Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society has always been the kind of rescue organization to seek new and different ways to tackle the problems that rescue groups face. We were the first national dachshund rescue organization to bring independent rescuers together under one umbrella, specializing in fundraising to help needy dachshunds with medical care. More recently, we’ve even been able to make direct grants to other rescue groups.

Almost Home has helped pay vet bills for dachshunds with intervertebral disc disease, provided surgery to correct birth defects and injuries caused by neglect and abuse, got several sick little strays through pregnancies and patched up a dachshund that had been shot and abandoned. We paid for surgery and other health care for a number of dogs that had been used as breeders, and also for expensive medical care and surgery for other exceptionally needy dogs. Most of these dachshunds are now living in loving, comfortable homes, doing the happy things dogs should do - running in the grass, chewing bones, curling up in soft laps -and rewarding the kind people who adopted them with unconditional love and devotion.  

As our organization grew and our work became overwhelming, we realized a need that had gone unmet in the dachshund rescue community. We were being contacted about taking in dachshunds who were facing significant medical expenses that the owners could not afford on their own. Often these owners provided an excellent home for their pets, full of love and quality care. But out of a dire need to get medical attention for them, they were making the difficult decision to relinquish their dachshund to rescue so that he or she could get the medical attention needed to survive.

At Almost Home this seemed counterproductive to our efforts. We were taking dogs away from good owners who lacked the means to pay for high vet bills. This did two things: it took up a foster space that could otherwise be taken by a dachshund on death row at a shelter and it took away a pet away from a loving family, one that we would approve in an instant as an adopter. We wanted to find a way to make a difference without adding to the burden of foster homes and without having to remove these dogs from loving homes.

We began offering small grants to dachshund owners to help pay unexpected and expensive medical bills. It would be wonderful if we all lived in a world where we could afford $4,000 for a back surgery or we could be prepared for the $1,000 bowel blockage surgery required after ingesting a sock, but the reality is that healthcare is expensive and sometimes “life” happens to us all. Instead of having owners relinquish their pets, we encouraged them to keep their beloved animal and we set out to help them find ways to fund the necessary medical care.

So far Almost Home has helped over 50 dachshunds stay in their loving homes by assisting their owners with unexpected veterinary bills. Our recipients range from elderly individuals living on fixed income to individuals who have adopted a dachshund from a shelter who ended up testing positive for heartworms.

We require, among other conditions, that all pets in the home be current on routine annual vetting and already spayed or neutered. The owners must have the ability to pay the balance of medical costs not covered by a grant, or have a plan in place to make payments. The owners must also be prepared to handle all aspects of recovery care. While this grant system doesn’t keep us from being overwhelmed with fosters who need rescue, it does help us to keep loving families and their pets together.

None of this would have been possible if it had not been for the many, many kind and generous people who sent us donations, both large and small; who dropped dollar bills into the fishbowls at our festival booths; who bought the dog biscuits we baked; who came to our garage sales and went home with their bags full; who sponsored dog races; and who bought our lemonade, stuffed dachshunds, holiday cards, handmade collars, hand-etched glasses, handmade bandanas, calendars, and items we sold on eBay. We are more grateful than we can say for your generosity, which helps us help dogs who otherwise would not have much of a chance. Thank you for all you do to help the individual members of our beloved breed.



If you would like to donate towards this program and assist us in our ability to offer these grants, you may send a check to the address below, or click either the PayPal link or the link to our secure payment processing site for those without a PayPal account.

Owner Grant Program
PO Box 9671
Greensboro, NC 27408

If you are interested in applying for a grant, you can contact us at

We are grateful to receive any donation, no matter how small. Every little bit helps! And if you see our booth at a show or fair, stop by and say hello!



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Donating stocks to Almost Home can yield a big tax benefit for you and help our needy dogs at the same time. By donating the stocks instead of selling them, you not only avoid the taxes due on the profits you would realize--you also get to take a charitable deduction on the stocks' value. For example, if you bought 100 shares of a stock at $10 a share, and those shares are now worth $25 each, you would have to pay income tax on the $1500 profit you would receive if you sold the stocks. But if you donate those shares to Almost Home, you would owe no taxes on the profits and you can take a charitable deduction for the full current value of the stocks--$2500. If you would like to donate stocks to Almost Home, please contact our treasurer for more information.


Where Does Your Money Go?

The watchdog group The American Institute of Philanthropy says that responsible charitable organizations spend at least 60% of their income from donations and sales on charitable programs. Because Almost Home is run entirely by volunteers, we are able to dedicate 90% of the money you donate or pay to us to our charitable programs--helping dogs in the care of our rescuers and providing financial assistance to needy dachshunds cared for by other rescue organizations and shelters.


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