear leg and he was in constant pain. AHDRS heard about Sammy a considerable time after this event happened and managed to get Sammy into a foster home with a very nice lady who took good care of Sammy. Because his pelvis had healed poorly, Sammy had to have his leg amputated, but he was no longer in pain.

When I saw Sammy on the AHDRS Web site, I fell in love with him at first sight. Another nice lady carried Sammy on two planes to his new home with us in Las Vegas. He arrived on the day before my birthday, and he was the best present I could have wished for.

Sammy is a very handsome boy, with hazel eyes and dapple coloring. He now shares our home with two dachshund sisters (and one nondachshund), and he loves to play with them. He is a very active and mischievous boy, and we think he is going to get a bachelor's degree in English literature because he has shown a great love of books.... He has chewed quite a number of them!

He is a very happy boy now and loves to take his Mom and Dad for a run every day. Yes, you read that right--he loves to RUN! The fact that he has only three legs doesn't slow him down one bit. Sammy is a wonderful addition to our home and we love him dearly.

--The Ferraros
   Las Vegas, Nevada


We would like to let our rescue dachsie Portia tell you her story.


My name is Portia and I am a shorthaired chocolate dachshund. I know that a lot of dogs endured much more than I have, but my misfortunes were very real to me. My former owners decided one day that I shouldn't live in the house any more, so I was moved to the garage. The explanation I heard was that I was aggressive, and that surprised me because I don't recall ever being like that. I hated being without my humans, and I hated living alone in the garage. It's no place for a little dog. Over time, because I was so stressed, my coat lost its sheen, and then my hair started to fall out. I was becoming bald. So my owners of nine years decided to get rid of me. Things happened very fast, and before I knew it, I was being transported by two Almost Home volunteers to my new family.

I was shy and quiet the first week at my new home. I would bury myself under the Christmas tree skirt and stay there for hours But after a week, I began to feel more comfortable and trusting, and my tail started to wag. I was happy because I was so loved and well cared for. I am one lucky dog! I sleep in the big bed at night, and during the day I have my own bed made out of fleece because I love the feel of it. The only time I am ever in a garage now is when my new is taking me for a car ride--I love car rides, especially when we go to the dog park, where I can run and get lots of exercise. I go for walkies four times a day!.

My new home has three cats who try to play with me, but to tell you the truth, I can't be bothered with felines. As for the "aggressive" bit, well, you be the judge: My new family has lots of company, and when people come to the door, I am picked up and introduced to everyone. I give a quick growl to let the strangers know who is in charge, and within a few short minutes I am trying to get one of the guests to pick me up and put me on their lap. I don't call that "aggressive"--I call that Taking Care of Business!

I know how lucky I am. My new family took a chance on an older gal and because of that, I am now living happily in a wonderful, comfy, and very loving home. Thank you, Almost Home, for giving me a new life!


It's hard for us to imagine how sad Portia's life would still be if Almost Home hadn't taken her in and gotten her to us. We love her very much and are so grateful that she is with us!

--Frank, Greg, and Vivian
    Rhode Island


Hi! My name is Buster and I'm the longhaired chocolate dachsie on the right in the picture. I was adopted so that my longhaired red brother, Link (on the left), wouldn't be lonely. This is my story.

I used to be called Rusty. My owner had to move in with family members who wouldn't let me live in the house. Instead, I stayed outside in a pen with other dogs. I hated being without my human. I had hardly any shelter so I was sometimes hot, sometimes cold, and I wasn't cared for. My fur was in terrible shape. My tail was completely bald and my ears had bald spots and were leathery and rough. I had worms. I didn't feel good or look good. I was sad.

I escaped from the pen one day and a nice person took me in and called someone to help me. That's how I wound up with an Almost Home foster family. Boy, they sure were nice! They really cared for me. They had my sunburned coat shaved down, had me neutered, had my teeth cleaned and got me meds for my worms.

