If you're thinking about getting a dachshund and want to know whether this is the dog for you,
check out the information on our pages that are all about dachshunds!


Do you know where dachshunds were developed and what they were bred for?
What they were used for during World War I?
Why they have short legs and long noses?
Click HERE to learn about dachshund history.


What's the difference between a dachshund color and a dachshund pattern?
What the heck is an isabella dachshund?
If your dachshund weighs 18 pounds, what size is it?
Click HERE for info on the many dachshund varieties.


Are dachshunds good with children?
Easy to train?
Why do so many people have more than one dachshund?
Click HERE to read about some common dachshund characteristics.

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