What Is Almost Home Dachshund Rescue?

Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society is a nationwide organization of volunteers that seeks to rescue abandoned, abused, neglected, and unwanted dachshunds and dachshund mixes, provide necessary veterinary and behavioral care for them, and place them in homes where they will be a perfect fit.

As an organization, we operate a little differently from many other national rescue groups: Almost Home rescuers work together, but individual rescuers retain their independent status. As a group, we share access to a website, transport and foster help, information about dogs needing help, and general support. As independent rescuers, we maintain control over how we rescue and place our foster dogs. Members are responsible for the medical care the dogs require, and they determine their own adoption fees.

One of our primary goals as a group is raising money to help our own members, as well as other rescue groups and shelters, care for dogs who require medical treatments that cannot be covered by adoption fees. By working together on fundraising, we are able to offer financial assistance grants to many needy dogs, rather than relying primarily on set adoption fees as the source of income. 

Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society is not affiliated with any other group using "Almost Home" in its name. A number of all-breed rescue groups that were founded after AHDRS now use "Almost Home" in their names, and some of their Web site addresses are similar to ours. AHDRS is an independent national dachshund rescue organization that was founded in 2001.


Our Mission
Almost Home has a goal of respectful support of independent volunteers who offer rehabilitation and placement of unwanted dachshunds. The network offers a new approach to dachshund rescue in that we offer a place for volunteers to access information from our national web site, post available dachshunds, and enjoy the support of other members in a friendly, open forum.

Through fundraising efforts, we provide financial support to our members for treatments beyond their own rescue budgets. Almost Home is committed to working with other national and regional rescue groups in placing and transporting dogs, as well as offering financial assistance when possible. We are also committed to education; raising the public's awareness of puppy mills and pet store puppies, spay/neuter issues, and responsible ownership are important goals of Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society


Current Board of Directors
President Janis Fitzhugh fitzu50@aol.com
Vice President Carol Thompson luvmydoxie82@hotmail.com
Treasurer Alison Schwartz arhschwartz@triad.rr.com
Secretary Vicki Carlo vcarlo51@msn.com
Membership Advisor Janis Fitzhugh fitzu50@aol.com
General Advisor Linda LoPresti dogstuff7@yahoo.com
General Advisor Kym Blake kymatkee@aol.com
Boutique Page Tina Mulvey-Torres wackymackymulvey@aol.com
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