Mom and Dad had been looking for a longhaired male for some time, and one day they were notified that I was available. They were THRILLED! My foster mom sent pictures of me to Mom and Dad and they fell in love with me, even before they met me in person. Just two weeks later, I was on my way home. My new dad had heard that my shelter in the pen had been a truck topper set on the ground. He drives a truck with a topper, and he worried that I'd be scared if I saw another one, so he rented a car to pick me up. He's a great guy! They changed my name to "Buster Braunschweiger." It's silly, I know, but my brother is named "Smoky Link" and we're a pair, so I won't complain.

I was shy and quiet the first week at my new home. Link had so much energy and I felt so very tired. I didn't play much. I would sit and hide my bald tail and just stare out the window. Mom and Dad were so sad for me. They held me and told me everything would be OK. They were right. They love me so very much. My tears are gone and I'm very happy now. My hair is coming back in very nicely. My tail is starting to look like a normal tail again and I wag it all the time! Mom and Dad feed me good food and take me to the vet to make sure I stay healthy. I feel great now and even sing howling songs to Mom when she gets home from work! I am part of a family and it feels really good!

Link is my best friend. We do everything together. Dad fenced in the back yard so we can run and tumble and play. When Mom whistles for us to come in, we run shoulder to shoulder just like a team and race to the house at 80 MPH! We eat and sleep together just like brothers and like to be "bed hogs" at night, pushing Mom and Dad right to the edges of the bed!

I can't think about how sad I'd still be if it weren't for Almost Home taking me in and helping me find my new home. They work hard to help us dachsies and make such a difference in our lives. Thank you, Almost Home, from the bottom of my and my family's happy hearts!

-- Buster (with Ron and Debra)
    Trevor, Wisconsin


When we lost our 13-year-old dachshund, Heinrich, in 2004, our whole family was devastated, especially his two dachshund "sisters." What a huge hole in our hearts, and one which I thought would never mend. Not only was he especially devoted to me, but I to him. However, time does wonders for healing, and after several months I began to broach the idea of adopting a rescue dachshund with my family. The two two-legged children were 150% in favor of it, so I began surfing the Internet for dachshund rescues.

The first two dogs I was interested in did not work out; one could not be adopted out of his region and the other was adopted before I could get there. The regional rescue organization whose by-laws didn't allow out-of-region adoptions had given me several rescue websites, one of which was Almost Home. When I checked it out, I decided to look at senior dogs first. And who was gazing up at me? "The masked Hallowiener"-- Oliver, and I fell in love. There was something about this rescue that made it feel especially right, and the next month of waiting to find out if we were approved was torture! When we had our in-home visit, my flu-ridden husband even crawled out of his bed to show his support of adopting Oliver into our home.

Finally everything was approved and I made reservations to fly to Chicago the week before Thanksgiving. When I met Oliver for the first time, it was definitely love at first sight. He is such a wiggly, affectionate little dog, with not one mean bone in his body (except the one reserved for any big, bad dogs!). While waiting at the airport for our plane back to Connecticut, I had so many compliments and felt I was able to spread the good word about Almost Home and especially about adopting a senior dog.

I feel so honored to be entrusted with the care of this little guy, whom you would never guess is 10 1/2 years young. My children and husband adore him, as do Wilhelmina (13) and Annabelle (4). The three dachshunds are always together, as you can see in the photo -- Oliver is the black-and-tan at the front of the lap of Louisa, one of his human siblings. My husband calls me the "Queen" since all three of the dogs follow my every move with great interest. As I hugged Oliver this morning, I couldn't help but think how lucky we are to have this new old dog as part of our family. What I don't know is who is luckier, me or him, but I strongly suspect the former!

-- Helen Savage
   West Hartford, Connecticut


In April 2004, we adopted a dachshund from our local shelter, and six months later we lost him to pancreatic cancer. Although the loss was devastating, we wanted very much to rescue another dog. I was looking at the pictures of available dogs on the Almost Home web site one day and there, staring out at me from my computer screen, was Maxwell.

I read his story and went on to some other dogs, but I kept coming back to those eyes, so I filled out the application. Max's foster mom called me and told me that Max had some serious issues especially with trusting. Our other dachsie had also been neglected and had issues too, but with a lot of love and patience, he became a much-loved family member.

As we spoke, I knew that this was the home Max needed; we had the patience and understanding to work through all those issues. Max's foster mom flew him to us during Thanksgiving week. When they got off the plane, Max was just a tiny bundle of shakes! The first week was tough: He was afraid of everyone and everything, and nippy! We just kept loving him and sitting with him on the floor, and now his favorite place is on a lap.

He has come such a long way in the two months we've had him....and he is such a delight to be around. He dances all over the place when I get up in the morning and get ready to take him downstairs with me. He loves to "Goforride" and "Takeawalk," and we have learned how to type on the keyboard with a dachsie in our lap! Max even lets people at the pet supply store touch him as long as I am holding him. He has a way to go yet, but he finally knows he can trust us and that he is truly a part of this family.

-- DeeAnn and Dave Schaefer
   Oneida, New York


We just celebrated one year with our beloved dachshund-chihuahua. She is eight years old. After losing our 17-year-old dog, our son felt that there was an empty space left to fill. He kept asking for another dog, but we were unsure whether we were ready. We "tried out" several breeds, but didn't bond with any of them. Finally, a friend from my husband's office told us about Twix.

When we first met her I thought "Where's the rest of her?" She's only eight pounds, and we were used to a much larger dog. It turns out that our family is actually much more suited to a little dog and we just love her!

-- The Soucy Family
    Merrimack, New Hampshire

Lilly &

Lilly, our first dachshund, was 10 years old when we adopted her through a rescue organization. It didn't take long for her to win over everyone in the family, and she was sleeping in the big bed after only one night. Except for her failing eyesight and gray muzzle, you would never have guessed her age. Before long we knew that a second dachsie was in our future. Since Lilly was a senior citizen, another senior would be the only possibility; after all, Lilly was here first and she was used to the lazy quiet life that older folks enjoy.

We had been watching the rescue sites on our computer for a few months and the minute we saw Brandi and read her story we knew she was the one. At 15 years old, she still has lots of spunk and love in her. At first Lilly was not too keen on the idea, but with a little patience and extra love, the girls are now best friends. The picture tells the story! That's Brandi on the left and Lilly on the right. The two girls seem to "work together;" Lilly follows close behind Brandi, who still has good eyesight, and Brandi follows Lilly's lead in responding to noises, as Brandi's hearing seems to be the only thing affected by age.

We take them both to visit my mom in the nursing home and the residents can never get enough of them. So many seniors have to give up their animals when they can no longer take care of themselves. We like to think that there are people out there who are willing to take them in. Our family joke is that we are running a retirement center for dachshunds! No other animals have brought so much love and laughter to our family.

-- Mary and Michael Scarlett
   Raynham, Massachusetts


After years of living in apartments where no animals were allowed, I finally moved into a house where I could have pets! So even while I was unpacking boxes, I was beginning my search for a dog. I checked newspaper ads and told everyone I knew that I was looking for a dachshund. Eventually, a friend of a friend asked if I had given any thought to rescued dachsies, something I hadn't considered in my search. She gave me the Almost Home web address and I was on the computer as soon as I was off the phone.

And there was the love of my life! Not only was she on the web site, but she was in my home town! I took one look at Hildie and fell in love. I got in touch with her foster mom right away and we made an appointment to meet. At the house, we jabbered wildly about dachsies and then I got to meet the whole crew. I loved them all, but one of them came running toward me, jumped right into my lap, and started giving me kisses. Guess who! I knew at that moment that Hildie was my girl.

Hildie had had dental surgery to remove some rotten teeth and she was still on antibiotics because of a severe gum infection. Over the next few months, it became clear that Hildie would have to have all her teeth pulled--the neglect she had suffered in her former life had taken its toll. It has been several months since Empress Hildie, as she is now known, had her remaining teeth removed, and she is healthy and happy and rules the house. I honestly cannot imagine my life without her. Even during some dark times for me, she was always there. Thank you to Hildie's foster mommy and to Almost Home for bringing my angel to me.

-- Okey Napier
  Huntington, West Virginia


The Martindale FamilySeveral years ago we had a very sweet and wonderful dachshund named Wrinkles who just won our hearts with love.  After what seemed all too short a time, he developed back trouble and lost the use of and feeling in his rear legs.  We had surgery performed, but it was not successful and we had to put him down, which was one of the toughest things our family had to do.  We all cried for weeks and still, to this day, shed a tear when we think of him or see his pictures.

Well, our sadness over the loss of Wrinkles has changed within the past few weeks after a little girl named Chelsea came into our lives.  We thought that we would never get another dachshund and go through the heartache that we experienced with our Wrinkles.  However, we saw Chelsea's photo on the Almost Home web site and we fell in love with her immediately.

As you can see, she is fitting in really well with our family (that's our son Justin, next to Santa) and is truly a special gift.  Her AHDRS foster parents are and have been very helpful in answering all the questions we have had.  Chelsea has adapted to her new home quickly and seems to think she has been here for years, and we all love her very much.  She has filled our lives with so much love!  She can make a bad day at work or school seem wonderful.

--The Martindale Family
Baltimore, Maryland


It was a cold, rainy Saturday in March when our Almost Home rescue dog arrived with our AH representative. Oscar had come to us by car from New Hampshire, and when they arrived, it was dark and everybody was wet. This poor little doggie came into the house and never said a peep. We all just picked him up and held him for the rest of the night, and he slept quietly in his bed.

Poor Oscar had been neglected in his previous life and had a terrible skin condition, as well as sores under his throat from being chained up in a collar that was too tight. There were some hairless spots on his ears and other parts of his body, and he was peeling from a bad flea infestation.  His foster mom had done a good job getting him comfortable but his poor skin needed some time to heal. He needed a sweater right away because he was so cold outside and the poor little guy shivered when he went out.

In less than a week he was spending all his time on somebody's lap, and then he was in the big bed with us.  It's so funny how he comes to the top of the covers to find the opening and then he slithers down underneath and up against somebody so he can go to sleep.  And he's a good little watch dog.  He only barks when someone comes into his yard, but then he licks them to death!

We have always had dogs, but never have we been so in love with a dog as we are with Oscar.  He wants to hug and kiss all the time and he almost seems grateful to have us all fussing over him and petting him all the time.  He has a funny habit of sitting on top of the feet of anyone who's standing nearby, probably to be sure somebody stays there with him.   He is now shiny and beautiful from eating good food and probably from having his coat petted so much by so many people.   We are very grateful to the people at Almost Home for putting us together with the best dog we could ever imagine.

--Linda LoPresti
Paramus, New Jersey


Tobey and Luey In November 2001, I was living temporarily in North Carolina. I knew virtually no one, and I wanted a dog to keep me company. I decided on a dachshund because I've always liked them. I wanted to rescue a dog and, after a long search of shelters and websites, I found Almost Home.

Tobey, who had been abused, arrived in rescue on the same day I submitted my adoption application in the spring of 2002. It was fate. I adopted him after he completed heartworm treatment. He is the greatest dog and I am proud to be his mommy!

In the fall, when I knew I would be returning to Long Island, I wanted to get a friend for Tobey. While browsing the Almost Home website, I came across Luey, a four-month-old, chocolate-and-tan dachshund. It was love at first sight. I picked Luey up at the end of October. He was so tiny and so cute! Tobey and Luey (now Oliver) hit it off right away. Oliver loves to follow his big brother around and bite his tail and ears when he wants to play. I'm so lucky to have my two boys! I don't know what I would do without them!

-- Kara Rienzo
  Long Island, New York

Mister Beans & Miss Ginger

Bean & GingerWe chose rescue because we weren’t prepared for some of the experiences a pet owner goes through with a new puppy-or two! We wanted a set of two dachshunds who could keep each other company in those unfortunate times when they need to be left alone.After much searching, we found the perfect set! Mister Beans and Miss Ginger were just what we were looking for, although they were in North Carolina and we were in Oregon. Through much patience and hard work, our rescuer put together a cross-country transport to bring these two to our home. They have settled in perfectly and are well-behaved and loving dogs who have brought us much joy!

--The Norred Family
  Portland, Oregon


After losing my beloved dachshund, Schultz, when he was10 years old, I was heartbroken. I vowed never to get a pet again, and especially not another dachshund. I didn't want to go through the heartache and grief of losing another one. But my kids had other plans!

My children never stopped asking about Schultz, and they wanted to know when we could get another dog. After a year, I finally relented and agreed to get a dog. But I still didn't feel ready to get a dachshund, so we got a beagle, Baxter. I loved Baxter, but still something was missing.  

I started thinking about getting another dachshund, and realized that what I was missing was the personality, affection, and quirkiness of a dachshund. After researching rescue organizations I found on the web, I started working with a rescuer from Almost Home. Within days, we had been matched up with a little guy! It turned out to be a match truly made in heaven.

Our little Montgomery is the light of our lives. He is best buddies with our beagle Baxter, and our 2-legged kids love him to pieces. And as for me, well, I'm hopelessly in love again, and will just have to risk the heartache. Our little Montgomery has made our family complete, at least until we decide to adopt another sibling for him!

--The Nettles Family
 York, South Carolina


Ali and NathanOur 10-year-old daughter, Alison, had been wanting a dog for some time, but we were on the fence. Convinced that we just didn’t have the time and experience to housebreak and properly train a puppy, we searched the Internet for reputable breeders, hoping that someone would have an older dog available. No luck there.  

We weren’t sure about rescue-we were worried that a “second-hand” dog might have problems that we were just not equipped to deal with. But then Alison found Nathan on the Internet, and, encouraged by what the rescue people had to say, we decided to take a chance. We all love him dearly and are very pleased that we adopted him.

--The Greenberg Family
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


FraizerDachshunds hold a very special place in our lives. We have had them as part of our family for 15 years. We lost our male, Ernie, last Thanksgiving after an extended battle with congestive heart failure, and it left a huge empty space in our lives. Our female, Maggie, was also devastated by the loss of her “brother.” So we began to search for a companion for her…and for us.

While surfing the net, we came across Almost Home, and after meeting with an AH rescuer, we adopted Frazier, a 10-year-old long-haired male who was taken to the pound after his owner died. Maggie is also 10, and we felt we could provide a loving home for Frazier. What a pair they are! There were no problems integrating Frazier into the “pack”-he is such a character and there is never a dull moment!

We were so pleased with how the adoption worked out that, when Baron, a smooth male, became available, we adopted him too. He too has settled well into the family. We highly recommend rescue to anyone looking for a dachshund!

--The George Family
Wilmington, North Carolina


ChloeI was looking to add another dachshund to our family and had been discussing it with my partner, Paula. When I found out about Chloe, I just knew she was the right baby for our family. Then Gator, our nine-year-old red smooth dachshund, slipped a disc and had to have back surgery, so plans for a new addition were put on hold. During this time Chloe was adopted, but the adoption didn't "take."

 Chloe is a special-needs baby; we are certain she came from a puppy mill, and her eyes do not produce tears; she has had surgery to have saliva glands routed up to her eyes to keep them moist, and she will need medication for the rest of her life. Once Gator had recovered and I found out that Chloe was available again, I contacted Chloe's foster mom and we got things moving.

Chloe came to her forever home on January 17, 2002, and she has been an absolute dream come true. She is the sweetest, most loving little girl. From the moment she walked in the door it felt like she had been here forever.

--The Hines Family
Bakersfield, California

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